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Australian Scottish Terriers celebrate writer’s birthday

Scotty in Gumnut Land by May GibbsA North Sydney newspaper reports:

Every year on January 15, Scotty dogs become a familiar sight trotting along Wallaringa Ave in Neutral Bay to be special guests at the party at Nutcote.

It is reminiscent of (Author May) Gibbs’s heyday when she was a familiar sight shopping at Neutral Bay with her dogs perched on the back seat of her 1920s Dodge Tourer.

Nutcote, where Gibbs lived for 44 years, hosts the birthday party each year.

Whoa, wait, May Gibbs, who? Should the Scottish Terrier and Dog News know about her? Apparently, she’s one of Australia’s top children’s authors, known for gumnut baby stories, the most famous of which is Snugglepot And Cuddlepie. But she was also a Scottish Terrier lover and breeder, which explains how there came to be a Scotty in Gumnut Land.

Has anybody out there read it?

In loving memory of my mother Mildred Brocklehurst Woods (1928 – 2011)

With Luck in the late seventies
With Lucy the
With Lucy in the late seventies
Keeshond in the late ’70s

It is with the utmost sadness and regret that I inform you that my mother — the mother of all mothers — died last week after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in March. It has been an extremely difficult past few months for the family. In my case, the Scottish Terrier News helped by serving as a welcome distraction.

I would often show my mother the site while she was bed ridden and she especially got a kick out of the the arrest of the Scottish Terrier-owning paedophile, the photo of Jinnah with his Westie, which I pointed out to her after Osama Bin Laden was assassinated, and Hitler petting Eva Braun’s Scotties. Now, that may all seem a bit macabre to you, but my mother was a huge fan of crime novels and TV shows and seeing bad people get theirs, so please don’t take it the wrong way.

My mother was also a lover of dogs and took great pleasure in seeing Bridget during her final weeks. As I was sorting through her stuff, I found that one of the things she had kept — and not being a particularly sentimental type, she didn’t keep all that much — was the collar of our old dog, Lucy, who died some 25 years ago. Mom and my stepfather Peter, who died on June 26, 2011, had, at one time, planned on getting a guide dog who hadn’t made the final cut, but they eventually changed their plans for health reasons.

Lucy's collar
Lucy’s collar

Over the years, my mother donated to a variety of animal charities, some of which have, unfortunately, ended up in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. For that reason, I am asking anyone who would like to make a tribute donation in her memory to please head over to Canadian Guide Dogs for the Blind, a registered charity with an unsullied reputation. The address for cards is 35 Confederation Drive, Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON Canada L0S 1J0.

You can also read more about my mother at the special site I’ve created to plan for her memorial.

RIP, Mildred and Peter Woods. You are very sorely missed.

Take that, Greyfriars Bobby debunker

Greyfriar's Bobby, the legendary Skye Terrier
Greyfriar's Bobby, the legendary Skye Terrier

My ex-Reuters colleague, Bob Basler, is angry with the professor who has taken it upon himself to demolish the charming story of Greyfriars Bobby. It’s a tale Human Bob used to love:

When I was a boy, there was a Disney movie about a plucky little terrier who went to Edinburgh with his master, who then died. The dog kept a 14-year vigil at his master’s grave, passing away himself in 1872.

Watching this as a child required more tissues than I could even carry into the theater. The movie was called “Greyfriars Bobby, the True Story of a Dog.”

Since then, there have been other movies and books about Bobby. There is even a bronze statue of sweet Bobby in the cemetery, which I myself have visited in Edinburgh.

It’s no wonder Bob has concocted his very own revenge fantasy. And it turns out he’s not the only one who is upset. Rachel Johnson of Britain’s Daily Mail is also irritated and taking the professor to task.

The Scottish Terrier News would like to voice our official support for the backlash. Grrr, Dr Jan Bondeson of Cardiff University, just grrrr.