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Not just famous Scottish Terriers but also Scottish Terriers of the rich and famous.

Fala at FDR's funeral

Sorry folks, no Fala in new FDR movie: Hyde Park on the Hudson

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News has received a few indignant emails about the fact that there is no Fala — aka the most famous dog in the world — in the new FDR movie, out today. And as you can see, according to the Hyde Park on the Hudson trailer below, they are indeed right.

But there’s a reason Fala is missing. The movie takes place in June of 1939 and he wasn’t born until April 1940.

Now, Hollywood being Hollywood, they could have, and probably should have, moved the birth forward a few months and cast a cute Scottish Terrier for effect, but for some reason they didn’t.

This is especially interesting given that Margaret “Daisy” Suckley, who is portrayed the President’s alleged love interest in the movie, is the one who actually gave him Fala as an early Christmas present.

Fala at FDR's funeral

Alleged love interest “Daisy” Suckley with Fala at FDR’s funeral.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Bill Murray, who plays FDR, says the president needed Fala:

“Mr. Murray, whose Roosevelt is attended by, and occasionally must elude, a small army of women—including his wife, Eleanor (Olivia Williams), his teetotalling mother (Elizabeth Wilson), and his secretary Marguerite “Missy” LeHand (Elizabeth Marvel)—offered typically Murray-esque perspective on playing the president. “Just working with these actresses—it was a henhouse, it was insane. The mother. The girlfriend. The wife and the secretary and the maids,” he said. “This guy was beleaguered. They were all after him. Thank God he had a dog.” (That dog, Fala, was famously trained by Daisy.)

If you’ve got time, catch up on the Scottie Newsprevious Fala coverage.

Is this a scandalous Scottish Terrier?

Laura writes:

This is a feature in the UK’s Daily Telegraph on Scandalous Women in British History that my in-laws sent us.  They thought the dog might be an elderly & somewhat unkempt Scottie and we’ve had a bit of a debate about it.

According to the Telegraph, “In the late 1970s Cynthia Payne, a party planner, hit the headlines when police raided her London home and found a sex party in progress, at which the patrons had paid for services in luncheon vouchers. She spent four months in Holloway prison, and later published an aptly-named book called Entertaining at Home.”

Potentially Scandalous Scottie

I’m voting Scottie. The ears are down because a proper Scot knows this is not the way to behave when you’re caught in a sex scandal.

Laura also sent along a video of one of her parties. There’s no sex, but lots of very well groomed Scotties on the prowl.

Found: Photo of Stuka the Scottish Terrier who was the Memphis Belle mascot

For some reason, the Scottie News was unable to locate a picture of Stuka four years ago. Now, however, the Memphis Belle’s canine mascot is all over the internet. According to the chat board on which we found this particular Stuka photo, “Stuka flew a few missions in the Belle, and then went on the warbond tour with them. Jim Verenis said that Stuka stayed with them in some of the finest hotels, and ate steak for dinner every night. He lived out his years at Jim’s home.”

Since it took us this long to locate the photo, we figured you deserve a little extra.
Here’s Lassie (no, not the Lassie), another Scottish Terrier who was a squadron dog. You can find out far more about her by following the link.

Scottish Terrier US Air Force dog

Read about more famous Scottish Terriers.

Famous Scottish Terriers: Anne Sullivan’s Darky

Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan with Scottish Terrier and Great Dane
Helen Keller with a Scottie at her feet, Anne Sullivan, Polly Thomson and Helga the Great Dane

Okay we’re not 100% sure that this is Anne Sullivan’s politically incorrectly named Darky, but it’s highly likely. The Great Dane, who belongs to Helen Keller, is supposedly called Helga, which makes for a somewhat uncomfortable name juxtaposition. But this is now and that was then.

Wearing a chic outfit, Bette Davis bathes her Scottish Terrier

The things you find on YouTube. Don’t you just love Bette’s dog-washing outfit? No aprons for her. I’m surprised she didn’t just wear the dress from her portrait.

Let’s ponder the big questions. Did Bette Davis wash MacTavish before the portrait so he didn’t get the dress dirty? Or did she just not care that much about the dress?

For all you Bette Davis fans out there, who can’t get enough, here she is in a glamour shot with Mac  and again with a Scottie pup called Tibby.

And if you don’t fancy The Hunger Games this weekend, you can stream All About Eve and other Bette Davis movies live from Amazon.

Fala Tumblr gets better and better

Fala and FDR lookalikes on cover of Life magazine 1958

Wow! I hadn’t been over to the Fala Tumblr since the Scottie News first discovered it, but whoever runs it  just keeps turning up more and more fabulous stuff. In short, it’s more wow-worthy — or should we make that bow wow-worthy — than ever.

From the Google news archives, we can also bring you a 1958 review of the play, Sunrise at Campobello starring Ralph Bellamy and an anonymous Scottish Terrier. And, yes, you can order the movie version on Amazon.

The Scottie News is still looking to find out more about the terriers (presumably, there was more than one) who played Fala.

Other Scottish Terriers on the internet

From Actress Ida Lupino with her two Scotties in the 1940s
From Actress Ida Lupino with her two Scotties in the 1940s

Stuart of the Scottie Chronicles, who celebrated his birthday yesterday, also visited the fanciest dog park ever earlier in the week. Happy slightly belated birthday, Stuart!
A Scottish Terrier named Gyp figures in some sad World War II reminiscesalthough the dog’s story is comparatively happy.

There are updates to yesterday’s story about the Scottish Terrier in the lawn commercial.

And there’s a new Scottie site in town. Its creative director Connie writes: “I co-author a blog with my sister about the Modern Scottie Dog. We are two sisters living in MN and CA, both passionate about our Scottie dogs, blogging, and photography. I have been a long time subscriber to the Scottish Terrier News and look forward to many more of your newsletters, I added a link to your site in the category of news. We are both passionate Scottie owners and hope through blogging to share the rich history of this breed and its owners. We hope you will share our blog with your followers too. We will soon be launching our website,, a lifestyle site for the modern family dog.”

If you have a Scottish Terrier website or event, let the Scottie News know and we’ll try to help publicize it.