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Saturday morning terrier agility workout

Thanks to Margareta who sent the link to this Scottie dog agility video with this message: “Here is what Telltails scotties in Estonia do to entertain themselves.” Well, it’s pretty entertaining for all us Scottie News readers as well. Not to mention inspirational. Those buff looking dogs make me want to order backyard agility equipment for Bridget and then hit the gym myself.

Hitchcock may have some competition.

Ja wohl! Hitchcock the Scottie makes it to international agility competition representing Switzerland

Athletic and privileged Swiss Scottish Terrier Hitchcock, whose talent has been showcased on the Scottie News before, will be competing for Switzerland in the European Open in July.

He is the first Scottish Terrier ever to represent his country in an international competition. According to the Zuercher Unterlaender newspaper, Scotties’ short legs make it as hard for them to beat other breeds at agility contests as it is for a plowhorse to win a horse race. Hitch’s owner and coach Bettina Stemmler says, however, “Hitch is an exceptional dog who loves to compete.” Even if winning this and other competitions would be difficult, above all, she just wants to have fun.

Rest assured the Scottish Terrier and Dog News will be cheering for you.