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Your Scottish Terrier deserves something suitable to wear both for special occasions and at the dog park.

Scottish Terrier dons elegant wedding attire

A recently featured “you might also like” post dealt with two female Scotties who served as wedding flower puppies. It reminded me of another Scottish Terrier wedding, the details of which have been sitting in my email box forever.

So because it really is better late than never, here are the wedding photos. The bride wrote:

I love reading your blog and seeing all of the pictures of the adorable Scotties! My very own scottish terrier was in our bridal party this weekend, looking very dapper in his shirt collar and bow tie.

I have attached some photos of Bentley (age 5) all dressed up and in the wedding. Having him stand up with us was one of the best decisions we ever made.

Scottish Terrier Bentley joins the wedding party

A simple collar and bow tie works well for wedding dogs
A simple collar and bow tie works well for wedding dogs

Belated congratulations from the Scottish Terrier News.

A note to Australian readers

To all of you down under:

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News has been meaning to write something about those awful floods for a while now. Please note our thoughts are with you.

I’ve especially been wondering about these fancy Brisbane Scotties. Back last summer, their owner wrote:

They are the original and only official Scottiish Terrier Mascots for a pipe band in Australia.
I design and make all of their costumes, which are their official ustumes for this job.
By the way – before “anonymous” only has time to whinge – “they are NOT pom poms” – they are a group of very fine feathers!!!!
These costumes take quite some time to put together as there are some built in extras, in case of design theft!!!!
In any case – I do the very best I can with what is available to me, and I do search far and wide!!

Let’s hope those costumes stayed dry.

Six degrees of Scottish Terrier separation

Devil Scottish Terrier

Today I received an email from Marie, owner of the Scottie devil dog. She wrote:

Attached is a photo of Connor all dressed up in his Halloween finery. It is not really a costume, but his alter ego suit. As a great breeder once said to me, be careful what you name could come true. Well Connor must be Gaelic for TROUBLE…because he is, but we would not trade him for anything.

By the way, he is the son of mom of the litter of the six Scotties in the Uncle Sherman video. Makes him half brother to all those crazy puppies.

The Uncle Sherman video is one of the Scottie News‘ all time favourites and an Oscar award winner to boot. Any excuse to play it again. Needless to say, Connor, all his siblings and Uncle Sherman totally rock.

Degrees of separation to Sherman? One-two!!!

Get your Scottie dogs ready for Halloween

Halloween Scotties with pumpkins

Okay, now that Canadian Thanksgiving and Columbus Day are behind us, it’s time to get set for the next holiday — and it’s a biggie here at the Scottish Terrier and Dog News, where photos of costumed Scotties are a perennial hit. Get inspired by checking out our Halloween archives to see Scottish Terriers dressed as bees, Elvis, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz and Kentucky Fried chickens. (Thanks to Kathy and her dogs for getting us in the mood)