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Westie Wednesday is selfie time

By now, you may have heard that the Oxford English Dictionary named “selfie” the word of the year for 2013.

Since it’s Wednesday, we’ll start with some selfies with West Highland Terriers.

selfies with West Highland Terriers
See the full-sized versions on Flickr by clicking the photo.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on to the important stuff. Did the gal above on the left remind you of anyone?

Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 8.52.16 PM
What does an aspiring dog media magnate look like when she selfies?

There’s also another Scottie selfie of this crazy dog lady back when she was investigating the Congressional Scottish Terrier scandal in 2007.

But the absolutely most adorable ever “Selfie with Scottie” award goes to the very photogenic Mirela:

Pierre Scottish Terrier
Mirela takes the best Scottish Terrier selfie ever!

Below is her super handsome and impeccably groomed t-shirt model, Pierre. For more eye candy, head on over to Mirela’s Scottie website:

Pierre Scottish Terrier
An old fashioned non-self portrait. Perfect ending.

Batcat reminds Scottie News of Scottish Terrier Batmen

We used to have a black cat at the Scottie News world headquarters, but he never ever would have tolerated this.

This wonderful viral photo of Batcat reminded the Scottie News of some Terrier Batmen that we’ve featured in the past.

Here’s Gimli in April 2012 looking far more macho than in his kilt:

Scottie dressed as Batman

And here are Mollie the Scottie as Robin and Max the Westie as the caped crusader. Over the years, these two have had some fabulous Halloween costumes.

P1010841, originally uploaded by snosnam.
As they say in Gotham City, Holy Cuteness. Or, if you prefer,  Och!

Scottish Terrier Book Club: The Scotties Learn About Respect

Scottish Terrier Books: The Scotties Learn About Respect
Join the Scottish Terrier Book Club

Reader Stephanie Robinson sent along a copy of her new book, The Scotties Learn about Respect, earlier this year.

It’s a fun children’s book with a gentle lesson about treating others well and respecting their feelings. Cute illustrations, too. The Scottie News recommends it for Scottish Terrier book collectors, parents and dog lovers.

Read more about Scottish Terrier books.

Get yourself some Scottie artwork

Kirmse Scotties

The William Secord Gallery in New York is pleased to present for sale over 60 etchings and original pencil drawings depicting Scottish Terriers by the renowned animal artist, Marguerite Kirmse (1885-1954).

Born in Bournemouth, England in 1885, Kirmse studied both music and art before moving to America where she developed her talent for the visual arts, creating drawings, pastels and oil paintings. Her love of dogs and her artistic talent were a winning combination and by the 1910’s she had established herself as an important canine artist.

Kirmse’s love for the Scottish Terrier was solidified when she met and later married George W. Cole in 1924. Cole was an avid Scottish Terrier fancier and for a time the president of The Scottish Terrier Club of America. Their Tobermory Kennels bred and exhibited many different breeds including Airedales, Irish Terriers, English Setters, Pointers, and of course Scottish Terriers.

To view this new collection of Scottish Terriers etchings and drawings, please click here.

To view the entire collection of works by Marguerite Kirmse that are available for purchase click here.

Thanks to Monica for spotting this and sending it along.

See more Scottish Terrier art.

A Valentine from the Scottie News

Happy Valentine’s Day, Scottish Terrier lovers. We’re celebrating by bringing one of our most romantic posts ever back into the spotlight.

What else? I met a couple of Scottie News readers at the Westminster breed judging, in the online chat session. It worked beautifully so I was disappointed when the live streaming of the Best in Show didn’t happen on Tuesday evening. The disappointment was tempered, however, by the fact that it was highly unlikely a Scottie would win, given Sadie’s crowning just three years ago.

In any case the winner was :

Scottish Terrier Lomondview Clementina aka Phoebe

GCH Lomondview Clementina
Sex: Bitch
AKC: RN 18902901
Date of Birth: June 13, 2005
Breeder: Carol Annan
Sire: Raglan Royal Connecton With Brio
Dam: Lomondview Clementine
Owner: John & Daphne Eggert

Phoebe — that’s her nickname — is a repeat winner, having taken the Scottie crown in 2012 as well. Here’s our past coverage of her naughty ways. Scottie News notes that Lomondview Clementina is not getting any younger so may be retiring from the ring and making way for some new talent soon.

Finally, I’ve fixed the newsletter link for favourite Scottish Terrier books on Amazon, which was broken. Happy reading.

Scottie dog Monopoly token could use cat companion

Monopoly token
Wait, wasn’t the Scottie supposed to be replaced with a Labradoodle? What happened, Hasbro?

Colour the Scottie News confused. Way back in 2006, Hasbro was reported to have made a wrong-headed move, supposedly in keeping with the times, and replaced its Scottie Dog Monopoly token with a Labradoodle.

As far as we can tell, however, that never actually happened. The Scottie Dog got an unpublicized reprieve and stuck around to see Hasbro try to change its Monopoly tokens once again.

Until February 5, the public can vote on which token Hasbro absolutely must keep and which new token it should introduce. So far, the Scottie is well ahead of the pack with its future as a game token pretty much guaranteed.

Monopoly Token Vote
Does anyone really find these results surprising?

Unless there’s a last minute surge of iron supporters, that means Scottie News readers can focus on what the new token should be. Let’s shake things up and vote for the cat.

You can buy a Monopoly game on Amazon

Scottie sightings from California to Europe

I saw this commercial, featuring a Scottie holiday sweater, earlier this month. How did Scottish Terriers get dragged into the sweater jokes, the Scottie News would like to know.

Domingo sighted this handball wall at a school in Orange County, CA.

Scottie handball wall
Well, at least he won’t run after your balls.

And the sign below is from Danielle Shroeder, who spotted it on vacation in Italy. Just kidding — that would be Germany where it’s verboten to take your Scottish Terrier up the mountain.

German Scottie