Barking control

Judy wrote in with a story about her Molly who loved to bark.  I laughed so much that I had to add this to the blog.

“I actually did have her on the spray collar.  You’ll love this … Put the collar on her in the yard so I could be present to praise her when she was good.  But she saw a squirrel … bark spray bark spray!  Then the neighbours drove up and parked next door … bark spray bark spray!!  And on it went.  When Molly noticed that her face was soaked with the spray, she would run up to the water bowl, dunk her face in it to rinse off and then went back into the yard to bark some more!!!  She used up a whole canister of the spray in 1/2 hour!!  Needless to say we took the collar back and have since looked at other training methods!  Gotta love the feisty Scottie!!”

I had a similar incident with a little machine that was supposed to emit a noise that only the dogs could hear.  Angus and Chelsea loved to bark whenever anyone was walking outside which when you live is city is always.  I set the machine up so that it would be right near the patio door which was their favourite spot.  It worked for half an hour.  When they barked, they would run to the machine and stare at it so it must have been emitting some noise.  After awhile, they stopped barking at the door and just sat and barked at the machine.  It was like they were having a conversation.  The battery and my nerves finally ran out.

Let us know if you had better success with other tools or training methods.

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