One thing I have learned with having a Scottie is that you cannot rush them. On Monday, I was running late but always give the dogs the same amount of time they need to do their business. I took Abby out and she decided that she wanted a lot of extra time to do her business. I mean a lot of extra time! She refused to pee. She just sniffed and sniffed and sniffed. She would go into a crouch and then pop back up. It was if she was saying “Gotcha! I’m not ready yet.”

Meanwhile, I am trying not to show how frustrated I am but she knows. This is a game of patience which unfortunately I was going to lose.

She finally decided to go so I could just squeak into work on time.

I have to learn to set my watch to Scottie time.

Have a great week everyone!

2 thoughts on “Patience….

  1. Do you turn on your heel and head for home as soon as Abby has done her business?

    It might be Abby understands your behaviour and to prolong her walkies she holds her business until the very last minute. The secret is to continue her walkies after her business so she doesn’t associate it with ending her entertainment.

    Apologies if you know this already.

  2. I’m retired so that doesn’t matter much BUT I live in the northeast and it’s the last one at night that this happens! Midnight, freezing rain, blizzard and Camden loves bad weather, just loves it sniffs forever!!!!

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