Abby’s Allergy Update

Hello everyone,

I wanted to give you an update on Abby’s allergies. She is doing much better now. We found out she was not taking the required dose of Atopica so we increased it. We also switched her food to raw. She loves her food! We mix the meat with vegetables (sweet potatoes, carrots, etc) and a bit of oil. If we go past her regular meal time, she will let you know it!

Her hair has grown back and is so thick it is hard to see her skin. I can’t believe the change. She still has outbreaks but nowhere near as bad as what they were.

Her personality has changed too. She is now much more playful and content. It must be such a relief to not have itchy skin all the time. She still loves her bath though. If you run the water in the tub she runs and tries to get in. This is a bonus as she has taught Mya that a bath is fun so Mya loves them too.

This is what happy looks like....
This is what happy looks like…well, for Abby.

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  1. Hi. Have you looked into Apoquel? Our boys were on Atopica and I completely agree the improvement is amazing– but Apoquel has even less side effects and helped our Cushing’s scotty be much more comfortable when he couldn’t take Atopica. Best wishes to you and Abby!

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