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Tips and suggestions from readers

Tertius and Pliny

Beth added a suggestion to the list of Scottie dog books for children:

Ann, the book by Charlotte Voake reminded me of another book, “Tertius and Pliny”: . Tertius is a stuffed Scottish Terrier, and Pliny is an airline pilot. It’s a very charming book, but out of print. I think I found it at Barnes and Noble, on the remainder rack for 2.99… It’s worth seeking out (although it seems to be hard to find), if you’re interested in children’s books with Scotties.

There are currently a few used copies available on Amazon.

Kathy wrote with more information on dog life jackets:

I have found that one of the most important details in a dog life jacket is that it fit the dog property and is large enough to support the dog, especially a Scottie since they are quite heavy. Both Ozzie and Angus wear the Kyjen Outward Hound Jackets. The best thing about these jackets besides the quality, is the velcro band — not straps — that support their midsections. Angus’s first jacket had two straps that, when we lifted him out of the water by the handle, they really dug into his tummy. The Kyjen is very user friendly!

Waveney sent a link to a story on the last surviving 9/11 rescue dogs complete with many fabulous photos.

Grooming Terriers: A Guide to blades and clipper sizes

Which blade for which dog? From giant Airedale to dainty teacup Yorkie, here are the blades you need for your terrier

If you’ve been searching terrier grooming forums and reviews for blade and equipment tips, there’s a good chance you’re even more confused than before you began.

Finding the right equipment to groom your terrier at home is not as clear-cut (pun intended) as it should be, but really, is that so surprising? You know your pooch is special, so why wouldn’t his coat be too?

This partly explains how come different groomers often suggest different blades for the same breed. Simply put, there is no perfect, one-size-fits-all solution, which is why the Scottie News has come to the rescue to put together the best possible guide for grooming your terrier. First off, a couple of tips:

Tip number one: Blade Size

The higher the blade number, the closer the cut.

Tip number two: Oster or Andis?

Truthfully, it’s six of one,half a dozen of the other. Some people choose Oster while others opt for Andis. To the knowledge of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News, no scientific poll has ever been conducted, but based on our readers stated preferences and all the other info out there, we’re calling it a  50/50 split, which is why we’re featuring both of the big two dog clipper brands.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s begin in alphabetical terrier order. Continue reading Grooming Terriers: A Guide to blades and clipper sizes

Bell the Scottish Terrier shows off her first life jacket

Dog life jacket reviews — because Scotties sink like bricks

Bell the Scottish Terrier shows off her first life jacket
Bell the Scottish Terrier shows off her first life jacket

Yes, we know, there are Scottish Terriers who are expert swimmers and divers and who’ve managed to survive in the water under very scary circumstances. But, truthfully most Scotties are kind of goofy in the deep and even the shallow. They need constant supervision around water and, unless you are a trained lifeguard who feels confident about carrying out a rescue, you should consider following Bell’s peeps’ example and getting your dog a life jacket. That way you won’t have to be plunge into the water, dog wrestle and risk getting scratched up. You can just grab the handle and hoist your soaking wet terrier package to safety.

Especially recommended is the Kyjen Outward Hound Designer Pet Saver Life Jacket, Small, Orange, which has a multitude of five-star reviews. One Scottie-owning  reviewer writes: “Loved this jacket, fit my Scottish Terrier Mandy perfectly worked well in every respect. We took her canoeing this weekend and she loved floating & swimming with the jacket much better than her old jacket as this one supports her much better under her belly and neck area. Really well made should last a very long time!”

In case you can’t find it, here’s a size chart:

xx-small = 11″-14″ girth, up to 11 Lbs.
x-small = 15″-19″ girth, up to 18 Lbs.
small = 19″-24″ girth, 15-25 Lbs.
Med = 22″-29″ girth, 20-50 Lbs.
Large = 26″-35″ girth, 40-70 Lbs.
x-large = 31″-41″ girth, over 70 Lbs.

Please chime in and add any life jacket recommendations of your own.

Check out dog life jackets on Amazon

Thoughts on antler chews and heartworm meds

Since Scottie News is in the process of replacing the “recent comments” feature, you might have missed the following comments, which we’d like to bring to your attention. CBMum had a question re antler chews:

I’m curious about the antler chews – has anyone used them? They sell them at our local pet supply store and say they’re great, and that they don’t make a mess.. I am not convinced as I can foresee the “marrow” inside the antlers flaking off, getting swallowed etc. and wonder how much mess and even choking hazard could result.

That and they’re kind of pricey and we have plenty of other toys, but the dogs are very interested in them…

There’s a store near where we used to live that sells unwrapped bones and antler chews in big bins, kind of like health food stores do with their products. I’m assuming that’s the situation at CBMum’s local pet store and why her dogs’ curiosity is piqued. But the antler chew I bought was packaged and polished like the one shown above, which is probably why it remains ignored.

As a result, I can’t really comment on the more natural antlers. But next time I’m in  the old nabe, I’ll look into the pet store to see if they’ve got any of the less processed antlers available and then report back. I remember they were only for sale at certain times of the year after the antlers were shed and they sold out quickly.

Sonya writes:

Please help need to know what brand of heart worm meds work best on your scotty’s.
My vet can’t get intercepter and I don’t want to use just any brand. So please let me know what you are using. Thank you.

Over to you, Scottie News commenters.

Taxes, antler chews and deep-fried Mars bars

Via: Terrierman (

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News was absent last week mostly due to taxes. I had four sets of taxes to do — two for me and two for my late mother. And as you can no doubt imagine, it was brutal.  But it’s mostly finished now and I vow to bring you extra Scottie news this week to make up for having gone AWOL.

Let’s keep with the dogs-eating-things theme for now. Bridget does not destroy shoes or furniture or anything else in the house. If given the chance, however, she will devour entire dog toys including a variety of rubber balls. She also likes to eat sticks on her walks and, it being spring, she treats herself to a mud pie or two on every outing.

Last week after she was groomed, I bought her an antler bone as they had been recommended to me and I worry about giving her regular bones, which she destroys with her powerful jaws and have been known to cause, cough, digestive issues.

Well, she did not like the antler chew at all and has completely ignored it, which brings us full circle to this cartoon.

Deep fried Scottie cartoon

P.S. If you’ve never had a deep fried Mars Bar, you should try one at least once. You can say the Scottie News made you do it.

Tractive GPS collars for pets work in Canada and 78 other countries outside US

May 2015 update on GPS pet collars that work in in Canada

With the latest, greatest GPS dog collars, you can use a smart phone to track your missing pet. While the Tagg Pet Tracker doesn’t yet have a cellular network partner in Canada, the new Tractive collar introduced in 2014 will work on local Canadian networks and in 79 other countries including the US.

You can buy the Tractive GPS collar on and have it shipped here. You’ll have to pay duty but it’s still a better deal than the Tractive collars for sale on

My Scottie Bridget is a bolter so I really need a GPS collar and can definitely recommend Tractive. If she goes AWOL in the ravines, she can be tracked in a minute. Unfortunately the collar won’t help me perform a daring emergency ravine rescue. I still need an intrepid explorer for that.

Click photo to go to for more information
Click photo to go to for more information


Tick tock, get your Scottish Terrier calendars and Christmas cards

Check out Amazon’s selection of fabulous Scottie calendars and Scottish Terrier Christmas cards. Or browse our bestseller page and see what Scottie News readers are buying for their dogs. It’s everything from Scottish Terrier art to grooming supplies.

When you click through from this site and buy something on Amazon, the Scottish Terrier News gets a small commission and you get a great product at no extra cost to yourself.

Thanks to everyone who’s used our links in the past. It will pay for a holiday turkey or two.