The foot emerges

Finally, almost 60 hours after two feet diasappeared, Bridget the Scottish Terrier has eliminated the second one.

While she was not unwell enough for a visit to the vet, she hadn’t quite been herself for the past few days. She threw up again last night and the night before, but by the time human help arrived she had already — how to put this euphamistically? — cleaned up her own vomit and perhaps, in the process, re-consumed the foot. Sixty hours does seem like a long time for it to be lodged in the digestive tract.

Not because of the happy ending but due to the fact that we aren’t sure if the ball in question was a knockoff, the Scottie News is refraining from calling for a boycott of Cuz dog toys.

Daily Dog Video: A very agile Scottie

In a video reminiscient of Chariots of Fire, Camba proves to be a great jumper. We hope she’s drug free and we don’t need to cry for Argentina.


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Sniffer dogs give star performance at film festival

Sniffer labrador retrievers, Lucky and Flo, who specialize in detecting pirated DVDs, have hit the road for a high-profile tour, which includes cameo performances at the Toronto Film Festival.

Lucky and Flo, who hail from Ireland, are so good at their jobs that earlier this year, when they were on loan to Malaysia, a bounty was placed on their heads by aggrieved pirates.

The Toronto Star has video.

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Trends in pet food

What with the long weekend and the birthday, Scottie News is only just getting around to posting this link to a New York Times magazine article on what we feed our dogs and why.

There’s a lot of interesting info in there but Scottie News can’t discern any larger point. Can you?

Owner pretends pit bull is Scottish Terrier

Whoops make that a Scottish Mud Terrier:

“UConn DL Rob Lunn recently adopted a pit bull puppy — more accurately, rescued it from someone in Arkansas — but has been reluctant to reveal the breed because of the negative connotations. “It’s the greatest dog in the world, but all of a sudden, all this goes down and you’re telling people ‘it’s a Scottish Mud Terrier’ or ‘Swineherder’, or some made up breed,” he said with a laugh. It goes without saying that the dog is in good hands with Lunn.”

Daily Dog Video: Toys of choice

Since we’ve got a squeaky toy theme going on today, we bring you this hyper realist hallway video:


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Bridget the Scottish Terrier eats a foot — or two

Today at the park, Bridget the Scottish Terrier, who has a reputation for foot biting, stole one of those little dog balls with feet from another dog. She has a larger size green one of her own but seemed to much prefer the other dog’s small orange version.

Now, the main reason Bridget loves balls is so that people and dogs will chase after her and try to get them away. And since she can move pretty fast when she wants, this means it’s next to impossible for humans who aren’t track stars to catch her, and a fun game for dogs who are interested in that type of thing but aren’t scared off by a possessive snarl or two.

The best technique to get the ball back if you don’t fall into either of those categories is just to wait until she loses interest.

Well, this morning, as I was waiting, with the owner of the dog with the ball, one of the feet disappeared. “She must have sallowed it,” he said.

“Oh no,” I said. “It must be there somewhere.”

And then another foot disappeared.

“Gone,” he said.

“I’m so sorry,” I said.

“It’ll roll better,” he said.

I surveyed the terrain around Bridget. There was not a foot in sight, but things — namely dog poops — have a tendency to fade into the background at the park.

And besides, it was my birthday so I decided not to worry about it.

Later in the day, however, I heard the sounds of a dog vomiting. And suddenly, there was a rubber orange ball foot waiting to for me to clean it up.

We’re still waiting to see if another one emerges.

Isn’t this a bit of a health hazard?

Illinois politician defends her Scottie dog

Former Illinois treasurer Judy Topinka took issue with the claim that her dogs caused any damage to her old office in the state capitol.

“The Scottie does not shed, and it was not a problem,” Topinka said, in reference to Mollie McDoo, her Scottish terrier. “Other people had brought in dogs as well. Gov. Jim Edgar had brought in his, too.”

Here’s a photo of Mollie.