An update from the founder of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News

Hello friends and fellow Scottie lovers. Ann here. Remember me? Scottish Terrier and Dog News founding editor and publisher, human to Bridget, still aspiring dog media entrepreneur in spite of a few misfires.

It’s been a while. Has it not? You’re probably as grateful as I am to Sandra and Abby for revitalizing the Scottie News during my prolonged absence and giving us all something to talk about and ooh and ah over. Yeah, Sandra and Abby! You go girls!

Sandra and I have been talking a lot as of late about what to do with the Scottie News going forward. Our plan is to take the summer to turn it back into the active website and newsletter it used to be. We hope you’ll join in because reader participation and engagement makes a site like this all the more valuable and fun. You and your Scotties are a wealth of information and we love it when you share.

Anyway, talking about the good old days, the Scottie News celebrated its eight year anniversary this month and Bridget will turn nine next month. Where is the little dog I carried la la la? While I was looking back nostalgically at the May 2007 archives, I rediscovered one of my favourite Scottie videos of Sadie fetching a beer:

Thematically, it fits well with this pool boy video sent in earlier today by a reader:

Just one tip, everyone. Turn your phone sideways before you take that Scottish Terrier video. I learned the hard way when I filmed Bridget in the snow last February. And speaking of winter, aren’t we all glad that one’s finally over?

Have a great pre-summer weekend, everyone. And if you love the Scottie News, please forward this email to all your Scottish Terrier-loving friends and acquaintances. The bigger our email list gets, the better. More readers means more Scottish Terrier and Dog News:

4 thoughts on “An update from the founder of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News

  1. I recently rescued a Scottish Terrier and your newsletter has been hugely helpful to me. Your training videos, especially! I love, love, love my new furry friend, Niblik, newsletter and contributors. Thank you!!!

  2. I have a female Scottie, Piper, that will be 2 on 9-11 and I have worked very hard to socialize her since she was very tiny. We have gone to the dog park and mixed with many different dogs and people. She has been wonderful until about 3 months ago. She has gotten super protective of me and has jumped on a couple of dogs at the park. One time I was playing with the dog with a toy ( and she loves this dog, they play together all the time) Another time, I was sitting on a bench next to the owner of a yorkie that was barking for her owner to throw the ball and Piper flew over and jumped on her. There was a 3rd incident where I was holding her and a owner had her boxer on it’s leash and was talking to me. Piper was growling under her breath and I told her everything was ok but the boxer took a step towards me and she flew off the bench to attack the dog. I had her on the leash so she wasn’t successful. I just don’t know what to do to change this behavior and I am sad to think that all the regulars now think she is a mean dog and will not want her around their dogs. Any advice out there that might help me?

  3. I also have a question about Scottie’s Cramp. I have a male Scottie that has this. My daughter is a vet and he is on prozac twice a day and I give him selenium and vitamin E, occasionally a muscle relaxer. While he can walk when his legs lock up now, he still has lots of episodes. I am wondering if there is any feedback on this as well. I have shared with the breeder about his condition.

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