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Videos starring Scottish Terriers.

Seasons Greetings!

Wishing you and yours all the best for the holidays.

Abby loves to sleep under the tree as soon as the tree is up and tree skirt is down. She does not quite realize that the gifts would go under the tree and that she is blocking the delivery.  But there she sleeps, dreaming of all the toys Santa will bring. Hope your pups get their wishes met this holiday season!

Waiting for Santa…

Here is a cute Scottie filled Christmas video.

Happy Holidays!

An update from the founder of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News

Hello friends and fellow Scottie lovers. Ann here. Remember me? Scottish Terrier and Dog News founding editor and publisher, human to Bridget, still aspiring dog media entrepreneur in spite of a few misfires.

It’s been a while. Has it not? You’re probably as grateful as I am to Sandra and Abby for revitalizing the Scottie News during my prolonged absence and giving us all something to talk about and ooh and ah over. Yeah, Sandra and Abby! You go girls!

Sandra and I have been talking a lot as of late about what to do with the Scottie News going forward. Our plan is to take the summer to turn it back into the active website and newsletter it used to be. We hope you’ll join in because reader participation and engagement makes a site like this all the more valuable and fun. You and your Scotties are a wealth of information and we love it when you share.

Anyway, talking about the good old days, the Scottie News celebrated its eight year anniversary this month and Bridget will turn nine next month. Where is the little dog I carried la la la? While I was looking back nostalgically at the May 2007 archives, I rediscovered one of my favourite Scottie videos of Sadie fetching a beer:

Thematically, it fits well with this pool boy video sent in earlier today by a reader:

Just one tip, everyone. Turn your phone sideways before you take that Scottish Terrier video. I learned the hard way when I filmed Bridget in the snow last February. And speaking of winter, aren’t we all glad that one’s finally over?

Have a great pre-summer weekend, everyone. And if you love the Scottie News, please forward this email to all your Scottish Terrier-loving friends and acquaintances. The bigger our email list gets, the better. More readers means more Scottish Terrier and Dog News:

Review: GoPro camera and Fetch harness for dogs turns pets into vidoegraphers

While Nikon’s been getting a lot of press lately for its “heartography” dog camera experiment, its collar contraption is not yet for sale. That means if you feel inspired to turn your pet into a movie-maker of photographer,  you’ll have to go with one of the dog camera harnesses already out there. Luckily, this includes the GoPro Fetch, which is the best-rated of them all, and works with the hugely popular GoPro camera.

Big dogs and small can wear the GoPro Fetch  Dog Harness, a #1 bestseller on Amazon. (Click photo for more info)
Big dogs and small can wear the GoPro Fetch Dog Harness, a #1 bestseller on Amazon. (Click photo for more info)

While the big dogs can wear the cameras mounted on their chests as well as their backs, that obviously wouldn’t be practical for smaller breeds. The GoPro Fetch harness is fully adjustable to fit dogs from 10 – 120 lbs. (7 – 54 kg). It’s fully padded at all adjustment points to ensure your pet’s comfort as they give you their dog’s eye view of the world.

Washable + water friendly, Fetch holds up to swimming, splashing, mud and more. It’s designed to work with the GoPro waterproof cameras.

There’s a great customer review on Amazon, complete with video of the user trying out the GoPro Fetch harness on his dog.

How do they work on Scottish Terriers? The Scottie News has not yet discovered any Scottie Spielbergs, but we did find some humans using GoPro cameras to document the lives of their faithful companions.

Here’s lucky Mercedez:

And here’s Bacacho:


Find out more about either you or your dog becoming a movie maker.

Totally adorable Scottie puppy videos

Grab your coffee, take a seat and enjoy 10 solid minutes of incredible Scottish Terrier puppy cuteness.

The first video is brought to you by agility champ Hitchcock‘s peeps. The Scottie News is not sure how everyone’s related, but we can tell you that Hitch himself makes a cameo. Look for him in a blue harness.

The moms are Olivia and Greta, and the pups are six weeks old from

Mattie’s Scottish Terrier Puppies are 10 weeks old. And  the video below shows part of their  last week with Mom before heading off to their new homes. “It was a wonderful adventure for all of us,” writes videographer Esmerelda. “We will always love you Bosun, Morgan and Ruby!” Scottie News too.

You knew it was coming: Scottie version of Harlem Shake

Both of these are clone videos:

As you can see Edgar the Scottish Terrier, who often appears in the AlexInLife videos, doesn’t do any shaking. He’s just an observer.

The terrier clones below, however, get into the groove:

Two weeks back, reader Laura — also known as CBMum — sent this email:


Not Scotties, but I found this today & now I would love to do a Scottie edition of this!!

What if we asked readers to send short videos of their Scotties going crazy to the camera & I could edit them together…? 😀

I love it.

RIP Gangnam Style as they say …you will not be missed!

Will pledge for the book, by the way. 🙂

Ah yes, the book.

I am sad to report we have so far raised a measly $20.

Now that is probably mostly my fault since I have not been promoting the project as much as I should, so be warned, we will now be hearing about this book a lot given that there are only 18 more fundraising days left.

Let me start by giving you a concrete example of the type of information the book will provide. Consider please that the Scottie News gets a lot of visitors who arrive at the site after seeking out articles on terrier skin allergies. We have several valuable posts on this topic, but you do have to hop around from one to the other and read multiple sets of comments to get all the info.

Also, there’s a post on an itchy Westie veterinary seminar, but the promised slides from it never arrived. This is because I never followed it up due to lack of time and need to earn a living. If the book project goes ahead, the funding will enable me to take the time to seek out this information and bring it all together in one convenient format.

So please  CLICK HERE and pre-order your book. Remember if we don’t meet our goal, your pledge is returned in full so there are absolutely no strings attached.

And if you want to contribute to a Scottie Harlem Shake video, please leave a comment for Laura here.