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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you Scottish Terrier lovers

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I know the Scottie News hasn’t been coming your way as frequently as it did in the old days, but Sandra tells me she’s going to be writing more in the new year, which is great news.

I love her posts and insights into being a fur parent to Scottish Terriers.

So for all of you who’ve asked about what’s happened to your Scottish Terrier and Dog News newsletters, I hope that brings you some holiday cheer.

I would also like to apologize for any unanswered emails. I do mean to respond, but it’s been a crazy year. Please know that even if you don’t hear back, your notes to the Scottie News are always greatly appreciated.

Wishing you and your Scotties all the best for the holidays and 2015.

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Drama time at the Scottie News

Scottish Terrier reindeer
Ho Ho Ho. Is there nothing Sue’s creative husband can’t do?

December 2016 Update: Everyone, chill. Add some extra rum to your eggnog. Get a massage. Pet your dogs.

Back in 2013, a mixup occurred. Somehow Sue and her husband mysteriously got credit for Lorna’s husband’s Dave’s creation. And no, just in case any of you suspicious types decide to go there, Sue is not Lorna’s sister wife.

Shit happens. And how and why this happened will likely remain a mystery as it was thre long years ago, and no one noticed it until now.

The good news is that — despite the mixup — Dave might be willing to provide the pattern. Seems like Lorna and Dave have the Xmas spirit that some of the shoot-first commenters seem to be missing.

Thanks, Lorna. And apologies for whatever it was that caused credit not to be given where credit was due. My bad.

Grab your Scottish Terrier corkscrew and pour

Scottish Terrier bottle opener
We’ve had a bit of a booze theme going this week. There was the whiskey couple yesterday and, earlier, the scotch-swilling terrier from Boneland.
Scottish Terrier bottle opener
A Scottie tchotchke expert speculates this is a 1940s or 1950s “Black Forest” carved piece from Germany. Its glass eyes are a clue to its providence.
Scottish Terrier bottle opener
Note, the head doubles as a bottle pourer.

Cheers, and have a good weekend everyone. If you over indulge, have some Scottish Terrier toast for breakfast.

Cheers everyone, here’s to Scottie nostalgia!

Christmas picture of scottish terrier and west highland picture whiskey 1964
Is it just me or is it hard to imagine the Mad Men-esque couple pictured in this 1964 ad actually taking their Scottie and Westie dogs for a walk? They likely have a devoted housekeeper and gardener, a married couple, who hang with the dogs and take care of their daily needs.

Oh dear, now it looks like the couple were drinking and driving in a previous decade. How else to explain the open top in the middle of winter? Or perhaps it’s not even the same couple. While the woman could have updated her hairstyle, the car seems a bit too old fashioned for the fifties. What do you all think?

Flashback Friday: A Few Famous Scottish Terriers

Princess Victoria with Mac on board the 'Victoria and Albert III'
Princess Victoria with Mac on board the ‘Victoria and Albert III’

After much detective work, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News, has come to the conclusion that we erred when we identified this dog as the mysterious Laddie, and that Laddie and Mac are two entirely different terriers. We further suspect that, despite reports to the contrary, Laddie was not a Scottie.

Speaking of Brits, here’s miniature poodle guy Winston Churchill with Fala. And speaking of Fala, if you haven’t visited the fantastic FDR’s Fala Tumblr, you really need to head on over.

Screen shot 2013-12-13 at 1.39.46 PM

And finally, here’s actress Dorothy Lamour with a Scottie puppy. Lamour’s one of those actresses I think I should know more about, but then I look at her movie history and realize there’s a reason why I’ve never seen any of her films and just know her name. Basically, she had way better taste in dogs than movie scripts.


Hipster Scottish Terrier Update

After last week’s Scottie tattoo post, we received an email from Doogie about her tattoo:

As you can see, Fergus rocks the blue hawk so that was in the inspiration! It’s was taken from an actual picture of him to match the style of my doxies. (There’s a chihuahua on the back…:)

Here are the visuals:

Anime Ferg
Shaven with blue mohawk
Doesn’t that tattoo look a bit like a Bull Terrier?

Fergus wasn’t always such a hipster. In fact, he adopted the look after appearing on Dog Shaming last year.

Here’s another hipster Scottie:

Scottish Terrier sports goatee
A goatee is a non-traditional look for a Scottie

Do your love your Scottie enough to get a tattoo?

I don’t but a lot of people on Facebook do. Here’s a look at some of the tatts on display in one of the Scottish Terrier groups. They’ll let you you join if you ask nicely.

Scottish Terrier Tattoo
1) This Scottish Terrier Tattoo is about as basic as it gets.
Basic Scottish Terrier Tattoo
2) Then there’s this: a simple black Scottish Terrier tattoo with a cartoonish style. Credit: GROOVart by design
Screen shot 2013-12-06 at 2.10.02 PM
3) A more traditional look
Scottish Terrier with bone tattoo
4) Ouch! A whole lot more needle work here
Scottish Terrier Tattoo
5) Colour!
Scottish Terrier Tattoo
6) A sexy Scottie tattoo
Screen shot 2013-12-06 at 2.05.41 PM
7) Another sexy one

I’ve put in requests for other people tattooed with Scotties to come forth and show them to the Scottish Terrier and Dog News, and discuss the ouch factor for those who, unlike me, might be interested in some permanent body art.

And number five, that’s an arm — right?