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Picky eater

Scarlett has an interesting issue with her 7 month old Scottie.  Love to hear any suggestions from other Scottie users with similar issues.

“My 7 month old Scottie hates his dog food! I buy him a new brand/flavor and he’ll eat it for about a week very happily then he turns his nose up at it and that is that! I have to basically beg him to eat. I.e. On the ground feeding him by hand or throwing it piece by piece for him to “chase” and “catch”. However, sometimes he is uncoaxable! He doesn’t eat any sort of human food except crunchy peanut butter and honey. He’s never even tried for it. I eat my food on the ground with him in my lap most meals. He eats treats just fine, no matter what they are, when training. He also loves his chew sticks! However, he gets bored, I think, with his dog food. I clean the dog dish daily and I also keep the food in a screw top container to keep everything fresh so I don’t think its because its stale or dirty…what do I do? I’m very desperate…”

Don’t let your dogs eat South Beach diet foods

Bonnie the Scottish Terrier ended up at the emergency vet for the night after she sampled some South Beach Diet choclate pudding made with the artificial sweetner Xylitol. According to an e-mail from her owner, she only licked an empty container clean, but it takes just a tiny amount of Xylitol to poison a small 18-pound Scottie dog.

Here’s a 2007 article from USA today on the toxicity of Xylitol for dogs.

Terrierman calls beaver dog food a gimmick

No one does doggy-themed rants better than the Terrierman and today he’s taking on boutique dog food. Here’s his recap of a much longer post:

1. Most of the boutique dog food companies are not making their own food;

2. Many have no idea what is actually in their food or where the ingredients come from;

3. Exotic ingredients are not necessarily better than non-exotic ingredients and may, in fact, be worse;

4. Boutique dog food companies almost never do actual feed trials on their dogs, and only know about manufacturing problems after a sizable number of dogs and cats turn up sick or dead;

5. Boutique dog food companies generally do not have trade names to protect, and so when problems do show up, they are less likely to be responsive. If a company like Canine Caviar (which makes the beaver food) goes out of business, no one would even notice. In fact, this company cannot even put up a fully working web site

Dry dog food caused human salmonella outbreak

An outbreak of Salmonella infections in people has been traced to contaminated dry dog food, the first time such a link has been uncovered, the Washington Post reported.

Salmonella infections from dry dog food may be an under-recognized source of illness in people, especially young children, officials from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

“This is the first time human illness has been linked to dry dog food,” said CDC epidemiologist Dr. Casey Barton Behravesh, who co-authored a report on the finding.

Raw food fight breaks out at Daily Dachshund

The Scottish Terrier and Dog News was warned not to cover the hot topic of raw food for dogs but somehow, along the way, we forgot. First we showed pictures of Hamish eating an uncooked carrot and yesterday we joked that this dachshund was “dismembering (his) lamb’s head in a manner reminiscient of a serial killer” and got ourselves in very deep doodoo with raw feeding crowd. Frequent commenter Dour Scotsman things the raw advocates are way over the top, but then he claims to feed his dog Ramses haggis. The Scottie Dog News leaves it up to readers to judge for themselves.

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