Dog Product Reviews

Occasionally, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News provides reviews of dog products.

Please contact if you have a product you would like the Scottie News to consider for review.

3 thoughts on “Dog Product Reviews

  1. my little abberdeen fiona has bites on her back anyone have this problem? have had her to her doctor…no fleas…allergies guessing??? any feed back anyone??

  2. My 2 year old, Rosie has had gastro issues all her life and has now developed VERY itchy skin and paws. I fed her a holistic food that is grain free until my vet suggested we change to Royal Canin gastro (this vet does not believe in “grain free”)). Now we are trying (Royal Canin) allergy canned food (for last 2 days) and Bayer RELIEF shampoo along with cornstarch baby powder.. I am sick that she is suffering. Any suggestions, anything?

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