Aggression update for Abby the Scottish Terrier

Hi everyone,

Abby is still doing really well.  Refocussing her attention to me changes her demeanour such that she ignores the other dogs.  Even Ann admitted she is doing really well.  (Thanks Ann!)  It has been a pleasure to walk Abby over the last two weeks.  Well, a pleasure in that she doesn’t freak out over other dogs..not so much a pleasure when she decides not to walk).

Something in the comment that Russie made on the first post really made me think.

Russie wrote “We had a much stronger relationship and he clearly trusted me, which was no small thing. He could be distracted with a click or a word–even when another dog was coming at him, teeth bared. He knew I was there to support him, and, more importantly, he was less afraid and had more confidence in himself.”

I think Abby now knows that I am going to handle the situation and it is not up to her.  I once told Ann that Abby was not a confident Scottie as noises and new situations were difficult for her.  Having her focus on me let her know that I could be trusted and that she could relax.  I had her back.  This has changed our relationship and I wish I had done this sooner.

Thanks again for everyone’s advice.  I am getting the Abby I knew back.