Wheaten Scottish Terriers

Hi everyone,

Abby’s paw is doing much better but I am still going to continue to soak it in epsom salts which seems to be helping.  We still cannot find what caused the problem.  There is no sign of an ingrown hair, mite, etc.  I appreciated all the advice and feedback from the Scottish Terrier News family.  I am going to be starting quite a few diet changes for Abby to help with her allergies.

Here are some comments that were received via email:

“Our female Scottie Lydia had one several years ago and we had it removed surgically with no ill effect.  Our vet in Maine recommended this action.  I did not understand that this could be from allergies, ingrown hair, mite, etc. until reading your note today.  She now has developed another one this winter.  We are waiting to return to Maine in May before determining next step, but I wanted to thank you for information.  Lydia lives with us in Belize 6 months of the year and I will certainly make sure she’s thoroughly checked for a mite of some sort or a foreign object.  She is 13 now and we will avoid surgery if at all possible.” Thank you. – Janet

“I had a Scottie, Meagan, who developed one of these on one foot caused by an ingrown hair.   The vet surgically removed it.  She never developed another thank goodness!”-  kvcoleman

We also received some terrific photos!

Here are Arthur, Bitterman and Dudley.  Don’t they look awesome!

The Jersey Boys

The Jersey Boys

Here is Allister.  He is a one year old wheaton Scottie.

Allister & Friend

Allister & Friend

Here is a stellar crew – Moxie, Duffy, and Mac.  These cuties can hold a pose much better than Abby and Bridget :)

Moxie, Duffy & Mac

Moxie, Duffy & Mac







I noticed that Abby was having trouble walking one day. She would trip over her one foot and when we got home she would lick the paw constantly.  I noticed some changes to her paw but it is a struggle to look at them as she is really sensitive.

I took her to vet and found that she has a interdigital furuncles which are basically cysts on her toes.  Right now I am soaking her foot 2-3 times a day in epsom salts.  We go back to the vet next week to see how they are.

Toe cysts can be caused by ingrown hair, a foreign object embedded in the toe, or a skin mite.  I am not sure what caused this but I know that allergies can also be a factor.

Have any of you had this issue with your Scottie?  If so, can you update the comments with your experience and what you recommend for Abby?




As of yesterday, Peaches in Chittenden County was still looking for a forever home. Here are her details. She is seven years old and was apparently given up because she didn’t get along with the other animals in the home. WTF??!! [read more…]


Black Scottish Terrier puppy with his wheaten dadAlex Vegor Alhabor with his dad by Shiritoru on Flickr

Yes, you’ve see these two before, but they deserve an encore performance on a day like today.

Will you celebrate Father’s Day with some terrier cupcakes?

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Black Scottish Terrier puppy with his wheaten father

No, a paternity test is not necessary!

Puppy at our home by Shiritoru on Flickr

There should be no doubts he is indeed the father. The wheaten Scottie gene is a classic recessive case study from high school biology — both parents have to have it. Guess Mom doesn’t.


Redgy the wheaten Scottish Terrier puppy at 4 months
The Scottish Terrier News is doing a giant mailbox clean-up and attempting to catch up on all our old mail. We thought we’d begin with an email that is exactly one-year old today.

It showed a picture of super cute, four-month-old Redgy of Dallas, who, today, would be 16-month-old Redgy, presumably still of Dallas and still super cute. He was one of Sassy’s all-boy litter so he’s no stranger to the media spotlight


Lately, I’ve been trying to head round to a few Scottie sites and catch up on their news, which is how I discovered this wonderful post all about a litter of wheaten Scottish Terrier puppies at Rocky Creek Scotties. The nine puppies from nonomom Carrleigh are now a year old and Rocky Creek has all sorts of before and after shots guaranteed to make you ooh and awww.

Wheaten Scottish Terrier puppies from Rocky Creek ScottiesAwwww!

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Max en Yip Oostvoorne
Max en Yip Oostvoorne by Claudi……!, on Flickr

These two have appeared on Scottie News before, but its time for a refresher lesson in the differences between wheaten Scotties and Westies .



Reader Jackie writes:

I have a 7 1/2 yr. old wheaten colored Scottie named Bonny Rose that I just love. She’s my first and only Scottie… so far.

Bonny Rose and I were just visiting my parents and my mother asked me a question about her that I didn’t know the answer to. I thought you might be able to help. Bonny Rose’s back is a fairly dark wheat color. She has a blond face, chest, legs, skirt and tail. There are two blonde patches that extend up over each of her shoulders that I call her “angel wings.” My mother wondered if all wheaten colored Scotties have those two light patches of color on their shoulders. I’ve seen a few photos of other Scotties with these markings but I didn’t know if all wheaten Scotties have this. Do you know?

I don’t know, but I’m betting there are some Scottie News readers out there who do.


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