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Scottie News Updates: Your tips for Abby’s paw

Hi everyone,

Abby’s paw is doing much better but I am still going to continue to soak it in epsom salts which seems to be helping.  We still cannot find what caused the problem.  There is no sign of an ingrown hair, mite, etc.  I appreciated all the advice and feedback from the Scottish Terrier News family.  I am going to be starting quite a few diet changes for Abby to help with her allergies.

Here are some comments that were received via email:

“Our female Scottie Lydia had one several years ago and we had it removed surgically with no ill effect.  Our vet in Maine recommended this action.  I did not understand that this could be from allergies, ingrown hair, mite, etc. until reading your note today.  She now has developed another one this winter.  We are waiting to return to Maine in May before determining next step, but I wanted to thank you for information.  Lydia lives with us in Belize 6 months of the year and I will certainly make sure she’s thoroughly checked for a mite of some sort or a foreign object.  She is 13 now and we will avoid surgery if at all possible.” Thank you. – Janet

“I had a Scottie, Meagan, who developed one of these on one foot caused by an ingrown hair.   The vet surgically removed it.  She never developed another thank goodness!”-  kvcoleman

We also received some terrific photos!

Here are Arthur, Bitterman and Dudley.  Don’t they look awesome!

The Jersey Boys
The Jersey Boys


Here is Allister.  He is a one year old wheaton Scottie.

Allister & Friend
Allister & Friend


Here is a stellar crew – Moxie, Duffy, and Mac.  These cuties can hold a pose much better than Abby and Bridget 🙂

Moxie, Duffy & Mac
Moxie, Duffy & Mac


Abby’s Paws: Toe Cysts on Dogs

I noticed that Abby was having trouble walking one day. She would trip over her one foot and when we got home she would lick the paw constantly.  I noticed some changes to her paw but it is a struggle to look at them as she is really sensitive.

I took her to vet and found that she has a interdigital furuncles which are basically cysts on her toes.  Right now I am soaking her foot 2-3 times a day in epsom salts.  We go back to the vet next week to see how they are.

Toe cysts can be caused by ingrown hair, a foreign object embedded in the toe, or a skin mite.  I am not sure what caused this but I know that allergies can also be a factor.

Have any of you had this issue with your Scottie?  If so, can you update the comments with your experience and what you recommend for Abby?



Abby & Bridget

Ann and I met for our weekly walk in the park with our girls.  As we walked by some cutoff stumps, I thought it would be a chance to get some pictures.  I put Abby on one stump so I could catch a shot.  Ann then put Bridget on the stump beside Abby and I tried to get more photos.  When we set this up, there were no other dogs around (or humans).  Suddenly, it was like a sale at Target, there were people everywhere with of course – their dogs.

As I mentioned before, Abby is turning into a “mean girl” so I was quite concerned about the dogs getting closer.  But I was still trying to get an artistic shot.  I guess I was taking too long as Ann suddenly shouted “Take the picture!”.  She was also watching the dogs getting closer and was beginning to get worried 🙂  Here are some of the photos.


Abby on the Logs
Abby on the Logs
Abby & Bridget
Abby & Bridget
The Girls
The Girls

I had to include these two pictures of Bridget.  One was taken when we had one day of snow.   Bridget always rolls and rubs one side of her face in the snow.  We call this her “Phantom of the Opera” look.

The Phantom of the Opera
The Phantom of the Opera

And this is Bridget with her spring pixie cut 🙂  She looks gorgeous.

Bridget's New Do
Bridget’s New Do

Herding Terriers can be as difficult as herding cats

We decided to take a picture of our little terrier group on a beautiful winter day.  What we thought would be an easy task turned into a 20 minute struggle.  Ann and Raymond tried to get the dogs to sit side by side on a bench while I tried to take photos.

Raymond tried to get Beau (who is the best trained) to sit on the bench first. However, Beau thought he wanted him to jump over the bench. So as Raymond and Ann were trying to get the rest of the dogs on the bench, Beau would just jump up and over, jump up and over, again and again. Finally, Raymond and Ann got Beau, Bonnie and Bridget on the bench.   As soon as one would get settled, another would jump off.  After 20 minutes of wrestling the dogs, we gave up and decided to try another time (after Ann and Raymond had time to recover).

Here are some of the photos:

Okay, just stay there and face front.
Okay, just stay there and face front.
Maybe if we hold onto them..
Maybe if we hold onto them..


And they are off!
And they are off!


Let's try treats this time!
Let’s try treats this time!
The final shot!  Abby & Bridget decided to be divas and refused to sit unless we had liver treats!
The final shot! Abby & Bridget decided to be divas and refused to sit unless we had liver treats!

That Time of Year – Allergy Season

Well, it looks like spring is finally on its way for some of us.  I am happy to have warmer weather than the -25 degree Celsius temperatures we were experiencing.  However, I hope you will forgive me if I am not so thrilled to see the warmer weather.  Now that the snow has melted and the warmer temperatures are here, Abby’s allergies are starting up again.

We had our first warm day and I noticed her digging at her feet and I mean DIGGING.  She will rip her fur out if she gets a chance.  To help her feel better, I give her baking soda baths.  I fill up the tub with lukewarm water and add some baking soda.  She seems to like having the water around her and will sit and relax.  I fill the tub about 2-4 inches high so her stomach and legs are covered.  This does seem help relieve her itching.  I also use Hexadene shampoo which really helps as well.

Thankfully, Abby loves to have a bath. However, she will try to get in if you are running your own bathwater so you really have to keep an eye on her.

She is on Atopica which over the winter was reduced to 1 tablet every two days but now that spring is here will be increased to daily.  I have also tried an antihistamine but found that she would sit in the corner and pant so I took her off it.  I am going to try them again though.

Apple cider vinegar (with the mother) mixed 50/50 with water can also help relieve itching.  I mix this in a spray bottle and have it handy to spritz her when we come in from outside.

I also found that insect bites would really cause her to fret and itch more so than any other dog I have owned.  Last summer, to try to keep mosquitoes away, I would spritz her with Listerine.  This does seem to work.  I even spray my feet before heading out the door.

Check out other allergy solutions that other Scottie owners have used in the Allergy season plagues Scottish Terriers article.

Here’s hoping this year will be better for all our little allergy sufferers.


Back Online

Hi everyone, Sorry for the delay in getting back online and updating the Scottish Terrier News site.  It has been a busy couple of months. Well, life has been good in my little Scottie world.  I was happy to babysit Ann’s Bridget for a couple of days in December.  Abby and Bridget had so much fun.  They love to race around.  I think they are trying to play chase but they don’t seem to know which one is the “chaser” or the “chasee”.  I am dying to get another Scottie but having Bridget over keeps me from making any rash decisions.   (However, I am keeping my eyes on some of the Scottish Terrier Rescue Sites.  If only I lived near New Jersey, I would be begging for Burton on STCGNY.) Here are the girls:

Ready for more fun!
Ready for more fun!

Also, I was looking at Abby’s puppy pictures and I think Scotties also have a bit of mystery about them, somewhat like the bumblebee.  You know, the mystery of how bumblebees should not physically be able to fly.  When I look at Abby’s puppy picture, it is a wonder she can walk with that big head.  Another mystery of life?

My, what a big head you have.
My, what a big head you have.

Glad to be back to the Scottie world. Sandra

All I want for Christmas….Scottie Waiting for Santa

Abby has been waiting for Santa to arrive since I put up our tree. She even waits underneath the tree with her favourite ball.

Waiting for Santa
Waiting for Santa

I wonder what she asked for this year….

  • Another ball to go with the other two dozen rolling around the house?
  • A wagon in which she can be rolled to the park while she gives a royal wave to her dog park friends?
  • A clicker to train me when to give treats?
  • A new brother or sister to share her toys with?

I am sure Santa will bring her lots of goodies (except the brother or sister).

Drop us a comment and tell us what your Scottie will be up to over the holidays.

I won’t let Abby read your comments in case she gets some ideas.

Mean Girls

Abby and Bridget are the best of friends but at times their attitudes can resemble high school “mean girls”.

Just last weekend, a beautiful Portuguese Water Dog came over to say “Hi”.  Abby’s tail was just a waggin’.  They sniffed each others faces and Abby seemed to really like this newcomer.  As the dog turned to sniff Bonnie, Abby took the opportunity to sniff his bum.  Just a little “hello”.  But Abby had other things on her mind.  She jumped up and pulled the poor dogs tail right from the base.  The poor dog yelped so loud.  Everyone was so surprised and I was so embarrassed.  The owners were nice and said “It’s okay”.  But I just wanted to crawl into the nearest hole.  I turned to discipline Abby and I could tell she was really sorry. NOT!  There she was kicking up the dirt and strutting around like she won some kind of contest.  From that point on, I started to look for the warning signs.  That fake wagging tail would not fool me again.

Bridget has also had some “mean girl” moments but it only seemed to be with Boston Terriers.  When I first got Abby, I would see Ann and Bridget at the park and we would occasionally stop for a Scottish Terrier chat.  During one of our conversations, Bridget was playing with her ball.  The ball was a magnet to a bold, little Boston Terrier.  The Boston Terrier stood in front of Bridget and barked and barked and kept on barking right in Bridget’s face.  Bridget kept her head down but her eyes were focussed on the Boston.  You could see she was getting fed up.

Just at that point Ann realized that Bridget was getting a little too annoyed and went to pick up the ball.  But just in the seconds before she could get there, Bridget charged right into the Boston Terrier.  Well, it was like watching two terriers in a spin cycle. These dogs were just going at it.  Ann was trying to grab Bridget and I was trying to grab the Boston which I ended up pulling up like a bass in a fishing tournament.  Finally, we got both dogs under control. No injuries but Bridget was giving him the eye letting him know that she was not to be messed with.  Peace returned once again to the park until a couple days later when wouldn’t you know it – another Boston Terrier decided to go after Bridget’s ball.

This one charged right over to get the ball. Bridget was having none of it and they were off. Again, Ann and I struggled to get them apart.  Ann finally was able to pull up the Boston Terrier out of Bridget’s reach. Unfortunately, Bridget had a hold of its back leg like it was a drumstick.  Again, no injuries just a lot of noise and excitement.  The response of the Boston’s owner got us laughing as he was concerned about Bridget being beaten up by his dog.  Little did he know…..

Anyway, the girls are settling down and all of us in the Terrier Pack Walking Group are much more aware of what sets the pups off.  As soon as we see something that could cause a problem, one of us yells the cue:  “Running dog”, “New Puppy”, “Bouncy Lab”, “Dog in Flapping Coat”…. Somedays, the list can be endless.

Temper..Temper: Ignore Scottie at Your Own Risk

There they were, Bonnie and Beau, coming back from the park and they were not alone.  They were with ANOTHER DOG.  Not just any dog but Daisy, the poodle upstairs.  As Abby watched their return from her favourite spot on the balcony, she got more and more frustrated.  Why was she sitting here while they went to the park with DAISY!?!  Why was she not there enjoying a good game of catch.  Finally, her frustration all came out.  She barked angrily to the world. “Why Me? Why am I stuck here?”

My mother, who was visiting, rushed to the balcony to tell Abby to be quiet.  Before she could get there, Abby came bounding in. She was practically leaping in the air with each bark (which as you know is no mean feat for a Scottie).

She was mad.  She wanted to go to the park and she wanted to go now.  My mother, having heard enough of the tirade, told Abby, “You just be quiet now!”

Abby stopped, looked at my Mother and then proceeded to walk over to a stack of books on my coffee table and push them all off with her nose.

My mother could not believe it. This was a doggie temper tantrum. She had not seen something like this since I was two.

Abby calmed down after that.  However, she was a little cool to Daisy for going to the park with her boyfriend, Beau, and her good friend, Bonnie.

Get Mad? Me? Never!
Get Mad? Me? Never!


Hi everyone, meet the new Scottie Newsers

Hello everyone! My name is Sandra and I will be be helping Ann out on the Scottie News.

Ann has written about my Wheaten Scottie, Abby, who had severe allergies this past summer. I appreciate all the comments and feedback received from everyone about allergies and treatment options. I now have Abby on Atopica which has changed her life.

I have always loved terriers. My first terrier was a Westie called Chelsea. When Chelsea was three, I decided to get another terrier. A Scottie called Angus.


If only I had done more research….

Angus was an absolute delight but I have to admit I thought for a long time something was wrong with him. I would call him to me but he would just sit and stare at me. About ten minutes later he would suddenly run to me as if to say, “Oh, you meant me!”

It really concerned me until I saw an interview with George Bush. President Bush called to Barney and Barney came running. Unfortunately, Barney just kept on running. Right on by the President. Did not even stop to say hi.

It was then I realized that a Scottie is no ordinary terrier.

Angus loved to walk. I could power walk for 5km every morning and he would just race ahead of me. I figured it would tire him out but nope. He would do his donkey turn (turn around, face the other direction and bear down) just to delay going home. I have learned this is a common Scottie delaying tactic.

If Angus wanted anything, he went to Chelsea who would then communicate to me. For example, Angus wanted out very early on a Sunday morning. I luckily (or unluckily) had a touch lamp beside the bed. If you touch it three times, it gives out a very bright light. One day, I woke up to a eye-hurting brilliant light. Both dogs were sitting by my head staring at me. I turned the light off and waited to see what would happen next as I knew I had shut the light off when I went to bed. To my surprise, Chelsea touched her nose to the lamp three times. I have no idea how she figured that out. Anyway, we were the only ones out at 5:30am. I eventually had to move the lamp.

Angus and Chelsea had a special bond that remained until both passed in 2010. Angus had bladder cancer along with a tumor in his abdomen. It was too late for treatment and he was put to sleep once we knew he was beginning to feel uncomfortable. A month later, Chelsea had a large stroke and had to be put down as well. Chelsea was 14 and Angus was 11.

Chelsea & Angus - The bow stayed in about one minute.
Chelsea & Angus – The bow stayed in about one minute.
Are we done yet?
Are we done yet?

It was an incredibly hard time but I felt blessed to have had them in my life for the time I did.

I was heartbroken and could not even think of getting another dog until I visited my brother and saw Bridget next door. Seeing another Scottie was too much. I had to have another. The quirks of their personalities are too hard to resist. Abby is an incredible dog and brings me great joy (and yes, sometimes frustration) every day.

Anyway, enough about me. You will get to know more about my life with Scotties in the coming weeks.

Here are a couple of St. Patrick’s Day photos of Chelsea and Angus. You can tell from the pictures they are not impressed with their attire.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
Love my Shamrock Tiara
Love my Shamrock Tiara

Have a great day and give your dog a hug!