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Everything you need to know about Scottish Terrier puppies from their cost to their training. Lots of Scottie puppy photos and videos for maximum cuteness.

CMU Scottie trained for ceremonial functions

The Calgary Sun is reporting that Maggie, the six-month-old Scottish Terrier puppy donated by Bill Cosby to Carnegie Mellon University, comes from Stalwart Kennels near Calgary.

As previously reported by the Scottie News, Maggie will leave for Pittsburgh at the end of May where she will live with eccentric CMU engineering professor Larry Cartwright and make her campus debut in the fall.

In the meantime, Maggie is being trained for her upcoming ceremonial function. And being of highland lineage, she should be a natural, according to the Sun.

“This is the only university that offers a degree in bagpiping,” her breeder Sheila Scott told the newspaper. “She’ll be expected to go to parades twice a year … she’s going to be expected to be pretty fearless, but Scotties are naturally a confident dog.”

Cosby gives Carnegie Mellon live Scottie mascot

Comedian and terrier lover Bill Cosby is giving Carnegie Mellon University, which made the Scottish Terrier its official mascot last year, a real live Scottie dog, the Pittsburgh Tribune Review reported.

The puppy will live with Larry Cartwright, a civil and engineering professor, who already owns a Scottish terrier named Murray. Both Cosby and Murray were featured in one of the Scottie News‘ first ever stories last May when the comedian gave the commencement address at CMU and walked the professor’s Scottish Terrier across campus.

Apparently, the mascot puppy comes from a breeder in Calgary, Canada and will arrive on campus next fall. The Scottish Terrier and Dog News will try to get an interview with Cartwright, who appears to be something of an eccentric. We wonder if his dog raising techniques are as original as his teaching style. Yep, that’s the professor in the tutu below.

Photos of wheaten and black Scottie puppies

The Scottie Dog News has been doing a bit of New Year’s link updating and, in the process, we headed over to Sweet Cottage Dreams where another blogging Scottish Terrier owner is vying for Lallee’s Martha Stewart crown. Her last post is a picture of tiny wheaten and black Scottie pups in a big blue container. So accustomed am I to ogling her baking, at first I thought they might be little shortbread cookies, but no they’re 100% genuine Scottish Terrier puppy.

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Airedale proves great with Scottie children

The owner of the Airedale who stars in this video says that the litter of six scottish terrier pups all love their Uncle Sherman, and like to recreate the beetle scene from The Mummy.

Update: Sherman’s owner e-mails

I have kept two of the litter of six, a brother and sister. They still act just as crazy with their ‘Uncle Sherman.’ Now, the two of them weigh more than the six did at 10 weeks! Sherman still does the roll around game and the two love it! All together we have 4 Scotties and two Airedales, Sherman and his distant cousin, Olivia. Quite a show when they are all out in the yard.


Update II: This dog version of Mister Mom won the cutest Scottish Terrier Puppy prize at the first Annual Scottie News video awards.

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Pregnant or not?

A few weeks back, we had a pregnancy false alarm here at the Scottie News.

Well, now we may be having another one. Experienced puppy raisers, does it make sense that the vet couldn’t detect the puppies?

Daily Dog Video: In honour of Bridget’s birthday

Bridget, of course, is the Scottie on the right. She’s spayed so she won’t be having babies, but this is for all those Scottish Terriers who do their bit to keep us in Scotties. Here’s to Sunny and her puppies.


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Count-the-puppies contest

Don’t cheat even if you can read French. You have to count the Scottish Terrier puppies one by one.

Update: After you’ve counted the puppies, head here to find them great dog names. We need four male dog names and three girl dog names.

Daily Scottie Video: Hungry Puppy

Very short, very cute and very good Spanish practice.


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