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How to groom a Scottish Terrier. Or how to find someone to groom your Scottish Terrier for you.

Scottie News reader seeks Tennessee groomer

A reader, with a Scottish Terrier in need of some styling, writes:

hey there, i was wondering. Do you have a list of good scottie groomers in TN? specifically around Nashville?

Can anyone help out?

Update: Reader Gayle wrote: “There is a groomer, Peggy Browne, who is a Scottie breeder.  She lives near Franklin TN and does grooming in her home. She has been grooming my two Scotties for over a year—I highly recommend her work.”

If Peggy gives permission to post her contacts, Scottie News will do so. In the meantime we’ve forwarded them to reader #1, whose Scotties need a trim.

And we’re still waiting to hear from Dublin. (See comments for background)



Scottish Terrier on a super good hair day

Impeccably groomed Scottish Terrier
Impeccably groomed Rasmus
Rasmus posing after todays visit to the hairdresser by Lars Odemark on Flickr

The Scottish Terrier News wouldn’t expect anything less of a European sophisticate like Rasmus. And congratulations to his photographer and companion, Lars, for getting all those great black dog shots.


Scottish Terrier Bridget after grooming

This Scottish Terrier will be groomed today

Scottish Terrier needs spring haircut

It’s time for puffball Bridget to get a Scottie haircut. Last week someone asked if she was a Cairn.

We’re trying out a new groomer, which means anything’s possible. We could be pleasantly surprised or end up having a bad hair month or two. What can I say? Occasionally, I just throw caution to the wind and take risks with new hairdressers and groomers. I don’t subject my dog to anything I don’t do to myself.

Fingers crossed, everyone. We’ll post the “after” shot as soon as Bridget’s done.

Update: Here’s a quickie. Better angles and lighting later (I hope.) don’t be shy about leaving your comments. The eyebrows are a bit Schnauzerish, but overall not bad.

Scottish Terrier Bridget after grooming
An "after" shot of Bridget. I will keep trying for a better view.

Make a Scottish Terrier fur (hair) rug

Scottish Terrier fur (hair) rug

David Caudle made this rug after giving three Scottish Terriers their spring haircuts. It reminds the Scottie News of this Scottish Terrier fur sculpture.

It also reminds us that if you’re looking to get your dog ready for spring you’ll need this information on where to find a groomer, how to do it yourself, bad Scottish Terrier cuts and much more.

Worst Scottish Terrier snowballs ever

This was my nomination for the worst ever case of Scottie snowballs:

Where's My Wellies?

Where’s My Wellies? by Magic_moments, on Flickr

Until I saw these:

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! by Photo-tistic, on Flickr

While we’re on the subject, you can watch a Scottie snowballs video and get tips on how to remove them.

This story is just to big too wait for West Highland Terrier Wednesday

Abstract photo of westies, originally uploaded by eirrabs.

Okay, so by now we’ve all heard about newborn babies being mixed up at the hospitals. But westies at the dog groomer’s? That’s a new one for me. And, all the more shocking is the fact that it happened in Scotland of all places.

STV reports on the curious case of the dogs in the grooming shop.

A Scottish dog owner is suing a pet groomer for “emotional distress” after a mix-up meant she took the wrong dog home and lived with it for a year.

Maureen Fyffe sent her West Highland terrier to Family Friend Grooming Parlour for a pooch makeover – on the same day that another dog of the same breed, age, sex, and markings was taken in.

The collars were removed before the identical dogs were washed and brushed before being handed back to their owners.

But Mrs Fyffe thought it was strange when Lucy came home from Dundee’s Family Friend Grooming Parlour last March and refused to drink her usual saucer of coffee.

Where do you get your Scottish Terrier groomed?

Scottish Terrier grooming - a Scottish Terrier puppy's first bath
Angus MacIntosh – first bath, originally uploaded by Lala_Banana.

It’s time to update our list of the best Scottish Terrier groomers the world over. Please add your groomer in the comments and Scottie News will update the list.

You can also leave the names of not-so-great groomers to spare other Scottie owners the experience.