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Scottish Terriers in their native habitat no matter what country it is.

Lucky Scottish Terriers at the beach

Black and wheaten Scottish Terriers at the beach
Wish you were here

Reader Alejandra writes:

It was always a dream of mine to take my dogs to the beach and watch them have fun and run all over the place.
This weekend, we finally did!!
We went just for the day to see if they liked it and , well they loved it!!

The staff at the Scottie News world headquarters is very envious as we’ve been wanting to go to Costa Rica forever. For now, we’ll live vicariously at the Scottish Pepper blog. But maybe, next year, we’ll actually go.

Lifestyles of rich and famous Scottish Terriers cont’d

Earlier this week, the Scottish Terrier News featured exclusive video of two Scotties living the high life in Brazil. This weekend, we travel to the Swiss Alps where the celebrated Scottie athlete Hitchcock resides with his clan. Strap on your hiking boots everybody. And if, like me, you don’t have any let’s ask Scottie trainer and hiker extraordinaire, Bettina, to recommend a good pair.

A note to Australian readers

To all of you down under:

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News has been meaning to write something about those awful floods for a while now. Please note our thoughts are with you.

I’ve especially been wondering about these fancy Brisbane Scotties. Back last summer, their owner wrote:

They are the original and only official Scottiish Terrier Mascots for a pipe band in Australia.
I design and make all of their costumes, which are their official ustumes for this job.
By the way – before “anonymous” only has time to whinge – “they are NOT pom poms” – they are a group of very fine feathers!!!!
These costumes take quite some time to put together as there are some built in extras, in case of design theft!!!!
In any case – I do the very best I can with what is available to me, and I do search far and wide!!

Let’s hope those costumes stayed dry.

Two Scottish Terriers from Bahrain

This is definitely not the type of beach where you need a coat in the middle of summer. I guess it’s one of the perks enjoyed by Scottie expats like Zorro and Zeeka who make their home in Bahrain. I once met a guy who had brought his Scottish Terrier along to the middle east and he got by by taking the dog for two long walks — one early in the morning and one late at night.

Ja wohl! Hitchcock the Scottie makes it to international agility competition representing Switzerland

Athletic and privileged Swiss Scottish Terrier Hitchcock, whose talent has been showcased on the Scottie News before, will be competing for Switzerland in the European Open in July.

He is the first Scottish Terrier ever to represent his country in an international competition. According to the Zuercher Unterlaender newspaper, Scotties’ short legs make it as hard for them to beat other breeds at agility contests as it is for a plowhorse to win a horse race. Hitch’s owner and coach Bettina Stemmler says, however, “Hitch is an exceptional dog who loves to compete.” Even if winning this and other competitions would be difficult, above all, she just wants to have fun.

Rest assured the Scottish Terrier and Dog News will be cheering for you.