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Your letters to the Scottie News

It seems like Sandra and Abby have made a big impression. Along with your comments on the website (please check them out if you haven’t already) we’ve also received a few emails here at the Scottish Terrier and Dog News headquarters in still frozen Toronto.

Kay wrote to Sandra:

I want you to know how much my husband and I are enjoying your articles.  We have two scotties, Bonnie Blue (for Rhett Butler’s daughter in GWTW) and Angus.  Bonnie, our brindle, was adopted for our first scottie, Patrick.  Precious Patrick was unable to “show” because he was so very skiddish. So his breeder decided that he would be happier out of the ring and placed in a loving home.  Bonnie rose to the challenge, finding any opportunity to engage him in play or snuggle closely on the sofa.

Since Patty’s only litter mate had died at ten days of age, he never got to play or snuggle, and he didn’t understand what he was to do or the communication it meant.  Bonnie taught him “puppy love”.  It was wonderful.  Bonnie filled Patty’s life.

Patrick suffered a grand mal seizure last May 1st, and had to been put down the following day.  Bonnie went into deep mourning.  We lasted exactly one month before we brought Angus home.  He is all puppy, loves life and everything in it, especially if it fits into his mouth.  Bonnie was fine with it.  But what we hoped would happen didn’t.  The old Bonnie was gone for good.  Bonnie went from a playful puppy to a sad old lady the day Patty died, and she will never be back.  She is good to Angus, in fact, extremely patient with him.  She seems to love Angus.  But Bonnie filled Patrick’s life, what we didn’t know was that he filled hers too.  Without him, she is empty.

We all miss Patrick terribly, but perhaps not as much as his little sister of five years, little Bonnie Blue.  She is quite a little lady, now old beyond her years.  She is a symbol of the loyalty, to family, her Patrick, and of the loyalty of a true Scottie.

I look forward to reading more of your stories.  Thank you and good luck.

On the subject of Abby’s Downward Dog, Michael wrote:

My Annie’s spin move would shame the slipperiest NFL running back.  I try to establish temporary co-alpha status, and am successful when it suits her.

J and J wrote:

Oh boy, oh boy…….how we can relate!  We have a gal just like Abby, only she is black and her name is “Gilly”.  Alpha, alpha, alpha (and of course, we do love her so).

Roseann was especially impressed by the Canada Pooch parka worn by super athletic Lucy the Scottie. She researched where to find it and kindly shared her knowledge. You can use the Canada Pooch store locator. You can also order on line from Dog Chic Boutique.  Owner Kelly wrote: “We have all of the great Canada Pooch dog coats in stock, including the Winter Wilderness Jacket on Lucy’s video, on sale and ready to ship.  Just use the coupon code:  ‘Winter Fun’  on your order.”

Who knows, you may not even have to wait until next year to use your parka. The way things have gone this winter, we could very well have some more winter storms on the way.

Moving along to happier subjects, Darlene wrote:

Nice Blog!  I have a Scottish Terrier (all black) he was born in Maumee, Ohio (Toledo area) on August 16th(day Elvis Presley died). My baby Elvis is going to be three years old…  He is my Hunk-a-Hunk of Burning Love!  We live in Cleveland, Ohio but I have a lot of relatives in Etobicoke, Canada.  My Scottie Elvis loves to bring home tennis balls from the park down the street.  Right now we have probably have over 50 tennis balls!!!  

photo (13)

And, finally, we have a reader in need of some advice. Jan wrote:

I very much enjoy your emails. D o you have any kind of forum or advice area for Scottie problems?

I love my Theo to death but he has decided that he won’t sleep in bed with me. I finally figured out that he wants to sleep on the love seat with me, where I am known to take a snooze, but is hardly suitable for a Scot and me for a bed. And I have a bad back so this is not optimum. If I try to sleep in bed, he whimpers and whines so I can’t sleep anyway and I live in an apartment so I have to stop him by going to the love seat.

Any advice or referrals would be highly appreciated.  Thanks,

Over to you, Scottie News readers.