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Scottish Terrier sculpture looks like love child of Toto and the Tin Man

If Toto were a Scottish Terrier and the Tin Man did something unspeakable to him — and if males could get pregnant — the result might be this Scottish Terrier sculpture made of auto parts by the Australian artist James Corbett. (via the very interesting Interior Design Hound)

Scottish Terrier sculpture made of auto parts by James Corbett
Scottish Terrier sculpture made of auto parts by James Corbett (Photo from www.motorsnaps.com)


Alas it’s probably only rich and famous Scottish Terriers who can afford their own Corbett.

But at least the rest of us can look at this and other artistic Scottish Terriers. And of course, there’s also Sparko the robot Scottie dog.

A Scottish Terrier snow sculpture from the hand of God

This Snow Scottie was not formed by human hands

Reader Emma writes:

Thought you might like this Scottie dog snow sculpture. We’ve had snow on the ground in south Wales since 17 December, and on Christmas day, a stroll out to the back garden revealed this accidental sculpture on the trellis. don’t think our Scottie dog Carlo was responsible, as it’s bit high for him! I am impressed that the snowscott has all its legs and a tail!

Nadolig llawen!

Well, it’s not the virgin Mary, but we like it.

Great Scottish Terrier Sculpture

In the past few days, the Scottish Terrier and Dog News has stumbled across two interesting Scottie sculpture stories.

First off, we came across Chainsaw Chick, whose motto is “from logs to dogs” and who does really fun art which you can see on the left and below. Original as this sounds, she is not to be confused with the other Chainsaw Chick who does much cheesier work and no Scotties as far as we can tell. The Scottie News will, however, refrain from saying anymore about this particular Chainsaw Chick given that she wields a chainsaw and we don’t.

While we don’t know if the Chainsaw Chick currently has any Scottie Dog sculptures for sale, we do know via YouTube that John Abduljaami, renowned Oakland artist, who works with found wood and sculpts with axe, chisel and saw, currently has a Scottish Terrier up for sale. It’s not cheap at $750, but you’ll be in good company as the Oakland museum has two of the sculptor’s works in their permanent collection.

Wanted: Scottish Terrier fur, postage paid

No, it’s not Cruella de Vil who’s after the dog fur but rather San Francisco artist Lauren Davies whose art project, The Breeders, “explores the world of pedigree dog breeding via drawings and scale models of assorted breeds of dogs.” Apparently local Scottish Terrier groomers can’t provide her with enough fur for her Scottie Dog sculpture, so she’s making an appeal to owners. Lauren will even pay for shipping which is something Cruella deVil absolutely never did. Contacts can be found in the top right-hand corner of the artist’s website.

In the mean time, you’ll just all have to admire the West Highland terrier or Westie above.
(Hat tip: Dog Art Today)