About the Scottie News and Ann Brocklehurst, aspiring dog media magnate

Dog media magnate Ann Brocklehurst gets the Scottie scoops Contact: scottishterriernews@gmail.com

I’m Ann Brocklehurst, Scottish Terrier owner and investigative reporter who gets the Scottie scoops in more ways than one. I run the Scottie News, which has its world headquarters in Toronto, but serves readers round the world.

That’s me in a four-year-old photo that I really need to update. Bridget, my dog, was only one at the time and I had much shorter hair.

Many people think I started this site because of my love of dogs, but that’s not the case. I actually began dog blogging because I thought I could make some money. I found most dog websites to be a spammy mess or dominated by dog extremists, who thought you were cruel if you watched a TV show your dog didn’t like.

I wanted to see if high-quality websites about specific dog breeds could generate an audience and, then, a profit.  I was highly influenced by the The Long Tail, which is all about niche markets.

Along with the Scottish Terrier News, I also started the Dachshund News as part of my experiment. The Doxie News was designed to test whether dog breed news scaled. Given that there are 10 times as many wiener dogs as Scotties, 10 time as many Flickr photos of Dachshunds and 10 times as many YouTube videos, my question was whether there would be 10 times as many visitors to a Dachshund site. Even though I don’t actually own a Dachshund, I have two in the family so I thought I could fake it.

Alas, I haven’t  succeeded in generating 10 times as much traffic to the Dachsund News. But I’m still not sure if that’s because dog breed sites don’t scale, wiener dog owners aren’t as passionate as Scottie owners, or if it comes through that I don’t have the knowledge of and devotion to Dachshunds that I do to Scottish Terriers. Not to mention the fact that I’ve been far less active at the Scottie News than the Doxie News. For now, at least, the jury’s still out.

As for my original business goals, well, my sites are  successful enough that I don’t know how to quit them, but not successful enough that I can quit my day job.

All this to say that if you’re interested in buying either a premium site about Scottish Terriers or Dachshunds, at this point, I’d be willing to talk.

What else? I also have a personal website where I write about journalism, new media, books, movies, food and wine. And you can check out my profile on LinkedIn or read some of my old articles in the New York Times archives.

Feel free to either leave a comment or send me an e-mail at scottishterriernews@gmail.com.

16 thoughts on “About the Scottie News and Ann Brocklehurst, aspiring dog media magnate

  1. Anne –
    We at Shady Nook Scottie Farm sincerely hope that you will return. I know that this is a LOT of work – probably MUCH more than you originally thought. But it is truly a great site. We wish the best for you, whether that includes a return or not. We will keep you in our thoughts.
    Sindee Hart

  2. As this year is the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, there should be mention of this Scottish terrier, who flew with Fighter Command in 1940:

    “Flying Office Derek Ward had been with 151 Squadron for almost two years. … Ground personnel were somewhat surprised to see a little black Scottish terrier pop its head over the side of the cockpit! This was two-year-old ‘Whisky’, who invariably accompanied his master on non-operational flights. Ward commented later: “He was a real doggie airman. Nothing gave him greater pleasure than to sit on my knee in the Hurricane. With his ears cocked up, he’s stare before him as we often did 300 mph. He’s been on the squadron since he was about six weeks old.”

    [Brian Cull and Bruce Landerwith with Heinrich Weiss, TWELVE DAYS IN MAY, London, 1999, Grub Street, p. 160]

  3. Thought you might enjoy posting this video of our Westie Gryphon herding our two Scotties Duffy and Seamus while raking leaves this past November. We get such a kick out of the three of them and hope your readers will too.

    Enjoy…many more coming. Can’t wait for Winter!

  4. how do i get forms to apply for rescue? looked on your page did not see them. please sent link so i can fill them out please.

  5. Hello Ann,

    Thank you for including the photo of me Going Places and including a Westie Wednesday. I am very grateful. If it wasn’t for people like you, highlighting the need to rescue us amazing terriers and, in my particular case, the wonderful wonderful people at Westie Rescue Ireland (www.westierescue.ie) I would not be here, having the incredible life I do. So, thank you again and I promise to update my blog more often so I hope you all enjoy reading about my Westie Adventures!! Woof for now!

  6. HELLO ,we have a nine year old yorkie who is lovely ,but , the last six months or so has been biting our shoes and ripping carpets to peices, he never did this when he was a puppy so if you ve got any explinations we would be gratefull , thank you marian,

  7. I haven’t gotten any Scottie News in over a week. On vacation or are they not getting through? I just love the smile I always get from it.

  8. Hello,

    The Tartan Day Parade in NYC will take place on Saturday, April 14. Can you please notify your readers. I go every year and have a MeetUp group called WOW! (With Our Westies!) which also has a few honorary Westies (Scottys) as members. WOW! invites 136 Westie and Scotty owners to the parade and to the WOW! dog-friendly gathering at Ballfields Cafe in Central Park where we wine & dine with our canines after the parade.

    Monica and the Westie Girls (Missy Paulette & Casey Jane)

  9. Dear Anne: Please Google “aspirin prevents cancer”, read some of the articles and ask your readers what they think about the possibility of starting their Scots on a low-dose, twice-a-week regimen. I would like to tell you of a curious thing that happened to my Scot.

    I was trying to teach myself how to groom a Scottie. The video on YouTube mentioned using the moles on the head as “markers” for the clippers. The moles at either end of his mouth and under his chin were miniscule; but the one on his forehead was big and bumpy like the one on the Wicked Witch of the West.

    After my first attempt at grooming I read article about studies verifying the fact that aspirin can help prevent 5 different types of cancer (prostate, lung, colon, esophageal and breast). I had TWO Scots die of cancer (pancreatic and mouth), and swore to myself another Scot will NOT die -of cancer- on my watch. Since it is safe, I decided to start him on baby aspirin. I gave him a baby aspirin every other day for a week, then every third day for two weeks, then twice a week for a few weeks after that.

    So about a month later I revisited my attempt at grooming again. I was careful to avoid that huge mole mole on his forehead….only it wasn’t there anymore.

    It was gone.

    The question I have for your readers is this: has this happened to anyone else?

    I wish I had taken a picture of the mole before it disappeared to prove this really happened. If there is anyone out there who wants to participate in a little experiment, please document your Scots` moles before starting the aspirin regimen. Maybe even get your vet to verify the location and size of the moles, if possible.

    I’m curious about this. If this phenomena can be verified (aspirin shrinks moles, and the owner’s Scots live longer and DON`T die of cancer), how wonderful will this be?

    I’ve read a few of the articles, and to sum it up: Tumors produce the Cox-2 enzyme as part of their out-of-control growth process. Aspirin INHIBITS Cox-2. (This was taken from the article at http://www.Wiley.com/legacy/college/boyer/0471661791/cutting_edge/aspirin/aspirin.htm

    So, Anne….would you please consider devoting an article to this topic on your Scottish Terrier website, allowing your readers to report the results? Please?

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