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Dour Scotsman: ‘I’m in control here’

Yes, it’s me the Dour Scotsman and, at your hostess’ request, I have temporarily taken over this website while she recovers from her “episode.”

I am exercising my creative freedom to bring you Farting Scottie Friday in which an innocent  wheaten Scottish Terrier puppy is terrorized by the Big Ripper aka the world’s largest whoopie cushion. Sit back and enjoy it with some popcorn and Chivas.

Where do wheaten Scotties come from?

Fiona the Scottie dog with her two-day-old black pups
Wheaten Scottish Terrier Fiona with her two-day-old black puppies

Okay, okay, we know that based on this photo, the question should be more like, “Where do black Scotties come from?” But that’s not the usual question even if, for the first time ever, this 2007 shot does indeed make you want to ask, “Is it possible she’s really the mother?” as opposed to that other more-oft-posed question, “Is he really the father?”

But we digress this post is about the  genetics and breeding of Wheaten Scottish Terriers. Here’s breeder Gibscot’s explanation:

The wheaten coloring is a recessive gene…in order to get a wheaten scottie, both dam and sire must have the gene…old Mendelian genetics. The sire is pure black without the wheaten gene so all three pups are black but have the wheaten gene from their mum. For Clara to have wheaten pups she would have to mate with a wheaten male (50% of the pups should be wheaten) or a black dog that has the wheaten gene (25% of the litter should then be wheaten). Wheaten to wheaten you get 100% wheaten pups. Sorry for the genetics lecture.

When I bred Fiona I had three major criteria I looked for, equally weighted in the potential sire: health/longevity, temperament & conformation. Ravenscraig Two Bears (Eli) won out on all three. He’s from healthy English stock and shares the Pendelhill/Kennelgarth pedigree with her, he’s as sweet as a lamb yet fearless and outgoing, and he’s drop dead gorgeous with good heavy bone, beautiful head and short legs and back. It would have been really cool for him to have the wheaten gene too but that wasn’t as important to me…maybe her second and final breeding?

I found Fiona and her pups after posting the video of the other Gibscot Scottie puppies last week.