Pancreatitis in Dogs

Hello everyone,

Tracy has written the Scottish Terrier News about her Scottie, Talulah, who is suffering from pancreatitis.

“Hello. My beautiful 5 year old scottie, Talulah, has been diagnosed with pancreatitis. This has come as a complete shock as she has eaten a hypoallergenic diet for most of her life and never gets human food unless a rare treat. Can you tell me if this is common in Scotties and any advice for her nutritional needs would be most appreciated. Low fat food is now the order of the day but any advice for anything yummy would be welcome. Thanks Tracy”

Has anyone had any a similar issue as Tracy?  Please update the comments with any hints or tips for Tracy.


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  1. Dear Traci: Go to, and do a search for “Mandy”. Great advice from Dr Karen Becker.

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