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Better late than never

Connor the soccer playing Scottish Terrier made his YouTube debut at the FIFA World Cup

What do I do about a foot-biting Scottish Terrier puppy?

Two shaggy Scottish Terriers from down under

Is Harley, age 19, the oldest Scottish Terrier?

Phew! Stolen Scottish Terrier puppy is returned

Two Scottish Terriers from Bahrain

Scottish Terrier Video: The sacrificial sofa

Weaning Scottish Terrier puppies

In Cornwall, a dramatic Scottish Terrier rescue

Where do wheaten Scotties come from?

Westie Wednesday: In Australia, a ferry turns around to rescue an overboard West Highland Terrier

Taking a break — maybe forever, Dour Scotsman: ‘I’m in control here’ and Scottie News answers your questions: an update on the pity party

Eisenhower’s Scottish Terrier Skunkie: Did he live at the White House?

Classic Scottish Terrier video: Jock’s song

Scottish Terrier meets Bambi

Could a Scottish Terrier take a badger?

Boo! Happy Halloween from the Scottie News

The story of a Scottish Terrier rescued from a puppy mill

Scottie News congratulates Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Barney Bush on the night of September 11, 2001

Worst Scottish Terrier snowballs ever

Are Scottish Terriers smart? and Are Scottish Terriers Smart? Part II

Tips for flying with a Scottish Terrier

Does your Scottish Terrier work well on a leash?


We’ll be rerunning some of our favourite posts the biggest Scottish Terrier stories of 2011 — along with some of the cutest — on the Scottish Terrier and Dog News home page so head on over and check them out.

Beware, though, there are some bad news stories included in the mix. Unfortunately, that’s the way it goes.

Happy 2012, everyone.

P.S. Just in case, you’re wondering, I had to fiddle with the date to make this post sit at the top of the home page.


Ruby the well groomed and fashionable Scottish Terrier

Today, we take a look at the stories that shocked and inspired us in April, May and June as well as some that just made us laugh.

Now that’s a real Scottish Terrier aroooo

In Jersey City, a Scottish Terrier is kidnapped, then there’s video coverage and a happy ending

RIP Lech and Maria Kaczynski, Polish President and First Lady, Scottish Terrier lovers

Video: Scottish Terrier hanging upside down

A message from the Scottish Terrier and Dog News on the occasion of our third anniversary

Follow Angus Fala, Twitter’s #1 Scottish Terrier

A Scottish Terrier picture’s worth 1000 words

Ultimate fighting champ takes Scottie to dog park and ends up choking pitbull

Woeful Westie Wednesday: More Terrier crime in the UK

A banjo, a Scottish Terrier and a cat

Cinema: Shirley Temple gives Scottie a hard time

This story is just to big too wait for West Highland Terrier Wednesday

New photos of Bosley, the Congressman’s Scottie

Finally! Volcanic ash cloud causes Scottie problems

Ja wohl! Hitchcock the Scottie makes it to international agility competition representing Switzerland

‘No futeba?’ Brazilian Scottie loves football

Scottie cruises local dogs and cats


Haggis On Toast, originally uploaded by Back in the Pack.

The editorial staff of the Scottie News has picked some of their favourite stories for the first quarter of 2010 from the archives. Check ‘em out.

Woof Dat!

Scottish Terrier grooming disasters

No smoking and no Scottish Terriers

Westie Wednesday: an installment in the Harry saga

Would you trust this man to groom your Scottie?

Rare photo of FDR in wheelchair with Fala

Sadie, the Westminster champ, does a post-victory tour of New York

Olympic Scottish Terriers: luge training

Ooh la la! Scottish Terrier stars in French cinema

RIP Angus, one tough Scottie and a member of the McLeod clan

We’ll have more highlights for you all this week.


Why not just spend today kicking back and reading from the archives of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News? There are 1,949 posts to choose from. Consider us the War and Peace of dog blogs.


Rudog the Christmas Scottie

Rudog the Christmas Scottie by garlandcannon

Dear readers,

The staff of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News wish you a very merry Christmas and long walks with your Scotties to work off all the big dinners.

If you’ve sent us a picture of your dog in the past few months and we haven’t been able to publish it yet, I apologize. I want to show off all your wonderful dogs, it’s just that we have had time and technical issues this year (about which I’ll write more later).

In the mean time, please know that you readers and your fabulous Scotties are a huge part of the Scottie News, and I always look forward to your comments, input and photos. I hope to get your photos up over the next few weeks.

Thank you and please keep reading.

All the very best for the holidays,

The Scottie News editorial team.

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Christmas at the Scottish Terrier and Dog News. It’s not always white.


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