has reports and advice from Liz Palika, a dog trainer and author of over 50 books on dog care, cat care, birds, reptiles and amphibians, located in the San Diego area.

Meanwhile, our unoffical Hollwood correspondent and the owner of Scottish Terriers Baily and Riley, writes from Los Angeles that she lives in a high-risk area that had to be evacuated two years ago. When she got the news bak then, she sped home at once.

As I got closer to home it looked like a war zone. I was about 1 1/2 miles from home and the police men would not let me in to get my Scotties. I waited for an hour and decided to break the law and sneak past the barrier to get my boys… I got to my dogs but the flames were getting closer and all around us and I could not get my other car out of the garage.

As the flames got closer I started to freak out and finally someone helped me get my car out of the garage. I got the dogs out just in time and took them to a hotel. We could see the flames from the hotel but we felt safer. The outcome is that our house did not burn down but everything up to the property lines did. It is very scary but I broke laws and would do it again if I had to. We sure are lucky.


The Long Walk Home

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More of karspy’s great Scottish Terrier shots here.

The Long Walk Home Scottish Terrier
See more Scottish Terrier and Scottie Dog photos.

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More good news

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Scottish Terrier goes missing and is found.

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CamelotIn a case of art imitates life, the Scottish Terrier featured in the British Lottery TV commercial was real-life rescue dog Ellie Mairead, according to the Scottish Terrier Emergency Care Scheme newsletter.

A Scottie Dog News reader in the UK was kind enough to tip us off and send us a scan of the article.

In the story, which is told in the first person, Ellie recounts what truly bad shape she was in when she was rescued five years ago:

But Ellie is now so well adjusted and happy that she was chosen for TV stardom:

The Scottie Dog News welcomes tips from readers. We get some of our biggest Scottie scoops that way!


A reader wrote to the Scottish Terrier and Dog News asking us to tone down our Halloween coverage, which he believes is deeply humiliating to dogs. “Dogs are not dolls to be dressed up and laughed at,” his e-mail read.

Nor is he alone. There are many others who believe that to dress up dogs in costumes is to humiliate them. Dave Barry even wrote that it’s reason #718 why normally docile dogs suddenly decide one day to rip out their owners’ throats.

And these wonderful photos do not give the impression that the dogs are happy about their fate.

Still, at Scottie Dog News, we think it depends on the individual dog, which is why we’re going ahead with our first ever Halloween Costume Contest, the details of which will be announced shortly. Send us pictures of your costumed Scotties to enter at


The Scottish Terrier and Dog News team was trained by a man whose motto was: “If it’s got dogs, sex or Kennedys, consider putting it on the front page.”

Well, this story has two of the three — dogs and Kennedys — so it’s definitely a headline maker at the Scottie News where our mentor is regularly proved right by the number of hits we get looking to find out if the rumours about Jackie Kennedy owning a Scottie dog are true.

Yes they are. According to the JFK Presidential Library, Jackie’s first pet was a Scottish Terrier named Hootchie. Scottie News has yet to find any photos of Jackie and her first dog so we’ll settle for Jacqueline Kennedy with her first husband on the cover of the current Vanity Fair.


"Ellen dumped my dog too"

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The New York Post reports that Ellen DeGeneres appears to have adopted and passed on a number of dogs.


The thieves not only took jewelry and money but a 3-year-old Scottish terrier named Maxwell as well. The detective handling the case thinks one of the burglars took the dog as a present for a girl friend or relative.

If you have seen Maxwell, or have clues to his disapperance, contact Kim at or at 407-523-755 (home); 407-402-8701 (cell).

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More on the Ellen dog fiasco

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From the Associated Press:

The rescue group involved with DeGeneres gets criticism from one prominent pet expert, Tamar Geller, celebrity dog trainer and author of “The Loved Dog.”

“This whole thing was taken out of context,” says Geller. “It should have been handled much better. Yes, Ellen made a booboo. But you know what? She was coming from a good place.

“The rescue group may have won their battle — they got Iggy back — but they’ve lost the war,” Geller said. “They’ve given a bad rep to the entire rescue world. You know what? The punishment doesn’t fit the crime.”

Updated: Thanks to the commenters who pointed out that the attorney for Mutts and Moms maintains that the dog was offered to the hairdresser’s family but they declined to fill out the necessary forms.


Here’s our old friend Baily decked out as Elvis for the Los Angeles Scottish Terrier costume parade that took place last Sunday. Alas, Baily was barred from entering the costume contest because his owner, our unofficial Hollywood correspondent, was acting as a judge and in a potential conflict-of-interest situation. He is, however, still eligible for the Scottie News 2007 Halloween contest to be judged by Merg, winner of our last trivia quiz.

With only two weekends to go before Halloween, it’s time to choose a costume if you haven’t done so already. And the video below offers some inspiration. “I think the skunks were a good look,” says our Hollywood judge. “One had an arrow in its head and the other had a hatchet. The winner was an Indian princess, Star. You can’t see her outfit very well but she had the most darling wig. The lady bug and bumble bee were also very cute. Personally I think a Scottie can get away with anything.”

And since it’s the weekend and we got you in the mood, this goes out to all you Elvis fans (and the Canadian content cravers.)

For more costume and Halloween coverage, click the labels below.


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