Tractive: The latest, greatest GPS dog collar

Some of you may recall Bridget’s big misadventure, when she went missing for 10 hours last year on a cold wintry day and was saved in a daring ravine rescue mission. We really could have used a GPS dog collar back then so I could have just checked on my smart phone and located her in minutes.

Unfortunately the Tractive pet tracker was not yet available in Canada and the best GPS collar tracking technology was still confined to the US. Fast forward to May 2015 and the Tractive is available in 80 countries wherever there is data coverage. Hip hip hurrah!!!

In case you’re wondering, Bridget does have a collar tag with our contacts and a microchip, but neither of those are any help until she has been captured by a human who phones to tell us she has been found. My big worry was always that she would be dognapped or hit by a car before she could be located. The Tractive GPS collar solves that problem.

Prices and subscriptions to access Tractive’s cell networks and track your pet’s whereabouts vary. At the time of writing, Tractive’s cheapest offer was $4.99 per month, but these rates do jump around and if you have a bolting pet they are a bargain when it comes to peace of mind.

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