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An update from the Scottie News team

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that I am fine and enjoying this unplanned but much needed break from the Scottie News. Unfortunately, Bridget’s itchiness — diagnosed two months ago as seasonal allergies — is back with a vengeance and it is quite upsetting to see her so uncomfortable. I have temporarily drugged her with Benadryl until we can get to the vet this week.

Her coat has become quite scraggly and she often does not want to go out for her evening walks although she has always had periods where she has been weird about walking certain places at certain times of day. I suspect the vet may want to do some blood tests just to check there’s nothing underlying all this. I’m worried and simultaneously relieved that she’s eating well, guarding the house and hanging with the cat, who is now quite grown up.

Penny, who currently enjoys feline frenemy status, makes a habit of accompanying Bridget on her walks and it causes a lot of comments from amused onlookers. Bridget and Penny even sit outside the coffee shop together waiting for me. And yesterday, Penny patrolled the outer rim of the dog park, which was not a smart move, but, I’m sorry to say, perfectly in character.

I took this video this morning in snowless Toronto. (My deepest sympathies to all of you suckers in the northeastern U.S. and anywhere else covered in snow. Been there done that). I wanted to take more video, but Bridget and her walker were too embarrassed. Also, it was really hard to see what I was filming on the Nano. All things considered, it turned out okay and gives you some idea of what Bridget now deals with. I will keep trying until I get some of the really funny stuff: dog leaping, dog poking, and other daring feats that even Avatar doesn’t have.

And for you people dealing with snow, here’s Scottish Terrier Piper last January:

Now, here’s another Piper, just seven months old and from the famous Pittsburgh dynasty well known to regular Scottie News readers, experiencing her first snow:

And, finally, here are some tips on dealing with the dreaded Scottish Terrier snowballs. Good luck and I really mean that.

Scottish Terriers and kittens: Keeping it real

Two readers write:


We’re looking for some advice. We have a 6 year old Scottie (Pinecone) who likes to rule the roost. He’s great with kids but aggressive with some men, and other animals (though usually not dogs). He has a typical disdain for cats.

We’re introducing a kitten into the family and we’d love to hear from you. Any advice you could give us would be greatly appreciated.

Steve and Mary

Ann replies:

Good luck!!!

But seriously folks:

Regular readers know that a kitten arrived at the Scottish Terrier and Dog News headquarters early in August. Basically, it was hell, with animals constantly tearing through our largely open-concept house, barking like crazy and preventing me from getting anything whatsoever done from brushing my teeth to blogging.

Admittedly it was not a good idea to introduce the kitten into the mix when I was the only human around and I was out at work most of the time, but there are complicated family and in-law reasons why it had to be this way and I will mercifully spare you all the details.

By the end of week one and after grovelling apologetically to the neighbours about all the noise, I called up Bridget’s sometime dog walker and sitter and begged her to take my dog away for the two last days I was on my own and at the office. Luckily, she obliged.

Once there was a trainer/babysitter/supervisor on the premises full-time, things improved dramatically. Our kitten, Penny, is quite brave and stopped cowering in the basement and began standing up to Bridget. Bridget now understands that aggression on her part may result in a painful swatting, but still believes it’s a risk which she must occasionally take, especially when she is being unmercifully taunted. After almost two months, we live in a state of uneasy truce, with at least one daily breach, but that’s a whole lot better than constant rocket attacks.

So, Steve and Mary, all this to say, I hope you will have someone at home to supervise and that you don’t live in an open concept house. And, seriously, good luck.

As for us, the next step is to set up a secret nanny cam to find out what goes on at the Scottish Terrier and Dog News headquarters when there are no humans on the premises. (Wonder if I can do that with my new iPod?) And, oh yes, I’ll also try to take a photo of the girls and post it.