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Everything you need to know about Scottish Terrier puppies from their cost to their training. Lots of Scottie puppy photos and videos for maximum cuteness.

What’s new at the Scottie News?

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Onward and upward: Bridget of the Scottie News turned eight last month

Hello everyone,

I hope you’ve been enjoying Sandra’s posts about Abby, Angus and Chelsea as much as I have and are looking forward to more to come. She’s told me she’s planning to write about “when good Scotties turn bad.” I can’t wait.

In the meantime, here’s some Scottie entertainment for you. It’s a 40-minute video called Leah and the Real Dog starring writer and producer Leah Epstein as herself, a woman inexplicably enamoured of a statue of a Scottish Terrier. Hamish MacDougal McDuff and Nessarose Epstein, a Scottie and an Australian cattle dog respectively, are  the canine stars. The Hunterdon County Democrat called it “a head-spinning, mirthful film, light on plot and heavy on belly laughs.” Watch it here>>

Or  you can just sit and ogle these uber-adorable Scottie pups who showed up in my Facebook feed.

zomg scottie puppies
I especially love the state of their ears

One more thing, there are lots of great news comments from readers of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News. If you head over to the site, you can check them out.

Totally adorable Scottie puppy videos

Grab your coffee, take a seat and enjoy 10 solid minutes of incredible Scottish Terrier puppy cuteness.

The first video is brought to you by agility champ Hitchcock‘s peeps. The Scottie News is not sure how everyone’s related, but we can tell you that Hitch himself makes a cameo. Look for him in a blue harness.

The moms are Olivia and Greta, and the pups are six weeks old from

Mattie’s Scottish Terrier Puppies are 10 weeks old. And  the video below shows part of their  last week with Mom before heading off to their new homes. “It was a wonderful adventure for all of us,” writes videographer Esmerelda. “We will always love you Bosun, Morgan and Ruby!” Scottie News too.

Good stuff from Scottie News readers

What a Day for a Parade by Jill MunsellReader Jill writes:

I just lost my Rescue, MacGregor to cancer in early Feb. There will be future Senior Rescues in my life, but for this chapter of life I have decided on TWO PUPPIES!! Can’t wait & thinking they just may start a blog…

Anyway, I am writing about a children’s book I have written (What a Day for a Parade self-published through Authorhouse) which is about my 1st Scottie, Alex. It is just a fun, cute book about my Alex and his adventures. There will eventually be more books, so far just the one. There is not much profit in self-publishing, and I donate practically all proceeds back to Scottie Rescue. Wondering if your readers might be interested?

While we’re on the subject of Scottie books and stories, a reader sent in a full fledged short story. Read it with your morning coffee.

Skinny Dog Legs

by Danie Connolly

“Just put the pedal to the metal, or in your case, the sneaker to the sand,” Ron, my physical trainer told me. “You need to run on the soft sand, verses the hard sand because you’ll use more muscles.”

And then I got to thinking…Why don’t I invent a workout machine that can do all my exercising while I sleep? I’ll make room for a nice pillow with down feathers- this should definitely be top of the line. And after I drift off to sleep, I will painlessly lose weight and get toned at the same time. Genius, I told myself – why hasn’t anyone else come up with this brilliant idea? This being awake and exercising thing is hard work. My husband thinks I ought to get the sleeping pill manufacturers involved and they could put me out for two or three weeks and then it would be instant results. I sensed a tinge of sarcasm…

In the meantime, I’m walking the beach with one very aggravated little scottie who does not enjoy this new way of walking. She’s used to lollygagging at a much slower pace, sniffing one piece of driftwood to the next while I casually stroll along the sand.

Now, with my arms swinging at my side, she’s trying to keep up with me and she doesn’t have the time to devote to exploring. I can tell by the glances she gives me while quickly striding besides me that I’m missing a lot. Didn’t I notice that sand dollar? Wasn’t that a heart shaped stone? Isn’t that a 24 carat watch in the sand? She shakes her head in disgust. In an attempt to keep up with me she is foregoing all the good things in life; clumps of seaweed crud she rolls in, a beat up ball too large for her mouth, dead fish…

We aren’t bonding too much these days – its all about me losing flab, and it’s beginning to cramp her style.

About the fourth lap from jetty to jetty, she refuses to budge another inch and I pick her up to carry.

That’s okay, I think…she’s just 20 pounds. I’ll pretend she’s a weight I’ll use as an exercising tool – yeah, that’s it. It’s like a line from that song…’She ain’t heavy, she’s my dog’. But, she weighs a ton! I’m huffing and puffing and thinking I’m about to have a heart attack!

As I gasp for air, I glance at her and she is perfectly content to be held in my arms while I struggle for footing on the sand. This is one lucky dog- I wish I had me as an owner. I know I’d be thin if all I ever got was deluxe dog food to munch on and an occasional bone. And then I take a closer look at her and realize – she’s a porker just like me! She’s got the same skinny legs like I do and the fat torso. Oh dear Lord, we look exactly alike!

Why not? Who else got the left over ice cream when I was finished with it? Who else got spoiled and ate the extra quarter pounder with cheese I couldn’t finish, or the remains of the third honey dip donut?

I just saw a TV spot about Doggie Boot camp to lose weight…Well, here’s your next enlistment!
Then I realize, she’s a by product of my gluttony. Bad girl! (Me, not her)

I created this monster and I’ll uncreate her…is that a word? It doesn’t matter!

First thing tomorrow morning we’re going shopping for some doggy sweat clothes. Maybe I should be inventing doggie exercise machines I mention to my husband. My husband said someone already did – it’s called a leash!

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Scottish Terrier Nursing: Brought to you by the La Leche league

Puppy Feeding Time from Scottie Family on Vimeo.


It wasn’t the La Leche league but rather reader Keith, who sent along this video of his Scottish Terrier, Penny, and her three-week-old pups.The action picks up at the 1:30 mark.And already, the litter seems to have a candidate for pushiest pup.

You can see more photos of Penny and her brood at Flickr.

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Bad Puppy! Training your Scottish Terrier

A reader writes:

Hello, i found your page by searching “how to deal with a scottie”, since my scottie is very aggressive and she is barely 2 months old. I have an 8 month westie and it’s unbelievable how mean my scottie is with her. She’s also aggressive when i try to cuddle or pet her. Please help me by giving me some advice on how to train her. She bites people and my westie all the time and she really bites HARD, she even made a family member bleed, but we still love her 🙂
Thank you so much 🙂

Scottie News replies:

Please don’t call your Scottish Terrier puppy mean and aggressive. An eight-week-old puppy can no more be mean than an eight-week-old baby can. Your puppy is just spirited and, from the sounds of it, more of a handful than your last puppy. While some very young kids and puppies are more difficult than others, it’s important to remember that they aren’t doing it on purpose so  “mean” isn’t really an accurate description. Whether you’re a parent or dog owner, you need to find ways to get through. Here are some past suggestion on training biting Scottish Terrier puppies. Please be sure to read the many helpful comments too and see what might work in your situation. Alas, there’s no one miracle solution so you might have to try several different techniques. Good luck.

Read more on puppy training:

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