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RIP India, sister to Scotties Barney and Miss Beasley

India, the feline sister of President Bush’s Scottish Terriers, has died at the age of 18. She’s shown above with Miss Beasley.

In its obituary, the Houston Chronicle wrote:

It’s hard being a cat in a dog’s world.

The Bush family’s 18-year-old cat India, who died Sunday at the White House, was overshadowed by the first family’s high-profile (and high maintenance) Scottish terriers.

Barney had the Barney Cam, a publicity-generating machine that his feline cousin couldn’t match. Miss Beazley had the affection of the first lady and always got good press.

Bad boy Barney made worldwide headlines by biting a Reuters reporter in the Rose Garden. India never made CNN, Fox News or YouTube, choosing instead to nap under the nearest bed.

India — named in honor of a Texas Rangers baseball star, Ruben “El Indio” Sierra — even earned several aliases (or, should we say, presidential nicknames), including “Kitty” and “Willie.” But unlike Barney and Miss Beazley, she remained in the shadows of a dog-dominated White House.

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Can a Scottish Terrier be best friends with a cat?

For nine years we had a horrible cat named Fonzie who was given to us under false pretenses. Even though I am a cat lover, I could find nothing to love about this cat other than the fact that in the almost-decade he spent at our house, he caught two mice. Fonzie also bullied Bridget the Scottie dog mercilessly even though she desperately wanted to make friends with him. And his taunting sessions almost always ended in ear-splitting yapping.
Unlike, the cats and dogs in my past who had always learned to get along — eventually — with Fonzie and Bridget, the situation went from bad to worse over the two years they lived together.

Last summer I was finally lucky enough to find a good home for Fonzie in the country. I waved farewell and have barely looked back since.

When we took over our new house, the owner’s two cats stayed on temporarily, but they too could not conceal their contempt for Bridget and drove her bonkers so it with complete awe that I watch this video of a sweet quiet Scottish Terrier named Kelly and her cat BFF, Smokey. (After 75 seconds, it’s Smokey solo)

Not mention this video filled with more cats and dogs who are best friends forever.

Where oh where did we go wrong? Will Bridget ever be able to befriend a cat?

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Cats Frustrate Scottish Terriers

Scottie News loves the expression on the cats’ faces as the new interloper in their house barks at them.

Here at the Scottish Terrier and Dog News, we also have a cat, a very unfriendly feline who was given to us under false pretences many years ago and has definitely not improved with age. Even cat lovers like myself do not love Fonzie, who absolutely detests Bridget and sends her into barking frenzies and then swats her viciously.

In the past, all our cats and dogs eventually learned to get along and even like each other but the current two are sworn enemies for life. It’s like living with the Hatfields and the McCoys.

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Scottie News will defend a cat

Yesterday we noted the evidence against Princess was pretty slim.

Today, we’re happy to report that others agree. First there are those that think that even if the cat did do it, it’s humans who are ultimately to blame. Asks blogger Kathy Hand: “What about the idiot homeowner who went to sleep with a kerosene lantern burning with pets in the house??” What indeed.

Then, there are the hardcore cat lovers who can’t see the cat as anything but unsung hero: “The cat lit her tail on fire so she could show the dog and the owner the way out of the house to safety,” theorizes one.

And finally, there are those who go places the Scottie News never so much as considered:

Something just doesn’t click in this story. If nothing else, I find it really odd that a kerosene lamp was left burning in the kitchen while this person either went to bed for the night or, at the very least, fell asleep on a sofa or recliner. For that matter, I find it a bit unusual for a kerosene lamp to be in use inside a home to begin with … as ‘krysking’ has pointed out, we live in a world where electricity lights our lives except when we’re camping or such.

And it’s awfully convenient, too, that this guy’s family just happened to be away when the fire was started. As the only person on the premises, it would be a piece of cake for this fella to get the pets out of the house, knock over a lighted kerosene lamp and dial 911 once the house was fully involved in the fire. I wonder what the insurance value of that property might have been, and whether the building was in poor condition and needing expensive repair work that would have cost more than it would have been worth.