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How to groom a Scottish Terrier. Or how to find someone to groom your Scottish Terrier for you.

Scottish Terrier Grooming disasters

Reader Shannon writes:

I have been visiting Scottie Dog News for a long time and I love it!! Anyway, my reason for e-mailing? Scottie Grooming disasters! I have two cheeky Scotties myself; MacGregor (The boy) and Dixie (The girl). We have been to four different groomers this year all of which have ended in disaster.
The first was an entire shave down except for eyebrows and beard, the second they came back with no eyebrows or beard and the third was an entire skirt shaving, badly clipped sides, trimmed legs and a completely shaved tail! We love our Scotties with the classic cut but we can’t find anyone who can take it easy with the razor. We always tell them “Long beard, long skirt, long brows, carrot tail, and a tuft in front of the ears” and they always come back looking like a Schnauzer! Not only that but this last cut has left our Gregor Traumatized! He refuses to get up from the sofa or blankets for fear of exposing his naked belly. I feel sorry for him and he probably hates me.
I was just thinking that it might make me a little happier to hear everyone else’s disaster stories and maybe hear tips that others have for getting the right cut…and maybe find out how long it takes before they will look like normal again.

Sounds like a good idea to me. Bridget hasn’t really had any disasters so to speak. But she has had a few bad hair days thanks to less-than-ideal grooming.

The most notable was when I wanted to keep her shaggy for the winter and asked the groomer just to trim her around the eyes and any problem spots. He trimmed her all over, leaving her with about an inch of fluff all over. Luckily, it grew out fast.

Answers to your Scottish Terrier questions

A reader writes:

Hi Ann,

I live in Argentina and I’m the owner of a 4 month years old scottish terrier called Alma. I use to walk 8 miles every night just for sport and I was wandering if I could take her with me or its a little too much exercise for her. Thanks in advance.


Ann replies:

Definitely too much exercise for a puppy, but you could walk her for a mile or two and then put her in a doggie carrier or something.

Another reader writes:

Hi there,

I’m a Scottie lover from Brazil…..
I have this beautiful almost-5-months old puppy that has never been groomed and I’m planning on taking him for his first grooming session, but I would like to know what is the best age to take a puppy to its first haircut?
The breeder said to wait until he’s 8 months old….but I’d really love to see him with a “Scottie face” soon…..LOL
I think you understand me…..I mean, he’s adorable, but the “grown-up look” teases me….. 🙂

Thanks for your attention,


Ann replies:

I would say between six and eight months depending on the temperament of the dog in question. I would also not do the full treatment the first time at the groomer’s. Maybe take your dog now for a wash and to trim hair getting in the eyes and nails, if necessary.

My girl Bridget usually emerges from the groomer’s quite shell shocked and she’s a calm dog overall so I would definitely recommend getting your pup gradually acclimatized to grooming.

Any readers out there who want to share their Scottish Terrier knowledge with the breed’s South American fanciers? If so, feel free to jump in.

Happy March 1 to all you Scottish Terrier fans

Enjoying snowstorm, originally uploaded by Algernon_the_Labrat.

Okay, we know it’s still a little early to be celebrating the end of winter, but we’re really hoping that the season’s over for abominable snow dogs like the one above.

This has to be the most severe case of Scottie snowballs ever recorded.

Update: Oh dear, it has just been brought to the attention of our editorial department that a ferocious storm has dumped heavy snow on the eastern United States. Rest assured, we Canadians feel your pain and all the Scottie snowballs. March storms are the worst.

Elphaba the Scottish Terrier’s still in Kansas

Well, Kansas City, that is. Her owner writes:

Ann – Thanks so much for your blog. Being a Scottie-fanatic I go to your blog every morning after I get back from the gym. Here is a photo of my girl Elphaba. She is named after one of the witches in the book (and musical) Wicked. She is the poster child for our local groomer. Keep it up… Hugs.

Elphaba rocks and totally deserves the modelling gig. And since we all love Dorothy and that Kansas line, here she is:

Norfolk Terrier folk offer up stripping advice

Here’s some excellent advice on hand stripping terriers, complete with lots of photos, from the Norfolk Terrier Club in the UK.

I have to admit, I’m a big fan of Norfolks — or is that Norwich Terriers? I can never get them straight.

I should know that the Norfolks, like the terrier you’ll see if you follow the link above and the handsome fellow below, let their ears down.

Norfolk Terrier. Norfolk vs. Norwich
Norfolk Terrier, originally uploaded by greypoint.

In contrast, the Norwich Terriers have their ears up. The easy way to remember is W=up, F=down. Unfortunately I always end up asking, “Is it really W up? Or is it reverse alphabetical correlation?”

Whatever?! These two Norwich Terriers are to die for. And I want one.

Two Norwich Terriers. Norfolk vs. Norwich Terrier
Sister’s Terrier Style, originally uploaded by mummyto4ms.

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