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Tales of rescues Scottish Terriers for people who want to get one or just have a good cry.

Coping with a high-energy rescue Scottie

Angee the energetic rescue Scottish TerrierRead the multi-part story of Angee, the rescue Scottish Terrier, at Scotty Rescue News:

Taking Angee for a walk can be both a joy and a trying experience. Though she is much better about the leash aggressive behavior, she is still a handful on walks because she is so energetic and fit. Last Tuesday we took her on a 6 mile hike in the forest, climbing just over a thousand feet of elevation. With all the rain and wind and slippery slopes, we were pretty tired when we got back, but Angee wasn’t even phased. Her instincts are such that she managed to stick her nose into every mound of fresh turned soil on both sides of the trail for the entire three hours of the hike. She even managed to take some skin off the top of her snout while rooting in the soil for whatever was living in that earth. (Oh yeah, Angee is quite the digger). It rained the entire hike but nothing bothered Angee. She was ready to go for her daily neighborhood walk the moment we got home.

Get Dearge’s St. Louis Scottish Terrier Rescue 2012 Calendar

2012 Scottish Terrier rescue calendar

Scottie News has featured Dearge‘s Scottish Terrier art on several occasions. Now, it’s also available in a 2012 calendar done for St. Louis Scottish Terrier rescue. (See more on Facebook.)

The creation of the calendar is an interesting techie tale:

It was created entirely through online collaboration. A shared document was created within Google Docs. Copy and descriptions were created, amended and rewritten until everyone was happy. Photos were posted, viewed and shared in a similar manner. Conference calls were held on Skype.

Using these free online services meant that everyone had input in real time, the document could be viewed at any time with changes being viewed by everyone as they were made.
When all the components were approved, the calendar was created within Costco’s online PhotoCenter. Again, everyone was able to view the document as it was being assembled. Changes, adjustments and tweaks were immediate and visible to everyone in real time.

When the project was finished, a single proof copy was printed for the St. Louis Scottish Terrier Rescuers to look at for a week or two, just to make sure it was exactly what they wanted. Even though it was created in Jerome, Idaho, the proofing copy was printed for pickup at the Costco in St. Louise.

Finally, the 2012 calendar was moved into StLSTR’s PhotoCenter account. From there, they can print calendars as they are sold. They do not have to estimate how many are going to sell and print hundreds of copies to get a deal.
As calendars orders are placed, more calendars are printed at Costco and mailed to the customer. They have the additional option to remotely print the calendar to any Costco location for local pickup by the customer.

What was demonstrated was a risk free (no money out-of-pocket) fund-raiser for a nonprofit. The collaboration used Google Docs. The live discussions used Skype. The prepress and proofing of the design was done through Costco’s PhotoCenter. Now, they can have print exactly as many calendars that as are needed, when they are needed.

A risk free fund-raiser for a nonprofit organization.

Get yours now for $20. Mail check payable to StLSTR, 7125 W. Florissant Ave, St. Louis MO 63136 OR PayPal link on website: www.StLouisScottieRescue.c​om (note: calendar) (include note with your return address–expect 2-3 weeks for delivery) $20 includes shipping to the continental USA.

And while you’re at it, why not read some St. Louis Rescue Happy Tails. Or check out our Scottish Terrier Rescue information.

Rescue Scottish Terriers may be available in B.C.

A reader writes:
Just dropped off my new Scottie pup for her spay this morning.  On the bulletin board in the vet’s office there was a notice about three registered Scotties from a breeder looking for rescue due to their owner’s health problems.  The kennel is in Surrey, BC.
I don’t know how old the notice is, but they had a 2 year old and a 3 year old female and a 3 year old male.  (I think).  Maybe someone posting on your page might be interested.

Scottish Terrier rescue news from across the pond

Britain’s Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme (STECS) has updated its rescue stories page and there is some sad news to report. Hamish Clegg, a prolific canine contributor to its website, has died of cancer. Here’s Hamish’s last story. His earlier tales can be found on the rescue stories page and he has also been featured on the Scottie News.

RIP, Hamish.

In happier news, STECS also posted Polly and Hannah’s story, narrated by Polly:

At the end of our journey we got out  of the car and were taken into this house and oh boy what a shock we got we were greeted by 2 rather loud and lively lads a Scottie like ourselves called Shadow and a White Westie guy called Charlie.  We had a look round it seemed to be ok, but Hannah and I were taking no chances and stayed together most of the night. I heard this woman say that because I was old which I am, I am 15 now she felt another move may upset me more than I was already and she was quite happy for us to stay here until dad came back for us, which was agreed and Aunty Viv came out to check we were in safe hands here.

Read the whole story complete with happy ending.

Two new tales of two rescue Scottish Terriers

A Home for Harry and Lola is a book about two rescue Scottish Terriers
A Home for Harry and Lola is a book about two rescue Scottish Terriers

Jean Nave of Sisters, Oregon writes:

My husband and I recently rescued a bonded pair of Scotties from the Oregon rescue group In the process we learned about the financial crisis the organization is having. I wanted to help. As a result I’ve written and Illustrated two kids books that are free downloads at The purpose of the books is to help people learn about Aberdeen Scottish Terrier Rescue and all Scottie rescue.

You can download the two books — A Home for Harry and Lola and Harry and Lola with Smoki the Magical Cat —  here or better yet buy them for 99 cents on your Kindle and the profits will go to Scottie Rescue. As I’ve said before, I love my Kindle so if you’ve been thinking of buying one, here’s a great reason to do it.

In southern Alberta, a rescue Scottish Terrier is available for adoption

Bang by wendy74ca

Pepper is a one-year-old Scottish Terrier.  Her owners were moving to a country where not only was there a very long flight, but a very long quarantine period.  They decided that would not be in Pepper’s best interest and regretfully surrendered her.

She is amazingly trained. She knows sit, down, shake a paw, play dead and roll over. And she will do these with the promise of just a toy as a reward. She does need a little help with “come”, but I found a squeaky toy does wonders!

Find out more at Windy City Canine Rescue in Lethbridge not Chicago.