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Scottish Terriers in the headlines.

Oh dear, cat acts heroically while Scottie snoozes

The Kawartha Times of Ontario, Canada reports:

FENELON FALLS – Carol Junkin never dreamed that a cat she adopted six months ago would alert her to a potentially life-threatening situation… Ms Junkin says Jack is “a very alert cat” but “not the in-your-face type.”

That changed early in the morning on May 17.

“It was about 5:30 a.m., and he was walking around my pillow. I was in a really deep sleep, so I wasn’t fully awake, and I shooed him away.”

But, Jack didn’t quit. The animal got back onto the bed and stood on Ms Junkin’s chest, pushing with his paws and putting his face close to hers until she came fully awake. Read more

Meanwhile, the dog slept through it all:

“I have a Scottish terrier, Bear, but he is old and he didn’t wake up,” she explained. “I think it’s just wonderful that a cat I haven’t had for very long did something like that; if it hadn’t been for him, I don’t know what would have happened.”

The Scottie News is just glad everyone’s safe and sound be they dog, cat or human. You’re our hero too, Jack.

Scottie Twitter stars

Scotties are on the leading edge of social networking.  There are Scotties with Twitter accounts that have quite a following.  Now Abby is wanting her own Facebook and Twitter accounts.  Should not have shown this to her 🙂

Check out the Twitter Scotties below:

1.  Fabio Tosi

Fabio Tosi
Fabio Tosi








2.  Indy and Lucy

Indy and Lucy
Indy and Lucy








3. Scottie Health Network

Scottie Health Network
Scottie Health Network








Check out Twitter for other Scottie stars!


Scottie Wins Best In Show at Crufts

Mirror Crufts 2015 Article
Mirror Crufts 2015 Article


Scottish Terrier Knopa won Best in Show at Crufts!  Crufts is one of the world’s biggest dog shows with over 20,000 dogs attending.  Picture the fun in the hotels with all the dogs!

However, some controversy ensued when her handler picked Knopa up by the tail. Because of this, over 70,000 signed a petition for her to have the award rescinded.

For the details, check out the article and see the video in the Mirror.

After watching the video, do you feel that this was something that the handler should be punished for? Let us know what you think.

Pet detective locates Scottish Terrier who fled car accident

Wheaten Scottish Terrier Doogie with his late sister Elly Mae.57 PM
Bittersweet: Doogie the Wheaten Scottie survived a bad car accident, but his sister didn’t. RIP, Elly Mae.

Doogie, a wheaten Scottish Terrier, went missing on September 27 after he, his Scottie sister and his humans were in a bad car accident. Sadly Elly Mae the Scottish Terrier did not make it, but Doogie’s peeps — Sam and Linda Davis — both recovered well and set about locating their missing dog:

Through social media, an extensive search began to locate the fluffy four-footed accident survivor.

“Thousands of people from all over the United States and some in Australia aided in the search for Doogie,” Linda Davis said.

A fundraiser was held for Doogie that raised $25,000 that paid for a pet detective who retraced Doogie’s steps from the accident scene.

After 23 days of searching by many rescue groups and volunteers, Doogie was finally located on Oct. 20.
It turns out the little white dog had been found by two farmers, Becton and Ross Bell, who live near the accident scene.

RIP, Elly Mae.
Missing Scottish Terrier is located

Alligator almost eats Scottie dog for breakfast

Giant alligator takes over porch
Notice the Scottie sculpture next to the pillar

ABC reports:

Diana Andrews opened the front door of the Hilton Head Island home she shares with her husband, Arthur, around 5:30 a.m. Saturday to take the couple’s Scottish Terrier for a walk. Instead, she found herself face-to-snout with an alligator.

“I was in bed and heard her open the door and then scream and then heard the door slam,” Arthur Andrews told “I went running out and looked outside.”

“The dog couldn’t have been two feet from the gator’s mouth when my wife grabbed him by his tail and pulled him back into the house, so she had to get that close too,” he said.

This story reminds the Scottie News of a Westie Wednesday almost two years ago when an older gentleman staged a daring rescue and saved his Westie from the jaws of a vicious alligator.

This week’s Scottish Terrier news

Let’s start with the snow. Like these two guys, Jake and Albert, my Bridget loves it.

As I mentioned in a previous post, Bridget goes au natural in the snow, but if you’re in the market for a dog coat, according to Amazon, this is its bestseller. It reminds me of the Ikea monkey’s outfit.

In other news, the cat did indeed win the Monopoly token contest and Scottie News readers could still use some helpful advice.

On a sadder topic, thousands visited President George W. Bush’s Facebook page to express their sympathies on the death of his Scottish Terrier Barney. Reader Wendy pointed out a set of Barney photos, the Scottie News had overlooked. We especially like these two:

Barney and the Royals
Barney and Miss Beazley meet Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.
Barney with kids
What a guy!