Scottish Terrier clothes and costumes


We used to have a black cat at the Scottie News world headquarters, but he never ever would have tolerated this.

This wonderful viral photo of Batcat reminded the Scottie News of some Terrier Batmen that we’ve featured in the past.

Here’s Gimli in April 2012 looking far more macho than in his kilt:

Scottie dressed as Batman

And here are Mollie the Scottie as Robin and Max the Westie as the caped crusader. Over the years, these two have had some fabulous Halloween costumes.

P1010841, originally uploaded by snosnam.
As they say in Gotham City, Holy Cuteness. Or, if you prefer,  Och!


Scottish Terrier in red tartan

Help Scottie News trace this photo

The staff of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News has spotted this photo on several Tumblrs, but we can’t seem to locate the orignal.

Based on past history, we suspect Gabie is a Russian Scottish Terrier.

Can anyone find the original photo and not just a reblogged version?

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It turns out that Arlo, the fashionable hipster Scottie featured last week, was also the good natured guy at the dog park. To bring all these threads together, here’s a runway video of handsome Arlo.


Scottish Terrier participates in Haute Dog Fashion Show

Only a true fashionisto would sport a flashy red cowboy hat with a traditional plaid coat

The San Francisco News Times reports: “Arlo, a Scottish Terrier, sports a clan tartan in wool fleece. This tartan plaid is fringed for a couture look and the Highland Sheriff of Nottingham is pistol-packing and punctuating the look is a red wool cowboy hat. He is Bonnie McGregor and Rich Chamber’s dog. Haute Dog SF a fashion show of San Francisco’s fashion aware dogs held Friday February 3, 2012 at the San Francisco Design Center. The show included 60+ dogs taking to the runway to strut their stuff. The event was a benefit for Canine Companions.”


Anyone known whose team jersey Felipe is wearing? Somehow he doesn’t seem like the football hooligan type.


Scottish Terrier in kilt with bagpipes

Bagpipes for Scottie dogs -- fashion do or don't?

A few weeks back we posted a photo of a very handsome Wheaten Scottish Terrier dressed in traditional garb for Halloween. Many readers inquired where they could buy a similar outfit and, in response,  two other readers suggested Puppy dog Plaids. With the holidays edging ever closer and many Scottie peeps looking to decorate their dogs along with their houses, we thought we’d delve back into the archives to remind everybody of basic doggie fashion dos and don’ts.

Frankly, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News prefers the minimalist look of the Scottie below. Other examples are shown here and here.

Better Homes and Gardens Scottish Terrier cover

And, finally, here is our primer on kilt wearing for dogs, originally drawn up for Robbie Burns day, but just as relevant for Christmas and New Year’s festivities.



A pair of Scottish Terrier Ninjas

Impossible to resist -- even on November 5

Scottish Ninja Terr-tles by anitamombanita on flickr

Okay, we know we swore we’d posted our last Halloween photo, but who could resist these Scottish Ninja Terr-tles? Not the Scottie News, it seems.


Dartagnan with pumpkins

Dartagnan the agility champ opts for an understated yet festive Halloween look

Dartagnan standing up

Is Dartagnan tricking for a treat?

Once again, Dartagnan shows he knows how to party.


Angus dressed for HalloweenAdorable Angus, Bridget’s half brother,  goes minimalist for his first Halloween. He’s hanging out with a human princess so he doesn’t want to upstage her while, at the same time, he must be suitably attired.

Many of you were curious about this other Scottie’s tartan outfit and bagpipes so maybe Angus’ peeps will let us know where he got his accessories.

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Scottish Terrier Scarlett dressed as a Halloween pumpkin

But it doesn't show off my tiny waist!

Scottish Terrier Scarlett O’Hara dresses up as Scarlett O’Lantern. Scottie News wonders if her peeps ripped up some curtains to put this ensemble together.

Halloween Scottish Terrier Fire ChiefMeanwhile, Maisie opted for a fire chief costume.

Both girls look a bit like they’ve seen a ghost.

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