That Time of Year – Allergy Season

Well, it looks like spring is finally on its way for some of us.  I am happy to have warmer weather than the -25 degree Celsius temperatures we were experiencing.  However, I hope you will forgive me if I am not so thrilled to see the warmer weather.  Now that the snow has melted and the warmer temperatures are here, Abby’s allergies are starting up again.

We had our first warm day and I noticed her digging at her feet and I mean DIGGING.  She will rip her fur out if she gets a chance.  To help her feel better, I give her baking soda baths.  I fill up the tub with lukewarm water and add some baking soda.  She seems to like having the water around her and will sit and relax.  I fill the tub about 2-4 inches high so her stomach and legs are covered.  This does seem help relieve her itching.  I also use Hexadene shampoo which really helps as well.

Thankfully, Abby loves to have a bath. However, she will try to get in if you are running your own bathwater so you really have to keep an eye on her.

She is on Atopica which over the winter was reduced to 1 tablet every two days but now that spring is here will be increased to daily.  I have also tried an antihistamine but found that she would sit in the corner and pant so I took her off it.  I am going to try them again though.

Apple cider vinegar (with the mother) mixed 50/50 with water can also help relieve itching.  I mix this in a spray bottle and have it handy to spritz her when we come in from outside.

I also found that insect bites would really cause her to fret and itch more so than any other dog I have owned.  Last summer, to try to keep mosquitoes away, I would spritz her with Listerine.  This does seem to work.  I even spray my feet before heading out the door.

Check out other allergy solutions that other Scottie owners have used in the Allergy season plagues Scottish Terriers article.

Here’s hoping this year will be better for all our little allergy sufferers.


2 thoughts on “That Time of Year – Allergy Season

  1. Hello all, I have an older Scottie named Toby. He has had food allergies his whole life.
    My vet and I have had his blood tested and he is allergic to beef, grasses, weeds, just about anything in a persons yard, the list was 2pages long.
    A couple of years ago a friend discovered Nutro Ultra Adult, and within 60 days his bumps and itching stopped, he also gets Nutro biscuits and loves them.
    As Toby is 12 to 13 yrs old, he is much happerier as am I , really hated to see him suffering and nothing seems to work.
    Several friends with other breeds, that had the same food allergies has has similiar results with the Nutro dog food.
    thanks and hope this info helps other dog.

    1. Hi Tony,
      Thanks for the advice. I will try the Nutro Adult. Right now Abby is on a salmon/potato kibble from the vet. Is the Nutro Adult a different protein base?

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