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Barney was a ‘real jerk,’ says ex-first daughter

After Sunny Obama was accused (probably falsely) of knocking over a little girl at a White House Xmas party, Jenna Bush Hager revealed her true feelings about another presidential dog, her father’s beloved Barney, calling him “a real jerk.”

“He was a little temperamental,” Jenna went on. “I feel bad saying that but he didn’t like strangers. And he actually bit one of my dad’s friends — not once, but twice — but it’s when the friend gave him a little spank.”

Scottie News had full coverage of that spank, back when it happened in 2007. And of course you can see our full Barney archives here.

In related news, Buzzfeed has a detailed analysis of Sunny’s supposed misdemeanour. And here’s an article about why British prime ministers don’t make a big deal about dogs. Apparently a lot of Brit politicians have girly dogs including Winston Churchill who had, of all things, miniature poodles.

Barbara and Jenna Bush join Miss Beazley and Barney, during a visit to the Lincoln Bedroom Sunday, Nov. 25, 2007, for the taping of Barney Cam.
Putting on a good face: Barbara and Jenna Bush join Miss Beazley and Barney, during a visit to the Lincoln Bedroom Sunday, Nov. 25, 2007, for the taping of Barney Cam.


Newsletter readers: If you can’t see the Jenna Bush video, view it on the Scottie News website

A Scottish Terrier News Presidential Bulletin

The opening of the George W. Bush presidential library last week has caused a spike in news about the late first Scottie, Barney.

First off, there are some new photos of which the Scottish Terrier and Dog News especially likes the one of the Prez and Barney out fishing in Texas.

George W. Bush fishing with Barney
Uh oh, no lifejacket. Guess Texans don’t do that.

A portrait of Miss Beazley was also unveiled. Scottie News like its abstract qualities and finds it a little less sentimental than Bush’s Barney painting.

Scottish Terrier by George W. Bush

In other Scottie presidential news, NBC reports that “comedian Bob Hope used to tell an anecdote about Franklin D. Roosevelt housetraining his Scottish terrier, Fala, on the Chicago Tribune. It was a reference to Roosevelt’s greatest hater, Tribune publisher Robert R. McCormick, an orotund aristocrat who considered the New Deal indistinguishable from Communism.” Never heard that one before nor had I heard that Fala got a bone for breakfast every morning.

It’s a good life being a president’s dog.

RIP Barney Bush: George W.’s beloved dog dies


Humsafar by lapata on Flickr

Here’s what President Bush had to say about the loss of his friend:

Laura and I are sad to announce that our Scottish Terrier, Barney, has passed away. The little fellow had been suffering from lymphoma and after twelve and a half years of life, his body could not fight off the illness. Barney and I enjoyed the outdoors. He loved to accompany me when I fished for bass at the ranch. He was a fierce armadillo hunter… Barney guarded the South Lawn entrance of the White House as if he were a Secret Service agent. He wandered the halls of the West Wing looking for treats from his many friends.

RIP, Barney Bush and our sympathies to the former first family.

The Scottie News has provided a lot of Barney posts over the years, which you can find in our archives.

The White House official collection of Barney photos can be found here.

Below is a painting that the former president did of his buddy Barney:

Barney by George W. Bush (43)
Barney by George W. Bush (43)

Update: Wendy comments that there are also many great photos on George Bush’s Facebook page.

VP Cheney’s dog banned from Camp David after chasing first dog, Barney the Scottish Terrier

Former VP Dick Cheney's labradors Jackson and Dave dressed up for HalloweenDick Cheney didn’t just take aim at Condi Rice in his memoirs. He also had a few Putin-esque things to say about President Bush’s pal, Barney the Scottish Terrier.

The Daily Telegraph reports:

Dick Cheney’s labrador Dave was banned from the main lodge at Camp David after attacking President George W. Bush’s Scottish terrier Barney, the former vice-president’s memoir reveals.

The hefty Labrador often accompanied Mr Cheney to the US presidential retreat in Maryland. One morning he accompanied his master to the laurel lodge, where most official meals and meetings take place.

“No sooner had we walked inside did Dave catch sight of the president’s dog Barney,” Mr Cheney writes in an extract of his book “In My Time” that was leaked to “The Daily Caller” website . A “hot pursuit” then followed.

The dogs ended up in the dining room, as the wives of several cabinet members were enjoying breakfast.

Follow the link for the full story.

Scottie News thinks the dogs should have been left to sort this out themselves as long as it didn’t get violent, which it’s not clear to us it did.

How Scottish Terrier Barney tried to revoke a turkey’s pardon

George W. Bush with the turkey who narrowly escaped death
It took a major effort to save the pardoned turkey from Barney, who can be seen in the lower left hand corner

On a recent visit to Jay Leno, Scottish Terrier fan and former president George W. Bush discusses, among other things the time first dog Barney almost killed the turkey chosen for the presidential Thanksgiving pardon.

Here’s the discussion.

Barney Bush on the night of September 11, 2001

Humsafar by Lapata

According to George W. Bush’s memoir, sleep did not come easily the night the World Trade Center towers fell:

My mind replayed the images of the day: The planes hitting the buildings, the towers crumbling, the Pentagon in flames. I thought of the grief so many families must be feeling.

‘I also thought about the heroism – the flight attendants on the hijacked planes who calmly called supervisors to report their status and the first responders who raced towards the flames at the World Trade Centre.’

But just as he was dozing off a figure appeared at the doorway breathing heavily and – in what proved to be a false alarm – shouted: ‘Mr President, Mr President, the White House is under attack! Let’s go!’

‘I told Laura we had to move fast. She didn’t have time to put in her contact lenses so she held on to me.

‘I grabbed her robe and guided her with one arm while I scooped up Barney, our Scottish terrier, with the other.

‘I called Spot, our English springer spaniel, to follow. I was barefoot and wearing running shorts and a T-shirt. We must have made quite a sight.’

It’s good to know the former president didn’t forget the dogs but what about Willie the cat?

Hey, we wouldn’t be the world’s number one source of Scottie news if we didn’t ask the tough questions.

Even presidents’ dogs get constant criticism

Barney lets loose and bites a reporter during the last days of the Bush regime

Former President George W. Bush’s memoir tour is dredging up a lot of Barney stories that Scottish Terrier and Dog News readers are already familiar with, but, even at our world editorial headquarters, we hadn’t hear this one, about Nevada Senator Harry Reid, before:

He called George W. Bush a “liar” and a “loser.” When Bush invited Reid for coffee in the Oval Office in the final weeks of his presidency, the president’s dog walked in, and Reid says he insulted the president’s pet. “Your dog is fat,” he said.

Frankly, the Scottie News, doubts Barney was fat. He’s just a stocky guy. As for Reid, he’s a known fat hater and even though he lives at the Ritz, he’s badly in need of some genuine class.

Scottie News congratulates Stephen Harper

Vladimir Putin poodle Tosya dog
The Scottish Terrier and Dog News has told the story of Vladimir Putin, dog bully and secret poodle lover, many times before, but we had never heard the Stephen Harper angle until today and we are amused and, to tell the truth, a bit surprised that the Canadian PM would say something like that. But, then again, he’s just full of surprises.

In summary, for those of you that don’t know the story, Reuters reports that it’s recounted in George W. Bush’s memoirs, Decision Points, which are due out next Tuesday:

Bush says he had introduced then-Russian President Putin to his Scottish terrier, Barney, on a visit to the U.S. presidential retreat, Camp David.

Putin returned the favor when Bush visited Russia and Putin was giving him a tour of the grounds of his dacha.

“A big black Labrador came charging across the lawn. With a twinkle in his eye, Vladimir said, ‘Bigger, stronger, faster than Barney,'” Bush writes. A copy of the book was obtained by Reuters

Bush says he later told the story to the Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper, who replied: “You’re lucky he only showed you his dog.”