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Get yourself some Scottie artwork

Kirmse Scotties

The William Secord Gallery in New York is pleased to present for sale over 60 etchings and original pencil drawings depicting Scottish Terriers by the renowned animal artist, Marguerite Kirmse (1885-1954).

Born in Bournemouth, England in 1885, Kirmse studied both music and art before moving to America where she developed her talent for the visual arts, creating drawings, pastels and oil paintings. Her love of dogs and her artistic talent were a winning combination and by the 1910’s she had established herself as an important canine artist.

Kirmse’s love for the Scottish Terrier was solidified when she met and later married George W. Cole in 1924. Cole was an avid Scottish Terrier fancier and for a time the president of The Scottish Terrier Club of America. Their Tobermory Kennels bred and exhibited many different breeds including Airedales, Irish Terriers, English Setters, Pointers, and of course Scottish Terriers.

To view this new collection of Scottish Terriers etchings and drawings, please click here.

To view the entire collection of works by Marguerite Kirmse that are available for purchase click here.

Thanks to Monica for spotting this and sending it along.

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Words fail the Scottie News

Word in Terrier shape

Sandy writes:

I know there is a word for molding a word into a shape, but I cannot remember what it is. Regardless, I thought you might enjoy sharing this little ” terrier” someone gave me years ago.

Hmm, not only do I not know that word, I don’t think I ever knew it. Googling didn’t get me the answer either, but it seems that this might be something you can do in PhotoShop.

Maybe one of Scottie News‘ designer readers will fill us in. And in the mean time, here’s another example of a Scottie-shaped word, whatever it’s called.

What next? The virgin Mary?

Reader Sarah writes:

I wanted to share with you a picture I found on my porch. I am not sure who the artist is since I have a scottie, a westie and 3 wieners, but someone or collective maybe,  created a masterpiece in the shape of scottie with erm…….doggy pee!!! I thought when I showed it to my family they would tell me I was seeing things, but they agree!!! I hope you find it amusing and if you wish to, may use it on your news to amuse others.

Scottish Terrier by anonymous dog artist

Scottie News hopes Sarah’s able to identify the artist and, in the mean time, we will call on our readers to try and come up with a suitable name for this artwork. How about Pissed Off to start?