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The editorial staff of the Scottie News has picked some of their favourite stories for the first quarter of 2010 from the archives. Check ‘em out.

Woof Dat!

Scottish Terrier grooming disasters

No smoking and no Scottish Terriers

Westie Wednesday: an installment in the Harry saga

Would you trust this man to groom your Scottie?

Rare photo of FDR in wheelchair with Fala

Sadie, the Westminster champ, does a post-victory tour of New York

Olympic Scottish Terriers: luge training

Ooh la la! Scottish Terrier stars in French cinema

RIP Angus, one tough Scottie and a member of the McLeod clan

We’ll have more highlights for you all this week.


Why not just spend today kicking back and reading from the archives of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News? There are 1,949 posts to choose from. Consider us the War and Peace of dog blogs.


Rudog the Christmas Scottie

Rudog the Christmas Scottie by garlandcannon

Dear readers,

The staff of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News wish you a very merry Christmas and long walks with your Scotties to work off all the big dinners.

If you’ve sent us a picture of your dog in the past few months and we haven’t been able to publish it yet, I apologize. I want to show off all your wonderful dogs, it’s just that we have had time and technical issues this year (about which I’ll write more later).

In the mean time, please know that you readers and your fabulous Scotties are a huge part of the Scottie News, and I always look forward to your comments, input and photos. I hope to get your photos up over the next few weeks.

Thank you and please keep reading.

All the very best for the holidays,

The Scottie News editorial team.

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christmas dogs 07

Christmas at the Scottish Terrier and Dog News. It’s not always white.


Let’s hope so.


Warning: I’m about to feel sorry for myself.

If you subscribe to the Scottie News via RSS feed or email, you may have noticed that you’ve received nothing for more than a week. This is because something has gone wrong with Feedburner and I can’t figure out what it is or how to fix it. And being a Google company means Feedburner provides no feedback whatsoever.

I am investigating alternatives, but, needless to say, this is very dispiriting due to the huge drop in traffic it causes just when my traffic was climbing back up.

Okay, enough wallowing in self pity. Please enjoy the adorable puppy while we try to work this problem out at the world headquarters of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News.

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Gah! Feedburner — another  company owned by my old nemesis, Google — is giving the Scottie News technical problems.

Neither the RSS feeds nor the email subscriptions are currently working. With a number of non-dog related deadlines looming at the headquarters of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News, this problem might persist until the weekend. In the mean time, please visit the site to see all our new posts.

Thank you for your patience.


So today the media magnate behind the Scottish Terrier and Dog News noticed that the RSS feeds aren’t working and haven’t been since last Friday, which explains the sudden drop-off in traffic. There’s just one problem, however, and that’s how to notify the RSS readers that we are indeed publishing, they’re just not receiving.

Any bright ideas?

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TraylorScots Scottish Terriers

We are a small Scottish Terrier kennel located in North Alabama .

We have black, brindle and wheaten pups available from time to time.

We ship puppies to the USA and Canada. We breed for health , temperament and to the AKC standard.

We do ask that you research the breed. Scottish Terriers are NOT for everyone. They can destroy a well manicured lawn and love to dig.

Our Scottish Terriers are well socialized at a young age with our four grandchildren, aged seven and under, our cats, and our other dogs including Chihuahuas (which we also breed.)

We do not breed on demand and we only want to help you find a quality healthy Scottie puppy. We will provide references upon request.

We hope you can come to our home to pick up your baby, but if you can not, we ship via a Van transport service called Pawsnclaws.org. We can fly with Delta if the van service is full. Please contact us at 256 778 7423 , 256 227 1970 or 256 334 0729. Visit our website at www.traylorscots.com.


Just in case you missed them, here are a few interesting things that came to light on the Scottish Terrier and Dog News this week;

1) Try Gold Bond Powder for itchy, allergy-prone Scotties. agraciesmama did, and so far, so good.

2) And here’s the comment of the week on a post about swimming (or non-swimming) Scotties:

My previous Scottie “Clyde” wasn’t the best swimmer, but at least he’d try – one time he swam to the dock but then simply stopped paddling … it was like watching the Titanic go down (I know I shouldn’t laugh, but …) Anyway … nothing a lifejacket wouldn’t solve. Clyde’s buddy “Bonnie” (a Westie) would swim out after the ducks or loons, and as others have noted it was only prudent for her to wear a lifejacket for when she inevitably realized she was overtired and would then turn towards shore. Both Clyde and Bonnie would bravely jump in and try to rescue me if I splashed about as if I were in trouble … brave wee pups!!! Haven’t figured out if the two new Terrier-ists are swimmers yet (but I’m guessing Watson will give it a try … and Sherlock, well … he’s a “stocky” boy … chuckle!) – both will wear lifejackets, however … especially after I learned the painful way that swimming out to rescue your dog means you’ll be covered in claw marks unless you’re wearing a wet suit … ha! Now … have to find that photo of them on my back, on the sailboard …


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