Scottish Terrier photos to die for

A pair of Scottish Terrier Ninjas

Scottish Ninja Terr-tles by anitamombanita on flickr

It’s not for nothing that the Scottish Terrier is a a design icon. They’re very stylish dogs who photograph well whether classically groomed, full-on shaggy or dressed as Ninjas for Halloween.

The Scottie News ‘ collection of Scottish Terrier photos is unrivalled on the web.

Be sure to let us know if you find a photo that deserves to be here. Or just send a photo of your precious to Every once in a while, we post photos ofour readers’ wonderful dogs.

If you’re Scottie gazing because you’re thinking of becoming the proud fur parent of a Scottish Terrier, check out Amazon’s selection of Scottie guidebooks and the Scottie News list of recommended products for a Scottish Terrier puppy.

Finally, if you’re getting your Scottish Terrier ready for her close-up, why not buy a frame like the one below to show off the results of your photo session. Just click on it for details.

Abby & Bridget

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Ann and I met for our weekly walk in the park with our girls.  As we walked by some cutoff stumps, I thought it would be a chance to get some pictures.  I put Abby on one stump so I could catch a shot.  Ann then put Bridget on the stump beside Abby and I tried to get more photos.  When we set this up, there were no other dogs around (or humans).  Suddenly, it was like a sale at Target, there were people everywhere with of course – their dogs.

As I mentioned before, Abby is turning into a “mean girl” so I was quite concerned about the dogs getting closer.  But I was still trying to get an artistic shot.  I guess I was taking too long as Ann suddenly shouted “Take the picture!”.  She was also watching the dogs getting closer and was beginning to get worried :)  Here are some of the photos.


Abby on the Logs

Abby on the Logs

Abby & Bridget

Abby & Bridget

The Girls

The Girls

I had to include these two pictures of Bridget.  One was taken when we had one day of snow.   Bridget always rolls and rubs one side of her face in the snow.  We call this her “Phantom of the Opera” look.

The Phantom of the Opera

The Phantom of the Opera

And this is Bridget with her spring pixie cut :)  She looks gorgeous.

Bridget's New Do

Bridget’s New Do


We decided to take a picture of our little terrier group on a beautiful winter day.  What we thought would be an easy task turned into a 20 minute struggle.  Ann and Raymond tried to get the dogs to sit side by side on a bench while I tried to take photos.

Raymond tried to get Beau (who is the best trained) to sit on the bench first. However, Beau thought he wanted him to jump over the bench. So as Raymond and Ann were trying to get the rest of the dogs on the bench, Beau would just jump up and over, jump up and over, again and again. Finally, Raymond and Ann got Beau, Bonnie and Bridget on the bench.   As soon as one would get settled, another would jump off.  After 20 minutes of wrestling the dogs, we gave up and decided to try another time (after Ann and Raymond had time to recover).

Here are some of the photos:

Okay, just stay there and face front.

Okay, just stay there and face front.

Maybe if we hold onto them..

Maybe if we hold onto them..


And they are off!

And they are off!


Let's try treats this time!

Let’s try treats this time!

The final shot!  Abby & Bridget decided to be divas and refused to sit unless we had liver treats!

The final shot! Abby & Bridget decided to be divas and refused to sit unless we had liver treats!


Your Scottie Pics

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Hi there,

Here are some pictures sent to the Scottish Terrier News of your Scotties.

Keep them coming!  They make our day!


It's the Easter Scottie!

It’s the Easter Scottie!

My kinda Prairie Dogs!

My kinda Prairie Dogs!


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Happy Birthday Mac!

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Here is a photo of Mac who has just turned seven. Isn’t he adorable? I love the scarf. Very fashionable for the sophisticated Scottie.

Happy Birthday Mac!

Happy Birthday Mac!


Unfortunately, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News did not succeed in meeting its Kickstarter funding goal so there will only be sporadic Scottie News in 2014. In honour of those who pledged to fund the project, here are just some of their wonderful dogs.

Sindee of Shady Nook Scottie Farm writes: “It’s NOT a magic trick, and that’s no bunny in the hat… It’s a SCOTTIE !!!”


Here are handsome Harry and lovely Lola from the eponymously named book series:


Susan’s four Scotties are Gus, Gracie, Barkley and Maizie.


Susan writes: “I have a whole wall of portraits of all my dogs. Some were painted by my Dad, a fairly well known artist. John McClelland.” Scottie News is in awe.


Calysta (10 months) and Ozzy (2.5 yrs) exploring the snow in Long Island where they live with their peeps, Julie and Ron.


Suzanne writes: “Rory is the little one. McDivot is the bigger scottie. He was rescued. Was found dumped at a golf course.” Scottie News writes: “Well, I suppose if you have to be dumped, a golf course or country club is probably about the best drop-off you could get under the very terrible circumstances.”

image (1)

Joe’s beloved Tilda at her favorite place, Lowman Beach, Seattle WA.

photo 2 (1)

photo 1

Below are Bronwyn’s two rescues, Lennon and McCartney. Sadly, both of them died last year but they will always remain in her heart. She hopes to adopt another rescue this year … if she can convince her husband.

McCartney, a silver brindle, is shown at a 2011 Blessing of the Animals. “He was a saintly low-key Scottie who loved everyone,” writes Bronwyn. “He was rescued in Jan. 2006 from the Fulton County Animal Shelter in Atlanta, Ga. and died at the ripe old age of 14 of renal failure.”

Wheaten “Lennon was my happy, sassy girl. Gorgeous and personal, Lennon charmed everyone she met. She was from the Scottish Terrier Rescue of the Southeast. She died of liver disease at the age of 4.”




RIP, Scotties Lennon and McCartney. You made beautiful music together.

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By now, you may have heard that the Oxford English Dictionary named “selfie” the word of the year for 2013.

Since it’s Wednesday, we’ll start with some selfies with West Highland Terriers.

selfies with West Highland Terriers

See the full-sized versions on Flickr by clicking the photo.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s move on to the important stuff. Did the gal above on the left remind you of anyone?

Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 8.52.16 PM

What does an aspiring dog media magnate look like when she selfies?

There’s also another Scottie selfie of this crazy dog lady back when she was investigating the Congressional Scottish Terrier scandal in 2007.

But the absolutely most adorable ever “Selfie with Scottie” award goes to the very photogenic Mirela:

Pierre Scottish Terrier

Mirela takes the best Scottish Terrier selfie ever!

Below is her super handsome and impeccably groomed t-shirt model, Pierre. For more eye candy, head on over to Mirela’s Scottie website:

Pierre Scottish Terrier

An old fashioned non-self portrait. Perfect ending.

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Fun Scottie photos to check out

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Scottie News has put together a gallery of some recent Scottish Terrier photos on Flickr that caught our eye.

This guy, Connor aka Nebelung Bright Nose, hails from Arkhangelsk in northwestern Russia . His very dedicated human, Dmitri Zoubov, acts as a kind of personal paparazzo, chronicling Connor’s active and athletic canine lifestyle. If there were a modern pentathlon for Scotties, Connor would definitely be a contender. See more of his feats here.

Click this link to sit back and view the Scottie News November Favourites. We recommend you go with the full screen Imax-style experience, but if you’re an old fashioned type (or if your computer is acting up), here’s the less fancy viewing option.



On the trail of Scottie photos

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Scottish Terrier Photos Flickr

A few photos that caught my eye

Check them out at Flickr where you can watch in slideshow format.


Scottish Terriers on Flickr

These gorgeous Scotties and many more can be seen close up at Flickr

Here’s the link for my favourites collection.


Scottish Terrier GIF

Thanks to Laura, for sending the first ever GIF to the be featured on the Scottie News. Those head-turners are Bella (l) and Ceilidh. And in keeping with the black-and-white theme, below we have Piper (wheaten) and Percy, who are a year and a half old, and look as cute from behind as they do head-on.

Screen shot 2013-01-13 at 2.13.37 PM

Piper the Wheaton Scottie with Percy

Blame Canada if the next two black-and-whites are a little seasonally inappropriate. Things were super busy at the Toronto world headquarters of the Scottie News and we, cough, cough, overlooked the odd email or two. Give it up for Carol’s two handsome Scotties, who hail from L.A.

Buster, a bagpiper and Bailey

Buster, a bagpiper and Bailey

Robin of Locksley Scottish Terriers sends a black and white video:

And now for some basic black, please allow the Scottie News to introduce you to a couple of Oregon Duck fans.  Flora (left, 1 year old) and John-Paul (4 years old).  They’re just back from the groomers and all decked out in Oregon Duck regalia.

Short dogs who like tall guys

Short dogs who like tall guys

Also hailing from Oregon is Avery’s Mr. Chips O’Toole, shown here waiting patiently for his treat. He’s based in Portland.

October&Thanksgiving2012 012

Rocking the shaggy, professorial look

Scottie News is not sure where this mother/daughter Scottie team make their home. Mom is Berksha (6 years) and daughter is Lenka (6 months).

Scottish Terrier in sunglasses

Berksha gets ready to head to the beach

Scottish Terrier at beach

Lenka at the beach

Mamy And Her Puppy's

Berksha and babies co-bathing

More water. Shawnay’s Tartan quenches his thirst.

Tartan drinking from fountain

Fergus aka Batdog! has the dubious distinction of having appeared on Dog Shaming along with Scottie News. But given his background as a survivor of the biggest puppy mill seizure in Canadian history, maybe his little lapse is understandable.

His person says Fergus is his hero and “the fact that his ears make the Bat symbol is just an awesome bonus…;)”

Fergus the Scottish Terrier Super Hero

Fergus the Scottish Terrier Super Hero

From super hero to sports hero, Sally’s Fairley — shown below at an Auburn tailgate last fall — was named after former AU defensive lineman Nick Fairley.

Fairley the Scottish Terrier

Next stop, the SuperBowl!

Justin is a bit of mystery man. All, we know about him is this was his first party.

Justin's 1st party 036

The making of a party animal

Aidan is also another good looking mystery man.

Aidan Scottish Terrier

Yeah, Aidan!

RIP, Noah, who died in June 2012 at age eight. He’s very much missed:

Noah the Scottish Terrier

Noah is much missed by his human companion, Karl

So too is the late great Schatzi from South Africa.

Schatzi the Scottish Terrier

RIP, Schatzi

Last June, Scottie News featured a tribute to Julie’s late dog LuLu, who also happened to be my girl Bridget’s mother. As part of the great cycle of life, Julie got a new Scottie, Baxter, last fall to keep LuLu’s daughter Flora company. Julie wrote:

Little Baxter is now four months old, and has been an amazing addition to our family. Flora was a little miffed with us in the beginning but they have become good friends. It’s so sweet to see them snuggling up together, and now that Baxter has all of his shots, seeing him out walking with Flora. It’s also heartwarming to see Flora go from “daughter” to “mother”, as Baxter now follows her head and looks up to her, the way she did to Lulu. It’s really heartwarming.

Here’s Baxter is in all his adorable puppiness:

Baxter the Scottie puppy

Can you believe the border guards hassled this little guy when he immigrated to Canada?

Danie writes with news of another family addition:

This is a picture of Mac (Macgregor) 2 months after I received him from the New England Scottie Rescue. He is the happiest little soul on earth!  Pampered Pets of Delaware had just given him his first haircut and underneath all that curly mess was a great looking scottie.  I didn’t care what he ended up looking like – he has a personality that is unbelievably sweet and cuddlely (is that even a word?!) I’m his and he is mine!!!  His girlfriend Lovey keeps him going all day long running all over house.  I was giving them 2 of everything but they rather have 1 thing and steal it away from each other!

Rescue Scottie Dog

Favourite song: Rescue Me!

What else? Dorman sent this holiday animation, which much to my eternal shame is being posted late. But let’s just pretend it’s for Robbie Burns Day — and early.

Dorman also sent some Scottish Terrier rock carvings. He writes, “My first and last impression is that this rock carving is a Scottie on the back of the cow…” Hmm, Rorschach test, anyone?

Scottish Terrier rock carving

Look closely

And finally, Amanda wrote recently to inform the Scottie News that PawNation recently named the Scottish Terrier as one of 12 dog breeds that are out of fashion. Being a devoted “Scottie Mom,” she took issue with this statement and posted some photographic evidence to support her argument. Check it out.

Scottie News hopes we’ve finally gotten all our readers’ dog photos up.

We are trying to set up a system to allow readers to post their own photos, but it will take a while to get it in place. We’ll let you know when it’s ready.


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