Abby’s Big Move

Abby and I will be moving to the East Coast this summer.  I worry about this change for Abby.  She has never lived anywhere else or even travelled very far.   In fact, her first and last time in a car was when I picked her up.

I am concerned that Abby will miss her “pack” (Bridget, Beau, and Bonnie).  She will love where we are moving to as there are a lot of walking paths, dog parks and water.  But no pack.  I may have to create one for her :).

This is also the first time she will be flying.  She is too big to fly in the cabin so she will have to go in the fore hold, which is climate controlled.  I am sure I am going to be sick with worry during the flight.   I know that lots of dogs fly everyday without an issue but I am still going to worry.  I am going to put a bone in with her so that she will chew on that for the flight.  Anything can happen around her and she will not bat an eyelash as long as she has a bone.

I am still going to be writing for the Scottish Terrier News.  Abby and I will let you know about our adventures in Nova Scotia.

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5 thoughts on “Abby’s Big Move

  1. Make sure you don’t give Abby a bone that she could choke on. I would not give her anything to chew on since no one will be there to help her. Best wishes on your move and happy travels!

  2. I have 2 blond scotties in Maine – where did you move to? We can hook her up with Bell and Whistle.

  3. We live in Nova Scotia and have a beautiful wheaten Scottie – Mallie. She is 14 years old and has been a perfect girl who brings us great joy. Her health is failing and she sleeps most of the day now. We know that she won’t be with us much longer and we are interested in contacting reputable breeders on the east coast of Canada or the USA. Mallie’s breeder no longer has the wheaten line. Is anyone able to help?

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