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Wheaten Rescue Scottie available in Vermont

As of yesterday, Peaches in Chittenden County was still looking for a forever home. Here are her details. She is seven years old and was apparently given up because she didn’t get along with the other animals in the home. WTF??!! Continue reading Wheaten Rescue Scottie available in Vermont

Happy Father’s Day from the Scottie News

Black Scottish Terrier puppy with his wheaten dadAlex Vegor Alhabor with his dad by Shiritoru on Flickr

Yes, you’ve see these two before, but they deserve an encore performance on a day like today.

Will you celebrate Father’s Day with some terrier cupcakes?

Scottish Terrier puppy with his Dad

Black Scottish Terrier puppy with his wheaten father
No, a paternity test is not necessary!

Puppy at our home by Shiritoru on Flickr

There should be no doubts he is indeed the father. The wheaten Scottie gene is a classic recessive case study from high school biology — both parents have to have it. Guess Mom doesn’t.

One-year-old Scottish Terrier News

Redgy the wheaten Scottish Terrier puppy at 4 months
The Scottish Terrier News is doing a giant mailbox clean-up and attempting to catch up on all our old mail. We thought we’d begin with an email that is exactly one-year old today.

It showed a picture of super cute, four-month-old Redgy of Dallas, who, today, would be 16-month-old Redgy, presumably still of Dallas and still super cute. He was one of Sassy’s all-boy litter so he’s no stranger to the media spotlight

Wheaten Scottish Terrier puppies one year later

Lately, I’ve been trying to head round to a few Scottie sites and catch up on their news, which is how I discovered this wonderful post all about a litter of wheaten Scottish Terrier puppies at Rocky Creek Scotties. The nine puppies from nonomom Carrleigh are now a year old and Rocky Creek has all sorts of before and after shots guaranteed to make you ooh and awww.

Wheaten Scottish Terrier puppies from Rocky Creek ScottiesAwwww!

Just because it’s still Westie Wednesday…

Max en Yip Oostvoorne
Max en Yip Oostvoorne by Claudi……!, on Flickr

These two have appeared on Scottie News before, but its time for a refresher lesson in the differences between wheaten Scotties and Westies .

Question for all you wheaten Scottish Terrier experts

Reader Jackie writes:

I have a 7 1/2 yr. old wheaten colored Scottie named Bonny Rose that I just love. She’s my first and only Scottie… so far.

Bonny Rose and I were just visiting my parents and my mother asked me a question about her that I didn’t know the answer to. I thought you might be able to help. Bonny Rose’s back is a fairly dark wheat color. She has a blond face, chest, legs, skirt and tail. There are two blonde patches that extend up over each of her shoulders that I call her “angel wings.” My mother wondered if all wheaten colored Scotties have those two light patches of color on their shoulders. I’ve seen a few photos of other Scotties with these markings but I didn’t know if all wheaten Scotties have this. Do you know?

I don’t know, but I’m betting there are some Scottie News readers out there who do.

The Scottish Terrier fat police are back

Last month, Scottie News readers were rightfully enraged by a video falsely claiming that a Scottish Terrier named Angus was too fat.

Now the makers of that video are back — at the fattest time of the year — with a Wheaten Scottish Terrier they say is the correct weight. The poor dog has been shaved, chained to a grooming table and given a TSA-style pat down while his groomers broadcast to the world that he still has his junk. (Scottie News tried to get a good look but the junk appeared to be concealed by the chains.)

Once again, I would like to emphasize that I am not in favour of overfeeding dogs, but I do agree with what commenter Kimberly wrote last time we explored this topic:

We have two Scotties, one black one wheaten. The black was the runt and only survivor of the litter, but she does have the “ideal” body shape. The problem though, is that the wheaten we own, is more a typical Scottie. The only problem is that with her sitting right next to the other, people always say she is fat. As per our vet, we switched to a diet dog food, and would take her out running. She has more energy than the “fit” Scot, yet can not lose the weight. We got to the point that if we were to limit food any more it would be considered starving our dogs. At this point I think that we have decided that as long as she is eating a portioned amount, and getting enough exercise, there really is nothing you can do in a humane way to get the dog to the ideal weight. So for me, as long as the pup is healthy, there is not much else you can do. We are not trying to win any anorexia contests here.

Where is this snowy Wheaten Scottish Terrier?

Untitled by xenozauros, on Flickr

As faithful readers of the Scottish Terrier and Dog News know, our world headquarters is in Canada so we are no strangers to snow, but when we saw this shot we were still kind of surprised to see so much snow in November.

Anyone want to guess where it was taken?

And yes, we agree, the two of them are adorable.

Here are some more of our all-time favourite snow photos and posts including the story of the Scottish Terrier who found buried treasure in the snow and tips on dealing with Scottie snowballs.

Update: Okay, the location has been revealed in the comments by an internet sleuth. It’s St. Petersburg, Russia where I expect the locals to look like the photo below in winter, not  like they just emerged from a yoga studio around the corner. Back when Lara and Yuri were carrying on people wore the Ugg-like objects on their heads whereas nowadays it’s the opposite with the big furry things on their feet and a sleeker look on top. Go figure.

(Off topic: Why do people always carry obviously empty suitcases in movies when they go to so much trouble to make everything else seem authentic? It’s one of my pet peeves.)

Lara and Yuri in the snow in Dr. Zhivago. They don't have Scottish Terriers just empty suitcases