After yesterday’s post on how bee costumes worked well for Scotties, we were alerted to the existence of an entire internet site devoted to dogs in bee costumes.

We may be biased but we think a shaggy Scottie works the look best.


Take a Scottie quiz

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You’ll find it here. And if you want, you can tell us your score.

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Pregnant or not?

by AnnB on October 12, 2007 · 7 comments

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A few weeks back, we had a pregnancy false alarm here at the Scottie News.

Well, now we may be having another one. Experienced puppy raisers, does it make sense that the vet couldn’t detect the puppies?


Let’s just say that the evidence against Princess the cat seems circumstantial at best.

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Scottish Terrier and Dog News is updating its links so please let us know your favourite dog and Scottie sites so we can consider them for inclusion.

As well, if you have any photos of costumed Scotties, we would love to use them in the run-up to Halloween.

Two of our readers have recently sent along photos of their dogs although not in fancy dress.

First off, here’s Hamish eating a very small carrot and learning good nutritional habits at a tender young age. Excellent for keeping the pounds off and wouldn’t you know he belongs to a gym owner.

And here are the video stars, Baily and Riley. They recently played welcomed an international wedding party and showed their visiting canine guests a great time. You guys interested in hosting the Scottie News team? Some time in February when the Canadian winter’s really cold?


Velvet MacGregor is the name of the the Scottish Terrier owned by Susan Barron, the New York dog walker who was stabbed last week. According to the registration sheet for the New York Tartan Day parade, Velvet is an “international film star,” a fact also confirmed by the Village Voice. The Internet Movie Database, however, has nor record of performances by Velvet the Scottish Terrier.

Movie star or not, the dog will surely be relieved to learn that Ms. Barron’s condition has been upgraded to fair.


Along with the skunk (scroll down), another good costume choice for Scottish Terriers who will be dressed up for Halloween is the bumble bee. You can see it on a real Scottie here. The bee outfit definitely suits Scottish Terriers and small black dogs better than other breeds.


Scottish Terriers are not the easiest dogs to costume correctly (assuming you do not think it is wrong to dress up dogs) but this skunk costume is an excellent choice. As far as we can tell it is home made. This Here is another Scottie in skunk camouflage.

And if your Scottie is hit by a real skunk, there’s this.


Goodbye unruly dogs

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The more hyperactive the dog the better it’s likely to be at catching drug smugglers and keeping out nasty diseases, one of Australia’s foremost dog trainers said Wednesday.

“We’re looking for dogs between 10 months to 3 years old that demonstrate attributes of destructive behaviour,” Sydney-based Andrew Biggs said. “So that’s ripping up backyards, jumping fences and being highly food-driven. These are the ingredients we’re looking for.”

Biggs said the Labradors and beagles selected in a national recruitment drive would be those so badly behaved their owners were delighted to give them up.


Scottish Terrier and Dog News knows how hard it is to keep up in this era of globalization and information overload so if you somehow forgot that last weekend was the Transylvania Cup, we’re happy to bring you results and photos for the Scottie competition.

Woolly Bully from the Lithuanian breeder Tikras Bildukas — who has a very strong internet presence — came out a big winner. Here’s Woolly’s video, which reminds us of the Sound of Music:

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