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Scottish Terriers in their native habitat no matter what country it is.

Calling all Singapore Scottish Terrier owners

Sheryl in Singapore wants to know if anyone has any tips on where she can find a Wheaten Scottie. She writes:

Your scottish terrier website is absolutely wonderful and really pays tribute to scottie dogs and their lovely owners everywhere. 🙂 My scottie and I hail all the way from sunny Singapore and we enjoy the website immensely.

We’re currently considering getting a wheaten scottie as well but scottie breeders and owners seem to be quite rare in Singapore! If you could put a little shout-out on your website for scottie owners in Singapore to email me, it would be really great. 🙂

Anyway, here are some photos of my 4-year old black beauty, Abbey. It would be a real treat if you could feature her on the site too! Abbey was re-homed into our family in Feb this year. I doubt if you can tell from these photos but Abbey arrived to us in terrible condition – her hair was falling out in big bunches, she was grossly overweight, and in desperate need of 2 baths and a haircut.

Yes, that really is Abbey above. Looks like Sheryl should consider running some type of rehab clinic. Here’s her address if you know anything about the availability of wheaten Scotties in southeast Asia or if you need a good dog spa:

Russian Scottish Terriers need wardrobe guidance

Can anyone explain why these Russian Scotties are dressed like this? After all, I’m Canadian and we don’t feel the need to outfit our terriers in pajama like outdoor garb — even in winter.

What’s going on?

Curioser and curioser. We’ve discovered another video by the same cinematographer.

We’re sure that that infamous closeted poodle-lover, Vladimir Putin, would not approve given he doesn’t even like Scottish Terriers without coats.

Update: We now have official word from the cinematographer. As some of our wise commenters figured out, the Russian Scotties are indeed show dogs, wearing those coats to protect them from requent rain as they prepare for competition.

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In Switzerland, a Scottie agility champ is born

It seems like the Swiss take their dog agility training as seriously as their mountain climbing, muddy hiking boots and all.

Hitchcock appears to be related to Flash, whose athletic prowess has also been showcased on the Scottie News.

Venus and Serena, look out!

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Tribute to a Romanian Scottish Terrier

The Scottie News‘ main question is why Alma the dog’s cat companion seems to be stuck in permanent kittenhood. Do you think it was given the same kind of puberty-delaying drugs they used to give to all those Romanian gymnasts? Is it the Nadia Comaneci of cats? A perfect 10?

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Two globetrotting Scottish Terriers and video stars

Boone and Kenzie of Scottie Tails put up a new video in July, which we somehow managed to miss. Oh well, better late than never. And we haven’t seen the Dark Knight yet either.

Here’s the Scottie Newsall time favourite Scottie Tails’ video.

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