Dog ear issues

Hi everyone,

Rita is having trouble with her Scottie Barney and his ears.

“I would like to ask a question regarding our Scottish Terrier (Barney) love of my/our life.!   Over the past year he has started scratching his ear so much  some times squealing as well,  we took him to the vet   he was sedated and his ear’s cleaned ( build up of wax & hair) and given tablets (steroids??)  however this is continuing to happen   vet is expensive  any suggestions!!!!!!”

Has anyone else had similar issues? Please add comments if you have any suggestions for Rita.


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  1. My Scottie used to get ear infections all the time. So I started cleaning his ears once a week with an alcohol-based ear rinse recommended by the vet, and that took care of the problem. Of course he hates the stuff, but has figured out that if he puts up with it he gets a nice piece of lamb jerky afterwards.

  2. Dear Rita, if it is a yeast infection (and it probably is), cut out all sugars, starches and carbs, as those are foods that feed carbs. A good yeast medicine is Monistat, use as directed.

  3. This was the first year for my wheaton to have scratchy ears. My vet treated her for 5 consecutive weeks with an ear med that also sealed one of her ears. He felt she’d become allergic to wheat as well. I changed her diet to no wheat diet and I noticed it subsided. She is fine now. I am having her tested for thyroid issues tomorrow because she’s gained a lot of weight and after putting her on a strict meal regime of veg-all and a little blue buffalo and lots of walking, she hasn’t lost any weight! wish her luck!

  4. My Murdoch had super itchy ears that I thought were infections, the vet did too. Gave me steroids and a cleaning. It didn’t help

    Finally took him to another vet after the previous vet prescribed atopica, but I wanted a second opinion – new vet took 1 look and said Scaropic Mange. Prescribed him some anti mite solution, and in 3 weeks, no more itchiness, no more sad Scotty.

  5. Hello !

    Scotties has ears particularly sensitive and they must be cleaned at least once a month.
    It’s one of first things that the breeder – who is also vet – told me when I came to pick up my little Domino a few years ago.
    It’s the best French breeding of scotties for years and the breeder knows her business.
    As it’s impossible to use Q-tips, I use a special product to clean the dogs’ ears which we find everywhere where one sell care products for dogs.
    Very simple : you put a good spurt of this product in the ear and you gently massage it at the base and outside (of course) during two minutes.
    Some “good girl” and kisses increase considerably the product’s efficiency.
    Even after all these years, Domino doesn’t still like it, but she knows that it does her good – ears do not itch her any more – and she has never had problems in ears.


  6. Also plucking extra hair from inside ear helps keep wax from building up and keeps yeast infections at bay. I know it sounds harsh, but groomer showed me how easily this hair comes out with no discomfort, happy itch free Scotty.

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