Seasons Greetings!

Wishing you and yours all the best for the holidays.

Abby loves to sleep under the tree as soon as the tree is up and tree skirt is down. She does not quite realize that the gifts would go under the tree and that she is blocking the delivery.  But there she sleeps, dreaming of all the toys Santa will bring. Hope your pups get their wishes met this holiday season!

Waiting for Santa…

Here is a cute Scottie filled Christmas video.

Happy Holidays!


One thing I have learned with having a Scottie is that you cannot rush them. On Monday, I was running late but always give the dogs the same amount of time they need to do their business. I took Abby out and she decided that she wanted a lot of extra time to do her business. I mean a lot of extra time! She refused to pee. She just sniffed and sniffed and sniffed. She would go into a crouch and then pop back up. It was if she was saying “Gotcha! I’m not ready yet.”

Meanwhile, I am trying not to show how frustrated I am but she knows. This is a game of patience which unfortunately I was going to lose.

She finally decided to go so I could just squeak into work on time.

I have to learn to set my watch to Scottie time.

Have a great week everyone!

Scottie Videos

Here is a flashback! I love watching these dogs.

The World Agility Open:

I love how Scotties bark with excitement.

Scotties at the Park:

I love how Scottie tails are a great barometer for showing their excitement.


Abby’s Allergy Update

Hello everyone,

I wanted to give you an update on Abby’s allergies. She is doing much better now. We found out she was not taking the required dose of Atopica so we increased it. We also switched her food to raw. She loves her food! We mix the meat with vegetables (sweet potatoes, carrots, etc) and a bit of oil. If we go past her regular meal time, she will let you know it!

Her hair has grown back and is so thick it is hard to see her skin. I can’t believe the change. She still has outbreaks but nowhere near as bad as what they were.

Her personality has changed too. She is now much more playful and content. It must be such a relief to not have itchy skin all the time. She still loves her bath though. If you run the water in the tub she runs and tries to get in. This is a bonus as she has taught Mya that a bath is fun so Mya loves them too.

This is what happy looks like....
This is what happy looks like…well, for Abby.

We are Back!

Hi everyone,

Apologies for the loooonnnnngggg time between posts.  Sometimes life just gets away from you.

A lot has happened this year:

A big CONGRATULATIONS to our founder, Ann, who has completed her book called Dark Ambition The Shocking Crime of Dellen Millard and Mark Smich. This is the true story of a horrific crime that took the life of a young husband and father, Tim Bosma. Ann covers the story from the beginning through to the end of a trial. It is going to be released on November 8th.  Check it out on Amazon – Dark Ambition The Shocking Crime of Dellen Millard and Mark Smich.

As for Abby and me, we are finally settled in. She missed her friends terribly so I got her a new friend – a Giant Schnauzer puppy named Mya. Now, I think Abby was happier alone. She puts up with the new pup but is more than ready to let her know when to calm down and how to act in front of company. As Mya gets older, they play a lot more which is nice.

I quickly learned what a small world it is. I had an email from one of our Scottie readers asking about Scottie breeders on the east coast. They successfully found a breeder in the New England area and sent me an email with pictures.  Imagine my surprise when I took Mya to puppy class and found out a Scottie would also be in the class. I recognized Barb immediately from the photos and knew that the Scottie would their Bonnie. Bonnie is an adorable feisty Scottie. I loved seeing her in class.

Abby really misses her other Scottie friends. Maybe next year, a new Scottie will come into the picture maybe…

Abby missing her friends
Abby missing her friends

The big move

Hello there!

Abby and I have finally gotten settled in our new home on the east coast.  We decided to drive instead of fly which was much easier on Abby.  I was worried because she had only been in a car once before.  She did terrific. She slept the whole way.  She only woke up when we stopped for a break.

However, Abby did not adjust quickly to the house.  She really misses her buddies (especially Bridget).  Moving from the big city to a small town is a big adjustment for Abby.  There is no noise, no elevator, no Bridget, and the neighbourhood is really quiet compared to Toronto. When she looks out the window, there are no delivery trucks, no lawn maintenance guys, no apartments…just some crows.  Oh, and a pheasant that jumped out of a the shrubery at us.  The neighbours are probably still laughing at how high Abby and I jumped.

Abby is now completely comfortable.  She loves her new park but misses her buds.  My uncle brought his dog Susie over but that just turned to an unfortunate incident. Abby and Susie have strong territorial personalities. Further introductions will take place on neutral territory.

So for now, we are getting settled and checking out new walking trails and slowly meeting new friends.

Just hanging out
Just hanging out

Picky eater

Scarlett has an interesting issue with her 7 month old Scottie.  Love to hear any suggestions from other Scottie users with similar issues.

“My 7 month old Scottie hates his dog food! I buy him a new brand/flavor and he’ll eat it for about a week very happily then he turns his nose up at it and that is that! I have to basically beg him to eat. I.e. On the ground feeding him by hand or throwing it piece by piece for him to “chase” and “catch”. However, sometimes he is uncoaxable! He doesn’t eat any sort of human food except crunchy peanut butter and honey. He’s never even tried for it. I eat my food on the ground with him in my lap most meals. He eats treats just fine, no matter what they are, when training. He also loves his chew sticks! However, he gets bored, I think, with his dog food. I clean the dog dish daily and I also keep the food in a screw top container to keep everything fresh so I don’t think its because its stale or dirty…what do I do? I’m very desperate…”