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Scarlett has an interesting issue with her 7 month old Scottie.  Love to hear any suggestions from other Scottie users with similar issues.

“My 7 month old Scottie hates his dog food! I buy him a new brand/flavor and he’ll eat it for about a week very happily then he turns his nose up at it and that is that! I have to basically beg him to eat. I.e. On the ground feeding him by hand or throwing it piece by piece for him to “chase” and “catch”. However, sometimes he is uncoaxable! He doesn’t eat any sort of human food except crunchy peanut butter and honey. He’s never even tried for it. I eat my food on the ground with him in my lap most meals. He eats treats just fine, no matter what they are, when training. He also loves his chew sticks! However, he gets bored, I think, with his dog food. I clean the dog dish daily and I also keep the food in a screw top container to keep everything fresh so I don’t think its because its stale or dirty…what do I do? I’m very desperate…”

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  1. I think you will have to be tough with your Scottie. He has probably realised that once he tires of his food you will supply him with something new and interesting. Our Scottie, Neachdainn, gets pretty much the same food as his human companions. Just occasionally he will turn up his nose at a meal; sometimes because he has eaten something he captured in the wild, sometimes because he fancies a different meal. Regardless of the reason we will carefully store his food to be re-presented at the next meal time.

    You might also want to consider varying his meals so, for example, chicken on Thursday, fish on Friday etc. This approach might be easier to achieve if you are feeding dried or tinned food.

  2. I had a similar problem with my Scottie when I first got him. One thing you can try is smaller portions, or even just a different food bowl. That worked for him, Now he eats like he’ll never get any more.

  3. Our 8 month Scottie, Gus, had the same problem eating. Our vet suggested 3/4 cup of Hills kibbles and mix a small amount of Hills caned meat in. Feed him about 7am and 5 pm. Leave food dish for about 30 min. then pick it up. After while he got the message and now eats well if fact he comes looking for me a feeding time.

  4. Have you tried gluten free? He may be sensing there is something in it that doesn’t agree with him. I give our Scottie gluten free kibble a with dried rabbit. He loves it and works well with his tender digestive system.

  5. Similar situation with my now 3 year old; but we switched over to grain free Merrick at 1 year old due to skin irritations and scratching. We feed once a day at dinner time and if she doesn’t finish by 8 PM we put the bowl up until the next day. The routine has worked very well. We also buy 2 bags (Duck and Rabbit); then alternate the food weekly. Haven’t had issues since the switch and she is VERY healthy and happy.

  6. If the above doesn’t work and you’re in the US try Pack 10 Natural. This is human hi-quality prepared food-organic & non organic. I feed half of this & Nature’s Variety Instinct Grain-Free and Raw Foods. I can almost guarantee your dog will love the Pack 10 Natural Food.

  7. Lorna Doone is picky, too, and when we find a food she’ll eat, they discontinue it! She also doesn’t like it if it’s the least bit stale. We buy small bags from a local farm store that has samples and will take the bag back if she won’t eat it.

  8. This sound like the same problem i have with my 12month old female Anna. She does not like her food. Driving me up the wall@

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