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What do you get when you cross a Scottish Terrier with another breed? Answer = a Scottie mix or a designer Scot

Seeking information on Bushland Terriers

We have to admit that when we first heard the term Bushland Terrier, we thought of some kind of scrawny Jack Russel type dog from the African veldt, but, no, it turns out that a Bushland Terrier is a cross between a Scottish Terrier and a Cairn, so named because it is said to have originated in Australia.

One of our readers wrote that as the proud owner of a new Bushland puppy, she’s looking for photos of an adult dog.

You can see the puppy at Saralyn’s blog. We’d love to see adult Bushland Terrier photos too, so if you have them, please let us know.

You can read about other Scottish Terrier mixes by clicking on the designer dog label below.

Can we talk about Chihuahuas?

You may have heard about a little movie called Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which was released today to mixed reviews.

So far we have not sent a reviewer and we probably won’t. Basically, the publisher of the Scottie News is not very fond of Chihuahuas, the main reason being that she has never met a member of this breed who was actually housebroken.

Yes, yes, we admit it, the evidence is anecdotal but it is, nevertheless, strong. Back in high school, the publisher’s best friend’s mother, had a horrible little Chihuahua named Miss Ming, who never went outside and peed all over the house. Sure, cause-effect, chicken-egg, we know it was a complicated situation, and that’s why, despite not having a predisposition to the breed, we never suspected that all Chihuahuas were un-housetrainable.

Those suspicions were raised later when a local pet store hosted a regular Saturday morning Chihuahua club meeting. Every week, the place was one giant piddle puddle with all the owners in denial and refusing to pick up the mop.

What’s more, last spring a Chihuahua owner at the local dog park recounted how her pet had to go out every 30 minutes during winter, as the rest of us larger dog owners stood with our mouths agape. Apparently, the tiny guy used the balcony but, in such a situation, we would definitely have settled for a piddle pad next to the cat litter in the bathroom.

But enough about the bad stuff, including the Chihuahua’s rodent resemblance, we recognize that this breed does, despite everything, have its fans so it must have something going for it. We have on occasion run across some robust larger specimens at the park, who seem like real dogs as opposed to purse pets. One was described to us in French as being a Chihuahua Levrier, which translates as a Chihuahua Greyhound. His owner maintained he was not a designer dog breed but rather a specific strain of Chihuahua, however, we can find nothing to back that up.

In any case, he was a large, good looking (relatively speaking) intact male who was fed an organic diet, got plenty of exercise and had a winter wardrobe that attracted much attention. I certainly got the feeling that he did not pee in the house.

Another point in the Chihuahua’s favour is the fact that Cesar Milan likes them although that could be a Mexican solidarity thing, not to mention that the Dog Whisperer is, of course, also known for his fondness for difficult breeds including the pitbull. Maybe he just likes the challenge.

And finally, no chihuahua post at the Scottie News would be complete without a reference to a Chihuahua Terrier cross. So here’s Pepper, our favourite Taco Terrier.

Is Toronto the world terrier capital?

I’m starting to think that Toronto may be the global terrier capital. Perhaps my vision is skewed, coming from Montreal et al, but it seems I see more terriers here than anywhere else. Why yesterday, I even met a Cesky, one of the original designer dogs.

And speaking of designer pets, our across-the-street neighbours, who are very excited to have a Scottie nearby, own a nice looking young dog, who comes from a breeder who specializes in puppies who are part poodle, part bichon, part spaniel and part miniature schnauzer.

Kind of reminds me of my lineage: part English, part Irish, part Russian and part Romanian. Guess that makes me a designer human.

Life with a ScotChi or Taco Terrier

Pepper, a cross between a Scottish Terrier and a Chihuahua, was featured in one of our first ever posts at the Scottish Terrier and Dog News. Now, some readers do not like it when we write about so-called designer dog mixes, but I’m with Pepper’s owner, Bonnie Story, on this. She writes, “I am not in favor of the current overbreeding of ANY dogs, much less of mutts, so I’m truly not trying to promote the Puggle du jour.” She knows Pepper is “persona non grata in purebred circles and (is) ready to suffer the slings and arrows, should they come (her) way.”

Bonnie writes a blog all about Pepper and her mixed breed dog friends, and she’s totally cool about Pepper not being the prettiest girl around. She’s even compared her to a fruit bat.

Now before anyone gets excited, just because Bonnie compares her dog to a fruit bat, doesn’t mean you need to call ScotChi Rescue. Here’s what else she has to say about her pet:

Pepper in particular is such an incredible joy to me, let me count the

  • At 12 pounds, she handily flies on Alaska Air with me, right in the cabin as carry-on. Convenient size!
  • She’s a ferocious rat and mouse killer and a tough, responsive field/farm partner.
  • An awesome doorbell and car alarm.
  • Very sweet and snuggly too, and she lets me be neurotic about her when I need to be.

OK, enough! I do go on.

The Scottie News will just add that Pepper cleans up real nice too.

The Final Verdict on Shaggy

As the Scottish Terrier and Dog News struggled to get to the bottom of the Shaggy case, we posed and attempted to answer a number of critical questions:
Supposed Scoodle or Terripoo designer dog

Is Shaggy a fake?

Many people do feel that Shaggy — a purported cross between a poodle and a Scottish Terrier otherwise known as a Scoodle or a Terripoo — does indeed look like a photoshop creation. The Before and After Photoshop group on Flickr leaned that way at first, although upon seeing second photos of Shaggy on the dog resuce page, most participants concluded he was genuine.

If he was a fake, who would pull such a hoax?

This was one of the strongest pieces of evidence against a hoax. Certainly no rescue organization would do this, but perhaps someone with a grudge against a rescuer might. An aggrieved designer dog owner, perhaps? Now, it goes without saying that rescue organizations do wonderful work but — how to put this delicately? — rescuers can sometimes be a little, oh, high-strung. It’s always possible someone who was fed up with them or just wanted to have a little “fun” at the expense of a rescuer might invent a Shaggy.

Don’t dogs have bad hair days too?

Yes indeed, they do. The internet is full of tales of grooming gone wrong although Scottie News thinks this shaved designer dog still looks a whole lot better than Shaggy.

Thankfully, others have been able to see Shaggy’s potential in spite of the hair situation. Misheld at Flickr wrote: “I think he’s just a cute little guy with a bad haircut, and I hope he finds a new home very soon :)”

Scottie News does too.

Scottish Terrier meets Accidoodle

An Accidoodle puts in a first appearance at the park this morning. The owner describes him as a bargain designer dog. (Now, before anyone goes ballistic, the owner’s sister is a vet so this Accidoodle is not about to get Shaggied.)
Bridget, the Scottish terrier, takes notice of the new guy.
They check each other out.
They hang out.
It’s really hot. They take a break.
A lot of black dogs hang at the park in the morning. Here are three regulars with Accidoodle, who just moved to town.

Scottie News apologizes for the quality of the photos. We are breaking in a new camera. Things will improve.

Designer Dog Controversy: Part II

Scottish Terrier and Dog News promises to explore the designer dog controversy in detail in the near future. One of the points often made against these hybrids is that they attract faddy owners who’ll later dump the pets when they discover they’re more work than acquiring the latest non-living accessories. The sad dog one post below serves as an example of the abandoned designer dog.

The Chihuhua Scottie cross in today’s video does not, however, appear to be in any danger of being dumped. Just the opposite, she looks doted upon.

Previous Chihuahua Scottish Terrier crosses can be seen here.


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Designer dog controversy

Behind the scenes here at the Scottie News, a big designer dog controversy has been brewing. We will soon have a full report on hybrid dogs and Scottie mixes in which we explore the pros and cons, but for now here is a very big con pointed out by a participant in a Scottish Terrier forum.

This is supposedly a Scoodle or Terripoo mix of Scottish Terrier and poodle but to the eyes of the discerning photo team at Scottie News, it looks like something that was created in photo shop. Whatever it is, though, it’s certainly no looker.

Dog detectives can check it out for themselves at Petfinder.

Update: The final verdict on Shaggy is in.