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Tributes to much loved Scotties. RIP.

Beloved Scottie memorialized in kids book

The local newspaper, the Record Searchlight, reports on a Northern Californian teacher, whose late granddog provided the inspiration for her first book:

When he was a 19-year-old college student in Sacramento, (the author’s son)  Robbie Young of Roseville, now 32, received Hamish as a Christmas gift from his parents after they bred their Scottish terrier, Wallace, with another owner’s dog. Hamish was the only product of the litter.

Long days filled with classes and jobs, Young took Hamish everywhere as his canine charisma rubbed off onto everyone in his presence.

“Everyone loved him because he was such a good-natured dog,” Young said. “He loved being around people. He was almost like a person than a dog. He was awesome for me. He never felt like a burden because he was so laid back. He always wanted go out. When he saw me heading to the door, he would head to the door, too.”

After Hamish died in January 2010 from multiple health problems, Artim-Young wanted to continue his legacy. When she jotted down her feelings, she realized her words turned into a heartwarming story.

Read the complete article and peep inside the book.

RIP, Roscot Bilbo Baggins, beloved Scottish Terrier

This comes somewhat late, but I just discovered that Lallee of Lallee’s Cottage, who wrote the tips on the Scottie Newsvery popular DIY Scottish Terrier grooming page, lost her much loved dog, Baggins, last month.

Lallee’s tribute is better than anything the Scottish Terrier News could write, but let us just say that we’re proud Baggins was a reader and fan.

Baggins reads the Scottie News
Baggins, a Scottish Terrier who liked to keep up with the news

RIP, Baggins. Our sympathies to your loving family.

RIP, Bosley: Scottish Terrier enjoyed life as a Washington insider

RIP Bosley, Scottish Terrier and Washington insider
IN MEMORIAM: For ten years, Bosley, a rescued Scottish Terrier, shuttled gracefully between western Kentucky and Washington, DC. He was Ed Whitfield's secret weapon for winning nine consecutive elections.
Bosley by humanesocietyoftheunitedstates on Flickr

Sadly, it has come to the attention of the Scottie News that Bosley, the well known Scottish Terrier of Kentucky congressman Ed Whitfield, has died.

Bosley was at the centre of a scandal that engulfed Washington four years ago when the Scottie News had barely begun publishing. Truth be told, he helped put us on the map.

More recently, Bosley and his canine companions, Nigel and Julep, appeared in a Washington Post article on political pets. Apparently, the Scottish Terrier had made headlines on the hill more than once:

…it was Bosley who caused the most trouble back in 2002 when he escaped from the Cannon House Office Building and took off running down Independence Avenue SE. Members of Whitfield’s staff and a policeman chased him all the way to the Capitol.

The benefits of having Julep, Nigel and Bosley underfoot outweigh their rare disruptions, Whitfield said: “I think the atmosphere is better, because it’s hard to be very formal when you have a dog jumping around the office.”

RIP, Bosley. The Scottie News extends its heartfelt sympathies to your family and friends.

RIP Whiskie, the Scottish Terrier movie star

Whiskie played first dog Barney in Oliver Stone's George W. Bush biopic, W. (Photo: January 22, 2011)
Whiskie played first dog Barney in Oliver Stone's George W. Bush biopic, W. (Photo: January 22, 2011)

Today being Oscars day, it’s a fitting time to pay tribute to  Whiskybae Tartan Tearose (July 6, 1997 – February 12, 2011) who was better known as Whiskie.

Her owner Ken writes:

After 13 years, 7 months and 6 days, Whiskie has passed on after living a full life. She arrived at our home in January 1998 and hid under the coffee table for the first week or so. Gradually she came around and, at age 2, she began agility lessons and developed self-confidence. During the next ten years, Whiskie traveled and competed in agility trials in all of the “Lower 48” states. Between agility trials, she appeared in some retail catalogs and an internet commercial. With that exposure, she then appeared in an independent movie, “Bit Parts”. A couple of years later, she played the part of George W. Bush’s Barney in Oliver Stone’s movie “W.”

Whiskie will be sorely missed by us and her kennel mates, Chivas and Cutty.

Here’s the Scottish Terrier News’ past coverage of Whiskie’s films, Bit Parts and W.

RIP, Whiskie.

RIP Big Tommy the Scottish Terrier muse

Got Peeps?

Big Tommy is the late and much loved big Scottie of the very talented Rebecca Collins of Artpaw, whose work has been featured here at the Scottie News on many wonderful occasions.

I learned of Big Tommy’s death via Moira who has a lovely tribute at Dog Art Today.

My deepest sympathies to Rebecca and her family.

As sad as this news is, I still smile at the sight of Big Tommy in his flower petals. It takes a real tough terrier to pull that off.

RIP Big Tommy.

Tributes: Hattie the rescue Scottish Terrier

It has been almost six months but we still grieve for Hattie Marie, our Scottish Terrier, age 11 years. She had lung cancer and was euthanized April 9.

We were unaware of the cancer ravaging her. We thought she was just slowing down. One day she became very ill. Our vet told us the dread diagnosis…

Hattie was not an easy pet to own. We rescued her from a family who could not keep her.

She was afraid of everything, and especially male people.

We tried her out for a weekend and she bonded with me. She was afraid of my husband, a kind person who did nothing to deserve her reaction. I suggested that we should find her another home. He said she should stay. For the entire 11 years we had her, she always barked at him.

He loved her deeply anyway.

Read more tales about rescue Scottish Terriers.

RIP Angus, One Tough Scottie

Ken McLeod wrote last week:

I’m sad to report to our friends in the Scottie community that our Scottish
Terrier Angus McLeod, featured in Great Scots Magazine (Sept. 2009) as “One Tough Scottie” passed away today (March 17) at 1230.

With the help of superb veterinary care and Doctors, Angus had conquered dermatitis, diabetes, diabetic induced cataracts and most recently a severe corneal lesion. However, a rapid onset of liver cancer brought the end to this tough guy.

Angus had been with our family since March 18th, 2000 – at the age of six weeks. Our other Scotties, Matie, Mr. MacBean, MacDougall, Ginger and Duncan will miss him – as will we.

Read more about Angus here. He was clearly a much-loved and well cared for dog. Our sympathies to Ken and his family.

A beloved Scottish Terrier movie critic passes on

This is a sad but fitting article (unfortunately the link has expired) for the day after the Oscars:

Duncan, known to many Virginian-Pilot readers simply as the movie critic dog, is dead.

My 25-pound Scottish terrier drew national and international attention after an article in The Pilot revealed his outspoken reactions to movies.

At age 10, he died of a heart attack at a local clinic after going into shock following a blood check.

Duncan, registered as Duncan McCloud Highlander II, “reviewed” most of his movies on my big-screen home TV, but he occasionally attended

private theatrical screenings at AMC Lynnhaven 18 cinema in Virginia Beach and the Naro Expanded Cinema in Norfolk. It was at a screening of “Chicken Run” that the audience noticed his varied and logical reactions.

I will write to the author to extend my sympathies and ask if s/he has any photos or video to share with the Scottie News.

RIP, Duncan.