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What do you get when you cross a Scottish Terrier with another breed? Answer = a Scottie mix or a designer Scot

A Scottish Terrier mix goes up for adoption

Steven, a Scottish Terrier/ Chihuahua mix, was recently up for adoption in central California:

Seeing him on the news reminded me of some of the Scottie News‘ past Chihuahua coverage including this post on Tad, consort to the late great Scottish Terrier champ, Sadie.

Then there was the time Bonnie wrote in about Pepper, her ScotChi or Taco Terrier, and compared her to a fruit bat looks-wise.

And finally this about almost all the various Scottish Terrier mixes and hybrids.

Man claimed to have crossed Scottish Terrier with cat

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It happened back in 1970, long before there was an internet, proving that people were just as foolish 40 years ago. Here’s another fuzzy photo.

In Mackay, Australia, two Scottish Terrier mixes are looking for a home

Scottie Crosses
Are you in Queensland and willing to give a home to two Scottish Terrier crosses?

The Mackay Daily Mercury reports:

Zoe and Laura are cute, fluffy and playful but they need a friendly home to call their own. And if you can provide them a home you will have double the fun.

The pair, who have grown up together, have been living at the Homebush boarding kennels after their owners had to leave the country suddenly due to personal reasons and were not able to find them a home in time.

Even if you can’t take Zoe and Laura, you can try and guess what kind of crosses they are. The Scottie News suspects Laura, the lighter dog, might be a Scojack — a Scottish Terrier/ Jack Russell cross — or some kind of Norfolk/Norwich mix-up or maybe not even Scottie at all. Zoe definitely looks like a Scottie cross — perhaps with a beagle. Add your thoughts in the comments. And remember, you can’t trust those dog DNA tests to do the detective work for you.test

A vet discusses designer dogs

Breeding outside the limited pool, by crossing two breeds, increases the variety of genes with the potential for advantageous health-related results. For example, pugs are a very popular type of purebred dog, but suffer from respiratory problems due to their pushed-in noses. The AKC breed standard for the pug says “the muzzle is short, blunt, square . . . ”

Scottish Terrier mixes including Scolands, Bushlands, ScotChis, Pugotties, Skorkies and more

Your ultimate guide to Scottish Terrier designer dogs otherwise known as hybrids. Informations on Scolands, Bushlands, ScotChis, Scotchons, Scoodles, Doxie Scots, Scottish Cockers, Scotti Apsos, Pugotties, Scottish-Skyes, Skorkies and more.

Scoland Terrier

  • Scottish Terrier/West Highland Terrier mix
  • Registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club)
  • More information, here

Our comments: The Scottie genes seem to outweigh the Westie. Why not just get a Scottie?

scoland terrier, originally uploaded by mervyn12r. scoland terrier, originally uploaded by mervyn12r.
John Paul, originally uploaded by dwfeath.
Bushland Terrier

  • Cairn Terrier/Scottish Terrier mix
  • Registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club)
  • More information, here
Our comments: Another very Scottie-ish looking hybrid. Given that Cairns have fewer genetic problems than Scotties and Westies, this mix is probably not a bad idea.

George, originally uploaded by dwfeath.

Video featuring an eight week old Bushland Terrier puppy

ScotChi /Taco Terrier

  • Chihuahua/Scottish Terrier mix
  • Registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club)
Our comments: Not a looker but as you can see from the previous coverage, the Taco Terriers have a devoted following.

A three month old ScotChi:


  • Scottish Terrier/Bichon Frisé mix
  • Registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club)
  • More information, here


  • Poodle/Scottish Terrier
  • Registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club) (Designer Dog Kennel Club)
  • More information, here

The full sized pictures of Clarabel Dolores are available here

Check out a Scoodle and a miniature schnauzer playing together

Doxie Scot

  • Dachshund/Scottish Terrier mix
  • Registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club)
  • More information here

The Boys, portrait 1, originally uploaded by Blogorelli.
The Scottie in this video has just birthed 7 Doxie Scots

Scottish Cocker

  • Cocker Spaniel/Scottish Terrier mix
  • Registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club)
  • More information here

Scotti Apso

  • Lhasa Apso/Scottish Terrier mix
  • Registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club)
  • More information here


  • Pug/Scottish Terrier mix
  • Registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club)
  • More information here

Maci the pugottie:

Scottish-Skye Terrier

  • Skye Terrier/Scottish Terrier mix
  • Registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club)
  • More information here


  • Yorkshire Terrier/Scottish Terrier mix
  • Registered with the ACHC (American Canine Hybrid Club)
  • More information here

Other Scottie Hybrids include:

  • Basscottie – Basset Hound/Scottish Terrier
  • Scobo Terrier – Boston Terrier/Scottish Terrier
  • Cavottish – Cavalier King Charles/Scottish Terrier
  • Scottese – Maltese/Scottish Terrier
  • Scottinese – Pekingese/Scottish Terrier
  • Sco-Shi – Shih Tzu/Scottish Terrier
  • Skilky Terrier – Silky Terrier/Scottish Terrier
  • Scottish Fox Terrier – Wire Fox Terrier/Scottish Terrier

Imagine the worst designer dog ever

This thread was 83 comments long and growing when we linked. Read more about hybrid or designer Scottie mixes by clicking the label below.

Divorce tears apart a blended terrier family

Mo boys, originally uploaded by dwfeath.

George (left) is a Bushland Terrier — half Scottie and half Cairn — while John-Paul (right) is a Scoland Terrier — half Scottie and half Westie. They’re both coming up on two years old and though they originally lived together, they were separated by a human divorce. Now, George lives with his fur Mom while John-Paul is Fur Daddy’s boy.

Their Dad writes:

They are alike and also very different. I got the both from a pet shop at different times, I know that you aren’t supposed to get animals from pet shops, but when I saw these guys I knew they were coming with me.

Scottie News hopes they still get to spend some quality time together in the RV.

More RV, originally uploaded by dwfeath.

Exclusive!!! Revealing photos of Sadie the Scottish Terrier champion and her Chihuahua consort, Tad

Even in these days of instant communication, it sometimes takes a while to uncover all the Scottie scoops. However, once again, we are proud to bring you a world exclusive — photos of the 2009 Westminster terrier champion, Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot, with her Chihuahua boyfriend, Tad.

Despite making a hot couple, it’s doubtful that these two show dogs will ever have an unchaperoned moment alone and be able to consummate their love and produce a litter of ScotChis or Taco Terriers. Think of them Charles and Camilla back in those pre-Diana days, who, despite their love, were destined to remain apart.

Is Lola a Bushland Terrier aka Cairn Scottie mix?

A reader writes:

I just came across your post about Lorna Doone the Bushland Terrier. I already sent pictures to her owner, but you said you’d like to see them too, so here goes…
I have just recently realized that my dog Lola is almost certainly a Bushland. She’d been picked up as a stray before I adopted her from a shelter at about 3 years of age, so any clues as to her parentage were long gone. I wavered between Scottie mix and Cairn mix until I came across some poor-quality pictures of Bushlands on dogbreedinfo and realized, Duh! She could be both! The much better pictures of Lorna only serve to confirm my suspicions–the only major difference between them that I can see is that Lorna’s legs look a bit shorter than Lola’s in the picture where she’s pawing at the fish tank. The big round eyes are exactly the same, though I must say I think Lola got more of the Scottie ears!

Thanks for letting me share–as you can see, I’m a bit gaga over her.

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News agrees that Lola looks like she’s a good part Scottie, but we think she’s too leggy to be only Scottie and Cairn. Also, we’re not entirely sure about those eyes, which don’t look totally terrierish to us.

What does everyone else think?