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Tales of rescues Scottish Terriers for people who want to get one or just have a good cry.

Support Scottie Rescue in Florida

Scottie Friends write:

Three great events to attend to support Scottie Rescue

Everyone is welcome so load up and bring your family and friends!!! A great excuse to visit Beautiful Florida and help out those Scotties in need.

Pass The Word.

January 19, 10 am – 2 pm.
Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast will have a booth at the
4th Annual “Parade of Rescues ”
For more info. Visit Facebook and Pet Supplies, 7331 Park Blvd., Pinellas, FL

Saturday February 23rd, 2013

Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast will have a booth at the “Northeast Florida Scottish Games Festival

At the Clay County Fair grounds, in beautiful Green Cove Springs, Florida @ 2497 State Road 16 West. The festival will begin at 9 AM and run until 10PM.

Saturday, March 2nd, 2013

Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast will have a booth at the “Celebration of Pets 2013” event on Saturday, March 2, 2013 at Sarasota County Fairgrounds.
You can learn more about this Celebration at
Thanks for your time and attention.


Bravehart the Scottish Terrier

Two rescue Scottish Terriers are available in U.S.

The first Scottie is inWyoming. The post was on Craig’s List which will likely get taken down soon as they don’t allow pet sales or even giveaways. Scottie News has reproduced it:

i have a dog that was given to me and i need to find him a home he is a pure breed Scottie terrier. he is around 6 years old current on shots chipped ect gets along with other dogs and cats . this boy just needs a home . i can not keep him i all ready have 3 dogs . so if you want a sweet furry baby please call 307-358-1121 thank you

The second Scottie, Braveheart, is in New Jersey with the Helping Animals Rescue Team. Here’s his story:

Bravehart the Scottish Terrier
Looks like a good grooming job to the Scottie News

My name is BraveHart and i was brought to a kill shelter by my own family. They didnt want me anymore. So a rescue who was at the shelter took me to get my shots up to date and test me for heartworms. Im negative by the way! I am really good in the car and i like to have my head out the window with the wind blowing in my hair. My hair was all knotted up so when i got groomed they had to shave off my Scottie cut except for my beard. But i feel much better now. My family did not brush me at all. I was very good for the groomer, even when she cleaned the goo off my face and found i had a little sore that was irritating me. I dont really like getting my legs shaved or my nails done. But i tolerate it. Im bossy with big dogs, so i curl my lip at them. But smaller dogs i sniff and hop around. I was really good for the vet and didnt bite. In fact with all the prodding and poking, shaving, bathing and examining i was so very good. I like people very much.

I was not abandoned for behavior problems. I guess my family just didnt want to feed and groom me anymore. They said i was three years old. The vet said i look closer to 5 but i could have just had a rough first three years.

I would like a home that wont abandon me.

Morgan: A Scottish Terrier rescue story

Morgan, a rescue Scottish Terrier
From puppy mill to calendar girl

Angela writes:

Morgan was my first foster from St. Louis Scottish Terrier Rescue. I fell in love with her on sight in the back of the van that transported her and 6 other Scotties from a Missouri puppy mill. I could not adopt her immediately as she had a nasty UTI that took a month of antibiotics to tame so she couldn’t get spayed. It’s a good thing–she was pregnant with 6 puppies!

Besides enduring her 6 puppies for 10-12 weeks (in the mill, they’re pulled between 4-6 weeks old or whenever they are weaned) she has also been a foster sister to 15 Scotties & 1 Westie. I dog sit occasionally and Morgan does reasonably well with non-terrier dogs. Hey, she’s a natural born boss!

She is the happiest around other dogs; Morgan was in dog heaven at last year’s Door County Scottie Rally. She still has issues with people in general, especially men. Morgan sees my grandmother at least twice a week, and after almost 2 years, finally took a bone from grandma’s hand last week.

Thank you for posting such wonderful pictures & stories–I really enjoy the site!

  • Angela, Lady Morgan & foster Flynn & guest Riley (Morgan’s 4th born)
  • Always my special Angel WHWT HRH Ralph Henry, Rainbow Bridge 3-09-10
  • My first Diehard forever, Boomer, Rainbow Bridge 6-18-09, Foster mama to 18

Thanks, Angela for all your hard work and sharing your stories.

Rescue Scottish Terriers in the southeast US

Last Sunday we showed video of some very lucky Scotties enjoying a birthday party. Three of the dogs were rescues from Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast (formerly known as Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Carolinas) so we headed over to their site to find some feel-good rescue tales and, sure enough, we hit paydirt with the story of 10-year-old Mac:

Mac: A 10-year-old rescue Scottish Terrier
A handsome older gentleman

Mac had belonged to someone who surely must have loved him. But health problems led his owner to put him in an outdoor pen, with no care or human interaction other than a neighbor’s daily feeding. He was filthy, overweight and suffering from skin issues and an ear infection. Mercifully, he found his way into Rescue. By the time I knew of him, Mac’s medical conditions had been treated, he had been neutered, and he was getting along well with the other dogs in his foster-family’s home.

When I met Mac, he kissed my nose. I was instantly charmed. Little did I know then that he is not a kisser!

If you can’t get enough of rescue Scotties, here’s video showing more of the dogs rescued by this group:

New York Stories of Scottish Terrier Rescue

MacDougal the rescue Scot
MacDougal the rescue Scot

The Scottish Terrier Club of Greater New York has updated its rescue page. You’ll find plenty of new Happy endings including this one:

7 Year old MacDougal came to us from PA when his owner lost his sight and became unable to take care of himself or MacDougal anymore. His son and daughter in law were instrumental in getting him safely into STCGNY Rescue. Very shy, he’d been sheltered with the elderly man as his owner, so he needed some time to adjust to being in foster with new people and other dogs. After being neutered and having some overlooked medical care attended to, the gentle MacDougal went to his new home in Providence, Rhode Island with 2 brothers who are carpenters, and their female scottie Sandy. He’s doing very well and very happy to have a sister, and just what these brothers were looking for. Thank you to Judi Dahl for all the driving to pick him up and drop him off, and for fostering him.

Read more about Scottish Terrier rescue.