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Scottish Terrier Book Club: The Scotties Learn About Respect

Scottish Terrier Books: The Scotties Learn About Respect
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Reader Stephanie Robinson sent along a copy of her new book, The Scotties Learn about Respect, earlier this year.

It’s a fun children’s book with a gentle lesson about treating others well and respecting their feelings. Cute illustrations, too. The Scottie News recommends it for Scottish Terrier book collectors, parents and dog lovers.

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Scottish Terrier Book Recommendation: Dogs of War by Kathleen Kinsolving


Reader Kathleen Kinsolving was nice enough to send me a copy of her recent book Dogs of War: The Stories of FDR’s Fala, Patton’s Willie, and Ike’s Telek. Fala and Telek, of course, are Scotties while Willie is another kind of terrier.

It’s a sweet little hardcover book that would make a great gift for the Scottish Terrier lovers in your life, including yourselves if you choose to go the self-gifting route.

What especially impressed me is that Kathleen turned up some great famous Scottie photos that I haven’t seen before. (Forgive the quality as I had to photograph it myself to reproduce here.) Were any of you familiar with this one of Fala getting ready for his close-up with the White House press corps?

And while we’re on the subject of Scottish Terrier literature, here’s an old post on Scottie books for kids and, if you’ve got time, the entire archive of book posts past.

Sunday reading: Recommended Scottie dog books for children

Along with Marjorie Flacks’s Angus series, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News recommends these three books. Thanks to Latham of Mucklewags for bringing the first two to our attention. The third, Come Back Puppies, was a favourite of mine and my daughter’s back when she was little.

Mr. Davies and the Baby by Charlotte VoakeMr. Davies and the Baby by Charlotte Voake is available on Amazon. (Click the image)

A Day in the Life of Murphy by Alice ProvensonA Day in the Life of Murphy by Alice Provenson is available on Amazon. (Click the image)

Come Back Puppies by Jan OrmerodCome Back, Puppies/a Hide-And-Seek Book With See-Through Pages by Jan Ormerod is available on Amazon. (Click the image)

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Australian Scottish Terriers celebrate writer’s birthday

Scotty in Gumnut Land by May GibbsA North Sydney newspaper reports:

Every year on January 15, Scotty dogs become a familiar sight trotting along Wallaringa Ave in Neutral Bay to be special guests at the party at Nutcote.

It is reminiscent of (Author May) Gibbs’s heyday when she was a familiar sight shopping at Neutral Bay with her dogs perched on the back seat of her 1920s Dodge Tourer.

Nutcote, where Gibbs lived for 44 years, hosts the birthday party each year.

Whoa, wait, May Gibbs, who? Should the Scottish Terrier and Dog News know about her? Apparently, she’s one of Australia’s top children’s authors, known for gumnut baby stories, the most famous of which is Snugglepot And Cuddlepie. But she was also a Scottish Terrier lover and breeder, which explains how there came to be a Scotty in Gumnut Land.

Has anybody out there read it?

Dog books and movies on Amazon

Buy a Kindle or the new Kindle Fire at Amazon and enjoy dog books and movies in a fantastically convenient new format. Plus, the Scottie News gets a commission — at no cost to you — if you make your purchase after clicking one of our links.

The Scottie News can personally vouch for the Kindle — now available for just $79, although we prefer the more expensive models with built-in 3G, which allow you to impulse buy a book no matter where you are and whether there’s wifi or not. What can we say? We lack self control, which is why we plan on getting a Fire eventually as well.

If you do indeed opt to buy any one of these hot new gadgets, you’ll want to browse the Harry and Lola books. Their author, Jean Nave of Sisters, Oregon, writes:

My husband and I rescued a bonded pair of Scotties from the Oregon rescue group In the process we learned about the financial crisis the organization is having. I wanted to help. As a result I’ve written and Illustrated several kids books that are free downloads at The purpose of the books is to help people learn about Aberdeen Scottish Terrier Rescue and all Scottie rescue.

You can also buy the Harry and Lola books here and the profits will go to Scottie Rescue. If that’s not a good enough reason to gift yourself a new gadget, you’re a far stronger person than I am.

Dog by Matthew Van Fleet: Recommended by the Scottish Terrier News

Dog by Matthew Van Fleet
The author has a pug, which explains the place of honour on the cover

Dog, the book, is one of the two presents I give to parents of new babies. I love it almost as much as I love this video. Every time I look at both the book and the video, I get a huge kick out of them.

I know that others prefer Tails to Dog but not me. The only tiny quibble I have with Dog is that there’s no Scottish Terrier.

P.S. They’re talking about The Incredible Journey on the radio now so I’m also including links to the book and various DVD versions since it’s on topic. As a kid, I loved this version, which doesn’t appear to be available any more.

Scottie News Book Club – Urban Dog: The Adventures of Parker

Urban Dog by Will Cohu

I haven’t read Urban Dog, but whenever I used to run into the owner of two Cairns in my old neighbourhood, he’d always recommend it. What’s more, a reader recently sent in a photo of his rescue dog Maggie and wrote, “Unlike Will Cohu’s Parker, she is a country girl preferring farm yard smells, walks along country lanes and visits to our two local market towns of Clitheroe and Skipton.”

Somehow I’ve never associated country girls with black leather loungers, but I guess they’re good camouflage if a country hunter invades your living room.

Maggie the country girl also appreciates leather loungers

Here’s a sample Will Cohu column about Parker going missing from London’s Daily Telegraph. You can also look inside Urban Dog at Amazon.

This is week two of the Scottie News Book Club.