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Westie Wednesday and other occasional stories about West Highland Terriers.

Westie Wednesday is one day late but worth waiting for

Thanks to Mark for who spotted this story on Life With Dogs:

When Snowy the West Highland terrier became ill and stopped eating, her worried owners took her to the vet.

But a new diet, medical tests and even antibiotics failed to perk up the little dog.
It was only when the one-year-old had an X-ray that it became obvious she had fallen victim to a dog’s traditional enemy – cats.

Snowy had swallowed five plastic toy cats. The biggest was two inches tall and an inch wide and showed up clearly, and rather spookily, on the X-ray.

You can see the amazing X-ray and the enemy cats at Life With Dogs

West Highland Terrier Wednesday one day late

Westie WednesdayOh dear, before the Olympics  modern pentathlon World Champion Mhairi Spence revealed her secret inspiration as she bid  for a  gold medal.

The 26-year-old athlete’s parents had promised to reward her with a West Highland terrier called Donald.

But then she finished 21st.

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News says she needs her Westie more than ever now. But her mother Evelyn might not agree. Here’s what she told the Daily Record before her daughter’s big event:

 “She’s a very proud Scot and she says it has to a Westie born in the Highlands.

“Mhairi grew up surrounded by animals and I know she’s really missed having a dog as she now lives in a small flat and is often away abroad competing or training.

“She has even picked out a name for it – Donald. After she won the World Championships in May she asked if she could have it then, but I refused. A deal is a deal and it’s another little thing to spur her on.”

Gee wonder what Mom would say about Westie Wednesday being one day late. Scottie News has the feeling she wouldn’t like it.

Retroactive Westie Wednesday: A voting scandal

The Augusta Chronicle in Georgia reports:

When Augusta resident Jeanne Cleveland received a voter registration form from the NAACP addressed to McGregor Cleveland, she couldn’t figure out where they got her dog’s name.

“How in the world did anybody come up with McGregor Cleveland?” she asked. “I know they vote dead people, but I didn’t know they vote dogs, especially dead ones.”
McGregor, a West Highland terrier, died about two years ago, but there his name and address were on an envelope containing voter registration documents partially filled out and a hand printed note to “Please fill in boxes 4, 5, and 6.”